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BETH HOYT: You guys, so if GoDaddy is down, does that
mean I'll stop getting four emails a day from them?
BETH HOYT: Hi, guys, I'm Beth Hoyt.
This is My Damn Channel Live.
I hope you had a great weekend.
I did.
No, I did.
I had a great weekend.
Well, good.
I mean, nothing was wrong.
I just--
I would reserve great for like--
no, you know what, it was great.
It was great.
I caught up on So You Think You Can Dance.
I got really drunk.
I mean not at the same time.
Although I'm not, not recommending that.
I recommend that.
[INAUDIBLE] both of those things.
Moving on.
OK so there is so much going on in the world, it's really
hard to keep up.
Um, you're welcome for just informing you about GoDaddy
just in case you got a site through them.
So, anyway, it's down.
Let's help each other out, OK?
Um, I'll tell you things I learned this weekend.
You tell me things you learned.
I'll start.
Um, here's things I learned this weekend that made me go,
wait, what?

I'll do five of them.
Number one.
Let's just start with the biggest news.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married.
Wait, what?
Aren't they, like, in third base phase?
Is he even divorced yet?
Side note, remember when he was with Alanis Morisette?
Isn't that-- is that weird?
Number two.
The Packers lost last night.
Wait, what?
A lot of team-- yeah, I hear you, doggie.
Um, a lot of teams that played lost.
Exactly half of the NFL teams that played yesterday lost.
My team, the Green Bay Packers, lost to the 49ers.
They're gonna be good this year.
The 49ers are.
So we'll see about at the Packers.
This guy got to do what a lot of us want to do to President
Obama, and this guy's a Republican.
Wait, what?
Listen, donkey or elephant, Obama is just a likeable guy.
Huggable, likeable guy.
Number four.
I'm sorry to bring it down here, but um, we all need to
know about this hero dog.
Have you heard?
In Kazakhstan, this man drank a bottle of vodka, wait, what?
No, that's not the news, but then he fell asleep on the
train tracks, and his dog pulled him off, and also the
train conductor saw the dog, slammed on the brakes, and the
owner was saved.
The hero dog, wait, what?
He died.
He'll remain a hero.
Lastly, um, because you guys talk about it a lot, and I
wanna be in on the convo, I just started watching Doctor
Who this weekend.
Upon recommendation, I watched one episode from season three,
"Blink," and one from season four, "The Eleventh Hour."
Doctor Who changes.
The actor changes.
Wait, what?
Number one.
And then this morning, Molly told me that it's the thing,
it's because he regenerates.
What, what?
I thought it was like a Becky and
Roseanne type of situation.
Anyways, that's the news.
Did you get--
I was looking into your comments on--
did you learn things?
Did you-- do you have things to tell me that happened this
weekend that I missed?
We have a comment from, um, Sara Novitch. "Imagination
dating, think of the savings." Seriously, Sara Novitch.
I'm imagining, right now, that I'm on a date in Paris.
It's where you go first, right?
It's very romantic.
It's very--
and it's free too, right now, but um,
it is feeling expensive.
And it is feeling good.
OK, let's uh, look at another comment.
I'll get back to that imagination later.
Cookigdoughxox Nom nom.
"Oh, my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, OMG, OMG, OMG,
jom jom nom!" Is that like, when every time
you're eating a cookie?
Is that--
it's like, cookie, nom nom nom nom nom nom!
Or is that just me?
No, that's everybody, right?
With cookie dough?
In the tubing?
When you're sad, and you're like, I'm no longer sad.
And then you finish, and you're like, I'm way more sad.
Way more sad now.
And then a comment from YouTube.
This is from iassen1.
"Do you like dubstep?" Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
Uh, I really like dancing.
I like when I--
I like when dubstep plays after I have tequila, because
tequila makes me dance, uh, among other things, but.
It's-- it's a happy liquor.
And, uh, if dubsteps plays, I just go into my club phase.
I have the imaginary glow sticks and I
pass an energy ball.
That's what I do.
OK, you guys, you know what today is?
It's McMayhem Monday.
Play it, guys.

-Matt's got a question for you.
-How's your dick?
-Have you guys seen a--
like a little tiny pug running around?
-No, no.
-How's your dick?
How's your dick?
-Hey, man.
Did you just buy clothes in here?
-I did.
-How's your dick?
-My what?
-Your dick, how's your dick?
Your big dick.
-How's your dick?
-How's my what?
How's your dick?
-Mine's fine, but how's your dick?
-How's your dick?
-What's that?
-Uh, how's your day?
-How's your dick?
-How's your dick?
-How's your dick?
-How's your dick?
How's your dick today?
-What's that?
-Your dick, how is your dick?
-Do you have a valid car?
How's your dick?
-The what?
-How's your dick?
-What, what do you mean?
-No, but how's your dick?
Once I'm done asking dudes how their dicks is,
maybe we'll go jogging.
How's his dick?
-It's pretty good.
-Pretty good?
How's your dick?
-It's all right.
How's your dick?
-My dick is good.
-How's your dick?
-How's my what?
How's your dick?
-How's your dick?
How's your dick?
-Dude, my dick is doing pretty good.
-How's your dick?
-How's your dick?
-You're selling wigs, here.
How's your dick?
Just show me how your dick is on there.
You from Bakersfield?
-How's your dick?
When you're not wearing the T-shirts, how's your dick?
Hey, do you have any, uh, Nokia smart phones?
How's your dick?

BETH HOYT: Wowzers, staying topical, you know who we
should've approached is Jon Hamm.
And the answer would've been, pretty good, or pretty
One of the two, you know.
Do you guys know what I'm talking about?
Look it up.
OK, let's get back into your comments.
This is from uh, another one from YouTube, from amipoland,
"I just had Death by Chocolate ice cream and I'm watching My
Damn Channel Live, live.
Oh, my god, thanks, that is all." Girl, or boy, yeah.
Do it.
You're living life.
You're doing the right ways.
Um, that sounds, that sounds fabulous.
And you're welcome, and thank you.
That is all.
Next comment is from OurStorySoFar, "tequila plus
me equals a good/ bad time." Yeah, no, I agree with that.
But, I don't know, for the most part, I've had good
tequila experiences.
Everyone has, like their one liquor they can't have, 'cause
they're like, argghh.
And that most people, I feel like, had it with tequila.
Like, I went to Mexico.
Can't do it anymore.
And um, I'm like, but how we gonna dance?
And then, uh, that's when-- that's how that happens.
But, it is true that it can be a bad time for some people.
All right, next comment from YouTube is from
Phobophobicity, "She watches Doctor Who.
I'm in love." Didn't take much, um.
That's great.
This is really working out for me.
I thought that this would be a good thing for me here.
This is really proving my point that uh, I need to
listen you guys.
So, Willy, if you have any suggestions on episodes that I
should watch because it's so daunting to
start at season one.
I'm-- it's just a hard thing.
I did it with Friday Night Lights.
And I'm still really behind, and it's so old news, that I
can't talk about it, so, um.
I'm trying to just figure out the right episodes to watch.
So, let me know, leave comments for which episodes
you think I should watch. 'Cause I'm into that.
And we'll talk about it.
Over and over again.
Next comment's from Hoda Beltagui.
"Beth, why are you always so unappreciative
of Nate?" And then--
Well, because um, he's not here today.
And he's moving.
To a new apartment, where I guess he got his key back.
So, if he was here, I could maybe like, be like, oh, no I
do appreciate him, but like, seriously, F Nate.
He's not here today.
So, I can't even-- so it makes me just, like, I can't even
make fun of him to his face, and it's just so much more--
it feels so much better when he's here to, like, to see the
pain on his face.
It's only because he's just like--
he's like a suction for pain, you know.
I can-- and I don't give it to many people, but he just--
he's like sucking it out of me.
So it's his fault.
It's totally--
I mean, I would be really sweet to him if he kind of,
did a little bit of this, but instead he's like, more pain.
So, not my fault.
Next comment is from uh, wow, jojjojjoje.
Yeah, "Beth, how's your dick?" Uh, you know what?
Uh, I lost the moment when I could've like
had a snappy answer.
I don't--
I think it's--
I think that if I had a dick, it'd be probably doing fine.
Um, I'm just really picturing Jon Hamm's dick is all that's
happening in my head.
So, which is-- and it's-- that's doing fine as well.
so it's good news.
Good stuff, thanks for asking.
Next comment is from um, jonfletcher137.
"Is this really live?
Loving the t-shirt.
Meow!" Thanks, this is Molly's shirt.
She brought in a lot of fun T-shirts for me to wear.
Um, I love it, too.
This is really live.
Did we prove that to you?
How else can I prove it?
Um, I can't.
Oh, this.
Look at my phone.
Which is kind of broken.
It's 4:09.
I also got a text 'cause my phone bill's due.
Um, that's happening.
Look at my jankety phone, with uh--
I'm gonna get an update soon.
I'm gonna be a real lady.
I'm gonna be real woman with a real phone.
But I'm still gonna wear T-shirts with cats on them.
Next comment is from um, AdrianneLeighL.
"Just got dumbed.
Got any advice?" Listen, it's--
it's um--
it's only you who can say whether you're
dumbed or not, you know?
And I think that if you just--
just get out and get like a cup of coffee, and really just
like, you know--
get some fresh air, start feeling a little better about
yourself, you'd be like, I'm not dumb.
You know, 'cause you're only doing it yourself.
You're just probably sitting there in like this mind frame
of like, ahh, you know.
I pronounced this word wrong or something, or I
and then, it's just-- it's gonna be fine.
Just get out and get some fresh air,
and you'll feel great.
Have a shot of tequila.
Listen to some dubstep.
those are some great tips from me.
Take a picture -- look at a picture Jon Hamm's dick.
That's what you need to do.
Um, we have one more comment from YouTube,
and that's from EppyOO.
Ooh, I like it.
Is that Eppy yo yo?
"Beth, I'm having a rough day.
I could use a hug." I could, too.
Let's try this.
Let's just hug it out.
Let's just--
let's just get--
let's just hug, just for a sec.
This is gonna be fine.
We're both gonna feel better once we do this.
We're gonna just--
OK, I'm gonna fall off this table.
There we go.
let's just pet.
We feel better.
We all feel better.
I'm stuck.
Um, that's our show for today, you guys.
Thanks for hanging out with me.
Grace is here tomorrow.
I'm back on Wednesday and joined by Pete and Pete and
Kitty Pride.
We're gonna be playing Truth or Dare.
So, send in some truths.
You can tweet me them, or be leaving the comments now.
Someone's gonna come help me?
Goodbye, my stallions, you're my favorite.