Babe (7/9) Movie CLIP - The Sheep Password (1995) HD

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[P.A. Announcer] The last entry is Pig. Owner, A. Hoggett.
Is that Hoggett? I think it was!
Huh? He said Hoggett. It was clear as a bell.
Must be another Hoggett. We only have the two dogs, and they certainly...
Wolf! Wolf!
[Sheep] Wolf! Wolf!
Shut up, you morons!
The little pig's in trouble.
What trouble has come to our Babe, wolf?
The sheep at the trials won't talk to the little fellow.
They won't listen. He doesn't know what to do.
Don't know what we could do to help.
It's not right to give help to a wolf. You wait here, wolf.
You'll have to speak up. I'm a... little hard of hearing.
I asked you to wait here, wolf.
Do what you're told by an old sheep for a change. We'll see what we can do for you.
Work completed. Restore power.
[Commentator] Very frustrating to be sitting up here...
wondering what's causing the delay.
We have someone on their way to thejudges'rooms now.
We'll tell you what's causing the problem as soon as we find out.
Perhaps it's a drug test, Eric? Yeah, it could be.
[Moos] I've never heard of a drug test at a sheepdog contest before.
We've got somethin' here that might be of use to our pig.
[Sheep] Password! Password!
Before we gives you anythin', you'll be makin'us a solemn promise.
[Rex] Yes? Treat us civil!
Yes! You gotta treat us nice-like.
I'll try.
No bitin'! That's right. Wolf must avoid bitin' us sheep...
at all costs! All right! I'll try that too.
It's preposterous! We'd be the laughingstock of every sheepdog organization...
in every civilized country in the world! There's no rule...
We'll see about that when the adjudication committee have finished their meeting.
What will we have next year, a laughing hyena doing show jumping?
But the most important of all, you must promise...
never ever to let this password we be about to give...
to be used against any sheep anywhere.
I promise you that. I'll make sure the pig knows it too.
We have the promise! 'Tis for Babe.
Maa would have wanted it.
Baa, ram, ewe.
[Sheep] Baa, ram, ewe.
To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true.
Sheep be true. Baa, ram, ewe.
Is that it? Is that the password?