[New Doraemon] Shizuka-chan and the Grandfather Tree

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Ah! This is terrible!
Gian, look! Look!
What's with this black spot?
Ain't dis just sumone's prank?
Dere've been those inna mood to do dat fo' a long time.
Really? Are you sure something isn't poisoning it?
Maybe the Grandfather Tree is withering away and dying?
I'm king of the jungle!
More like a gorilla than a "king"!
Takeshi-san, don't be so rough on it...
I said it'll be fine!
The Grandfather Tree can take a bit of bending like this, and...
I-I broke my butt!
Dat must be poison, afta' all!
It's da poison's fault dat my butt...
What did I tell you?
'Ya gotta problem?!
No, no way I'd ever do that. Right?
But, someone might punish you for doing that...
Whaddid 'ya just say?!
They're here!
You guys sure are annoying!
Children need to go home! Go home!
Huh? Why d'we need ta do dat?
That's right! That's right!
We're chopping this tree down...
you're getting in our way!
No way...
Why? Cutting down the Grandfather Tree is just horrible of you!
I don't care about that!
We're doing this because it's our jobs!
Guess dere's nuttin' we can do. Let's go.
There's nothing we can do in this situation.
Cutting it down is horrible of you!
W-What's with her...?
kokoro no naka itsumo itsumo egaiteru
In my heart, I'm always, always drawing...
yume wo noseta jibun dake no sekai chizu
My very own world map, based on my dreams.
take koputaa
タ プ コ け た
Bamboo 'Copter!
sora wo tonde toki wo koete tooi kuni demo
Flying through the sky, travelling through time, even distant countries...
doa wo akete hora ikitai yo ima sugu
Open the door, and look! You can go where you want right now!
dokodemo doa
ア ド も で こ ど
Anywhere Door!
otona ni nattara wasurechau no kana?
If I become a grown-up, I wonder if I'll forget all of this?
sonna toki ni wa omoidashite miyou
When that time comes, let's try to remember!
Sha la la la la
Sha la la la la...
boku no kokoro ni
In my heart...
itsumademo kagayaku yume
There are always shining dreams.
sono poketto de kanaesasete ne
With that pocket, make them all come true, okay?
Sha la la la la
Sha la la la la...
uta wo utaou
Let's sing a song!
minna de saa te wo tsunaide
Everyone, don't let go of each other's hands.
sekai juu ni yume wo sou afuresasete
Yes, make the whole world overflow with dreams!
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Shizuka-chan and the Grandfather Tree
"Shizuka-chan and the Grandfather Tree!"
Um... It's almost your birthday, isn't it, Shizuka-chan?
What do you want for a present?
I-I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry!
They're cutting down the Grandfather Tree?!
So let's protect the Grandfather Tree for Shizuka-chan's birthday present!
Of course!
It's a natural place for recreation...
And it's everyone's secret base.
The Grandfather Tree belongs to all of us!
Spring, tons of flowers blossom on it and make everybody happy.
Yeah! Yeah!
But then right after that...
It becomes completely covered in caterpillars!
All right! Let's protect the Grandfather Tree!
It would be nice if we made it in time...
Let's hurry!
Thank goodness!
S-S-Someone's coming!
This is terrible!
What do I do? What do I do?
Dress-Up Camera
The Dress-Up Camera!
This is bad!
So much to do! So much to do!
Stop right there~
I will place a curse on you~!
What are you saying?
There's no such thing as curses!
They're here!
All right!
The Dried Ghost~!
Go and give them plenty of scares!
What's that?
H-Hey, is this...
We did it!
That sure went well, didn't it?
There's no way there's a "ghost" here!
Someone's decided to play tricks on us!
What do we do?
That guy who looks like a bear doesn't seem to be afraid of ghosts!
If it's come to this, let's use...
The Space-Bending Tape!
What's going on?
The Space-Bending Tape makes someone spin around in the same spot upon contact with it.
Ah! But they aren't giving up!
Why?! I can even see it right in front of me!
If it's comes down to it, we'll keep trying until the very end!
Once more!
Don't give up!
Do your best!
Go all-out on it!
What's going on here...?
They finally gave up.
Thank goodness...
No, those people aren't going to give up that easily.
They'll probably come tomorrow, too.
There's no way we can come here every day...
I'm home!
I see. The Grandfather Tree is...
I understand your regret...
But it's not your fault, Shizuka.
But is there some way to...
What should I do?
How about trying to call everyone out to help?
Let's Protect the
Let's protect the Grandfather Tree!
Let's protect the Grandfather Tree!
Let's treasure an important piece of nature!
Let's protect the Grandfather Tree!
I'm begging you!
Please protect the Grandfather Tree!
No, thanks...
I guess no one really cares about trees...
Is is true what you said about the Grandfather Tree being chopped down?!
W-We're sorry!
It's true.
What?! Let me see!
They're really chopping down the tree I played on in my childhood?!
Someone's finally interested, but...
Kaminari-san won't help...
I don't know about that.
It looks like he could become the support we need.
All right... In that case, let's get him to try harder!
The Personal Cheerleader!
This will give the person you want to have try harder the support they need to do so!
Let's Protect 9&}Grandfather Tree!
Hurray! Hurray! Kaminari-san!
Hurray! Hurray! Kaminari-san!
Do your best! Do your best! Kaminari-san!
All right!
Just you wait! I'll keep you safe!
Support complete!
We did it!
Wasn't that great?
Sure was.
If it's Kaminari-san, we can rest assured that it's in good hands.
When that Kaminari-san sees that old guy...
I wonder if he'll get mad and say "What on earth do you think you're doing?!"
What?! The Grandfather Tree will be cut down tomorrow?!
Why did it turn out like that?
Kaminari-san said he got some other people from town and went to talk with that guy, but...
This tree is already dying.
He said it needs to be cut down before someone gets hurt...
It's dying...
Come to think of it... It didn't have any flowers blossom on it this year, did it?
Guess there's nothing else we can do.
Don't say that...
ying tree really is dangerous...
You say the flowers stopped blossoming...
On the Grandfather Tree?
I'm sorry...
This is all my fault.
It's my fault... that the flowers stopped blossoming on it.
Sometime in my early years of elementary school, my Dad took the two of us to do some fireworks...
Wow! How pretty!
Daddy, look!
Isn't it all sparkly?
Hey, wait!
That wasn't your fault, Shizuka-chan.
Yeah. The tree wouldn't die from something like that.
it is my fault!
If only I hadn't hurt it, it would still grow flowers!
What do we do about that, Doraemon?
ll be fine! Doraemon and I have thought of something, right?
Oh! Um, um...
If I remember right...
That's it!
There's a good place where cherry blossoms are supposed to live for hundreds of years!
It'll be fine if we just replant there!
And if we do that, the flowers will bloom on it again, right?
re supposed to replant this?
Whoa, you're right...
All right, then let's just make it walk there by itself.
Walking-Plant Solution!
Just pour this onto plants such as grass and trees, and they will sprout legs and start moving around!
Here you go.
If we use that, we might be able to make the Grandfather Tree move, too!
Let's put our plan into action tonight!
Let's do it!
It isn't moving, is it?
Huh? Maybe the solution doesn't take effect right away?
Well, then...
Hurry! Hurray! Grandfather Tree!
Still nothing!
This can't be...
Come on...
It's moving! The Walking-Plant Solution is taking effect!
That's great!
Goochie goochie goo!
It moved!
But isn't it going to run away right now?
Dora-chan, how far do we have to make it walk?
If you mean the place where the Grandfather Tree can live healthily...
Parody of the real-life Mt. Takao in Hachioji, Tokyo.
I think it was at Mt. Takai.
What?! That far away?!
Grandfather Tree-san...
Please listen to me.
It's kind of far away, but will you please walk to Mt. Takai?
Hurray! Hurray! Grandfather Tree!
Let's go, too!
Man, I must be getting tired...
Which way to Mt. Takai?
First, we have to cross a bridge.
Then, let's follow the river!
It's nothing, Mr. Manager...
Naw, I'm not drunk...
I said I'm not drunk...
I just drank a little bit too much!
What? Is that an earthquake?
Huh? Was there a tree growing right here before?
It's Dad!
Hide! Hide!
Over here!
Oh, well...
This is...
I must be pretty drunk, after all.
For some reason, this tree...
Not good, not good, not good!
It looks just like the Grandfather Tree!
That sure takes me back...
I often took naps on the Grandfather Tree.
Good thing Dad was drunk and out of it.
I guess adults are still awake at this time, huh?
If we don't hurry...
It's not that way!
Grandfather Tree-san!
Over here, over here!
So they're cutting down the Grandfather Tree...?
Could this be...
What is it doing, wandering around a place like this?
I wonder... Don't you think he could be saying farewell to the children who played with him a long time ago?
We don't have time for that!
Just go along with it.
There's nothing else we can do but let him do as he pleases until he's satisfied.
Hurry and go!
To Mt. Takai!
Grandfather Tree-san...
Aren't you about ready yet?
You even came all the way to the bridge...
Why don't we start heading to Mt. Takai pretty soon?
Um, Mt. Takai is that way.
He's... skipping...
And that's something that's dying?!
Come on! Will you knock this off, already?!
Why is he going to Mt. Ura again?
Even though we told him...
Did he... come right back where he came from?
If it's come down to this...
I guess the only thing to do is talk with the spirit of the Grandfather Tree.
Spirit-Calling Machine
The Spirit-Calling Machine!
Nobita-kun, flip the switch on.
Are you... Grandfather Tree-san?
What did you say?!
Are you Grandfather Tree-san?
The Tokugawa Era was from 1603 to 1868.
Ah! Tokugawa-sama's era ended, did it?
You don't need to yell in such a loud voice...
t was just a gag. A gag.
Um, please...
Will you please go with us to Mt. Takai?
At this rate, you'll be cut down tomorrow!
Mt. Takai, huh?
If I'm there, I'll be able to bathe in a lot more sunlight, and also take in all the delicious, fresh air, won't I?
That's right, that's right!
So, even though it's a little far, won't you walk there for us?
Although I did say the air would be delicious, I can't say I want to go.
You know...
I've lived here all my life, and I don't want to move from this spot.
But, you'll be cut down...
See the figure of my branches spreading out across the landscape? Amazing, isn't it?
But thanks to that, light can't reach the ground below.
And so, even if my children begin to sprout, they never get a chance to grow.
As the saying goes, "Old rafters will fall."
Then the light of the sun will reach the ground...
And make the seeds sleeping here be able to wake up.
Therefore, I will continue to stay in this forest.
If you're here, you'll be cut down!
Please walk there! I'm begging you!
Please walk there!
If you're at Mt. Takai, it will make flowers bloom on you again!
Please walk there! I'm begging you!
Hurray! Hurray! Shizuka!
I'm begging you...
Let's stop, already.
You did well, Shizuka-chan.
But, it was...
It was all my fault!
Oh, that's right! Little lady...
I forgot! This is to show my gratitude to you for always having given me delicious juice.
How can this be happening?!
These are my treasures.
I met so many children here in this spot.
It's a wonderful thing how they all smiled and looked like they were having so much fun here.
I'm glad I was able to meet them all.
And Little Lady, I'm especially glad I was able to meet you...
Because your smile is also one of my treasures.
Wow! It's so pretty!
Yay! How pretty!
That's it... Smile.
Support complete!
The Grandfather Tree really is gone, isn't it?
Wow! There's already one sprouting!
Happy ay, an!
Happy... Birthday!
Thanks, you guys!
Today is my birthday.
And it's your birthday, too!
I \c&H00A3F1&}r{\c&H008C56&}ew {\3c&HF5E9D8&\c&HB96200&\bord4}Doraemon {\c&HB57217&\bord5\3c&HE9F5FB&}He{\c&H1787ED&}re{\c&H1D7813&}, {\c&H3B47E3&}Too!
I \c&H00A3F1&}r{\c&H008C56&}ew {\c&HB96200&\3c&H000000&\bord7}Doraemon {\c&HB57217&\bord8\3c&HCE7C00&}He{\c&H1787ED&}re{\c&H1D7813&}, {\c&H3B47E3&}Too!
"I Drew Doraemon Here, Too!"
Come on, everyone! Get out a pencil and a piece of paper, and let's try drawing along with the song!
Today, let's try drawing on "a grain of rice"!!
I'll be drawing on a grain of rice.
On a grain of rice?!
on a
of rice!
maru kaite chon
maru kaite chon
omame ni negadete
uekibachi uekibachi
roku gatsu muika ni yuufoo ga
acchi itte kocchi itte
oike ga futatsu dekimashita
oike ni ofune wo ukabetara
osora ni mikadzuki nobotteta
hige wo tsuketara Doraemon
Draw a circle with a dot...
Draw a circle with a dot...
Take the bean and plant it in...
A flowerpot... A flowerpot.
On June 6th, a UFO...
Flew this way, then flew that way...
Then fell to the ground...
Creating two brand new ponds.
As boats floated by on the ponds...
The crescent moon rose in the night sky.
When you add the whiskers, you have Doraemon!
I'm done drawing it.
Hurry! I want to see!
We drew him on a grain of rice!!
That's incredible!
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A gadget that can make anything become its opposite?
But because it's useless, I think I'll throw it away.
What a waste!
If you let me try it, I'm sure I can find something to use it for!
E-Even Doraemon become his opposite!
W-What do I do?!