Yoon Eun Hye - Happy Camp 091031 - Part 1 [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by yooneunhyeNET on 12.11.2009

(The hosts are waiting for coffee they ordered.)
(Someone comes to serve them the coffee...)
Yoon Eun Hye!
(This part is just a preview of the upcoming segment.)
She's currently airing My Fair Lady!
She must be really busy at this time.
(Yoon Eun Hye says "Thank you" in Chinese)
Let's all tell her our impressions of her.
I like Goong.. bigunmama!
I really like Coffee Prince, I thought the young boy look was so cute..
But now I can see she's truly a beautiful woman.
She's also really beautiful.
Both of them! Both of them!
Male: She forgot you!
Woman: Oh, you really don't need to include me!
You are the main reason I made this trip to South Korea.
Coming back to this coffee shop today, do you have strong feelings about it?
Because you filmed here for a long time.
(Sorry, I'm not sure what she's saying in Korean)
(Something about coming back after more than a year, she feels a bit emotional.)
We're very touched too!
When we look around, we can think back to things that happened in the drama.
(I think she's talking about how many decorations were done by her, so she feels personally attached.)
Hand-made! She did these herself.
We'd love to learn some drawing from Yoon Eun Hye.
We can see in the drama that the characters grow alongside the store itself.
When we first see the store, it's a broken down place.
And after their efforts in renovating and decorating the store, it became such a warm and welcoming place.
Aside from the paintings, the drawings on the walls and the windows, were all done by them personally.
Can you teach us to draw?
(Something about not doing this type of drawing for a year?)
(That drawing over there is done by the director?)
They should play rock-paper-scissor and I'll draw the winner.
We only have one chance.
Let's give it to Chi Ling.
Aw alrighty then, thank you!
Let's at least pretend to compete.
What are you putting out?
I'll put out rock.
3, 2, 1
Chi Ling wins! How could one person beat all 3 of us! (sarcastic)
She figured it out!
No no no, can't do it like this.
We can't do it this way.
Let's do it for real.
Yoon Eun Hye: Did he really win?
It's too hard to draw him.
This is the power of love! This is the power of love!
Alright, let's put the drawings away for now.
Next, our viewers should know that Yoon Eun Hye is very popular in commercials in South Korea.