How to create Patterns for Armor Costumes

Uploaded by Mogrymillian on 26.02.2012

Hi! Today I'm gonna show you how to create patterns for
breast plates like these. But also armor bikinis and bracers like those...
As well as shin pads, helmets and so on! Let's begin!
We don't need much. Plastic wrap, painters tape, something to draw and scissors.
First, I'm gonna show you how to make a helmet. For this we need a styrofoam head...
So, we start of by wraping it. And then use the painters tape to cover it.
After that, we sketch our helmet shape on it.
Take everything off, and cut everything out.
And that's how you get a perfect pattern for a helmet.
We can use that same principle for other parts, as well!
A female armor has distinct curves. For this we use a bra
to make a pattern out of it.
Again, we draw our outlines ... take it off carefully,
and cut everything out again.
For chest armor, you can use either your own body or a dress form.
And as always: warp, draw and cut!
As you can see it's really easy to make patterns.
You just need to find something to wrap around. Arms, legs, whatever or WHOever!
Also a good way to annoy your boyfriend, if you're creating armor for him.
So, I hope you liked it, learned something and see you next time!