iPod Touch 5th Generation Video Review - Best Low Budget Video Camera

Uploaded by 5minvideomarketing on 07.11.2012

Tyrone: All right, the great thing about the iPod Touch is that we're actually being able
to walk into many different things and you'll be able to capture pretty much the ambulance
and - (slips) -
Justin: Oh dude, someone call an ambulance!
The Apple iPod 5th Generation records up to full HD 1080P. Now if you want to record something
on here, it takes about 2 hours, 2-4 hours worth of footage which is amazing because
when you look at something like this, it kind of eliminate what I used to have which was
the Flip Mino or the Kodak Zi8. This video cam as you can probably say it is, instead
of using this iPod for music, I've used this for video cam - it's so thin, really light,
around about 88grams plus it also allows you to be able to switch off and turn on to so
many different functions as well, too.
Now, one thing I love about this is that you can plug in a very simple external microphone.
What I'll do is let's just test the sound, I want to show you actually what the quality
looks like first before we test out the mic.
So there's Justin holding the iPod.
So we've jumped over to the iPod right now and all the video that you're seeing is in
full high definition specifically on the new iPod. This is the kind of quality that you're
going to expect - surroundings, me, you, etc. Let me know what you think.
In addition, the iPod allows you to be able to plug in an external microphone just like
all the other Apple accessories that you have. It's quite simple, you just get an adaptor
which you plug straight into here and then you'll be able to plug in your external mic
which works perfectly. It's really, really good because you can be able to talk from
a very, very far distance like I could be talking few meters away and and I'll still
get really, really high quality sound on the iPod.
If you're looking to do self-recording as well, you can mount the iPod Touch on a tripod
with a special adapter.
This is how it sounds like without the mic plugged into the iPod. It sounds like I'm
talking from a very, very, long, long distance away. Make sure you'll plug in the microphone
which I'm going to do right now. And here we have it, we have the microphone plugged
into the iPod. I'm hoping that the sound sounds better. You guys be the judge and let me know.
Leave a comment down below and tell me if it sounds better with the mic plugged in.
It's also very easy to transfer files to your computer via iTunes and you can have your
videos in minutes.
Well, you may think that you can't have any other lenses on it but guess what, you can
have macro lenses, zoom lenses and a wide angle lens. So let's test this one out and
add this wide angle this onto this. Wow, it's really wide.
Finally, the iPod Touch is meant to record videos only and we don't recommend to play
games or listen to music anytime. We're just kidding by the way.
The iPod Touch 5th generation is an amazing tool that allows anyone to record full HD
videos with amazing quality sound at a very affordable prize. And at only 88grams, you
can carry this with you anywhere you go.

Tyrone: Now you may not think that you can actually add external lenses on - ah external
lens - let's shot that again.