How to keep my love (내 남자의 로맨스 ) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Produced by May Films
Presented by CJ Entertainment
Produced by May Films
All men have a wish
We wish all women were gorgeous
Then, we won't have to choose because there won't be a need to
Something all girls worry about
is what if someone
better shows up?
It's not gonna happen to me
or is it?
I once had a friend like that
named Hyeon-ju
She actually worried about it
Let's just go Hyeon-ju!
he's gone! To her!
No I will wait
She was a princess of the magic forest
They're building your palace
Good Time to eat the apple
and die! Bring me an apple!
The princess gets
her very own palace
She vows to herself
as she leaves that day
that she will wait
for Prince Charming
in her very own palace
Step back!
KIM Jung-eun
KIM Sang-Kyung
OH Seung-hyun
LEE Yoo-jin PARK Dong-bin HWANG Hyon-in HWANG Taek-ha
Executive Producer PARK Dong-ho
Produced by LEE Mi-kyung
Co-Executive Producers LEE Yong-woo LEE Jin-kyo
Directed / Adapted by PARK Jae-hyun
How to Keep My Love
Up on a hill, in Suyu-ri
north of Seoul
I was born here 29 years ago
And I've been here ever since
Hwang Song-yi my dearest friend
Her dream was becoming a beauty queen
But it was only a dream so she gave up
But she has another
dream now-marriage
Jo Gi-cheol He owns this building
His folks wanted him to pass the bar
He didn't, and his folks went
to New Zealand without him
so he lives alone with his books
Jin-sil The same name as the actress
She always got
picked on for it
She wanted to be strong
and took up taekwondo
But only her big mouth got stronger
It ran out on me again!
- Gimme another one! - Gimme something good!
Give it to me!
You don't know movies here
Ben Hur!
- Gimme the latest stuff! - Latest what?
I saw it It's weak
How about Hot Hooters?
- Got Hot Curly Chicks? - Get 1&2 Is 3 here yet?
Why, you little!
We're in 6th grade, you geezer!
Jang Bong-man my grade school buddy
Went to college to major in film
Did two films as an AD
Now he's back here
writing a scenario for an SF fantasy
The star is an alien, he says
The Suyu-ri Five will stick together
until we all get what we want
You're late
You'll be fired if you're late!
- So hurry up! - Don't you get tired
My gosh, are you Indian?
- Is he going to say it today? - You bet, girl!
- When's the date? - At seven! See you later!
Go get 'em!
7 PM Don't forget!
- Solleung, please - Here you go
- Hey, Kim Hyun-ju! - Yes
You look happy Got a date?
Yah Get married and get it over with!
And enough looking at pictures!
I met my guy in summer
the year I was a junior in college
What? What are you!
I just took a leave
My daddy died and I can't afford school
I feel like I wasted my 3 years
3 whole years!
And the money my dad
worked hard for!
Frankly, I didn't like my major
I thought I'd at least learn
but I didn't!
I'm not sure if I can come back!
And if I did, what's the use
Maybe I should've just
started a business
or had a nose job
and gone into showbiz
- You think it's funny? - I'm sorry
Look here
Chance of getting tuition back None
Of coming back, Unclear Of getting nose job, None
The answer, Wait
Simple, isn't it?
Are you a math major?
Ah your nose is running
Ouch! No, next to it
That tickles
Wait look at them How could they in broad daylight?
It's called natural attraction
How about this, then?
Don't know Let's try it again!
I think I squished a beetle
Survival of the fittest You're bigger
7 years later
our love is on the line
Even in love only the fittest survive
Honey! Breakfast is ready!
- You there! Get me coffee - Who the!
You know, coffee?
Wake up, honey Wake up!
Get the coffee!
- Not that! Give me my coffee! - No No!
- Let go! - Get me my coffee
- Get me my coffee! - No!
What a weirdo! Geesh...!
Can you please not doze off on the job?
What did you do last night, anyway?
Next Rumor
has it that Asia's
hottest actress
Eun Da-young was
caught dating her
6th boyfriend very late one night
But the 28-year-old actress
- refused to take questions - She sure is pretty
National treasure material
- If they're pretty, they're all sluts! - That just proves they're pretty!
Shut up They should all die
- You want me to die? - Stop it!
It's a crime to be
as ugly as you!
- I'll kill you! - Stop I'm sorry!
My guy graduated with honors
then got himself a good job
A job that deals with precious lives
Sure is big and healthy!
Don't worry I'll send them
right to pest heaven
But never let your guard down
- Make this place more sanitary - This is conspiracy!
I won a sanitation prize
So, who betrayed me? You?
No, sir
- Then, is it you? - N-no, sir
It's the pests who haven't paid their
bills that should be sanitized!
Wait... The rat's not from the inside
I know I'm right!
That's what the blueprint says
Then I'm not at fault
Oh, yes! You are at fault
This rat lives in sewers
There is a sewer under this building
And there's my proof
How can you be so sure?
My dad-in-law's a carpenter I know that much
Instead of filling in the sewer as you should have
you just built over it to save on expenses
No way! I filled it in!
Then, shall we check?
You can sue me if you did
See that? Nothing's there!
Ten, nine
six five
He's knocking down
my wall over one bug!
What crazy bastards!
Call the cops!
Don't you dare underestimate me...!
- Look at that, sir! - Why?
- Shall we begin? - You got it!
- Sorry You can't go in - I can't?
What are they making here? Who's the main character?
- I'm sorry, Mr. Director - Oh he's the director!
- You can't go in Go away! - I'm going
- Would you please go away? - It's Eun Da-young, isn't it?
- Damn... - Wow...!
This is my 7th anniversary since I met Hyeon-ju
She'll have big expectations
I hope she wont be disappointed
This suit would be nice
for my date!
- I'll take this one - It's the last one
I'll wrap it up
Wait I picked it first
- I'll wear it - Yes, ma'am Just a moment
I said I picked it first!
Look at the price, silly!
What do you care
Yah! So what!
Ma'am We're having a sale downstairs
The escalator's that way
What did you say?
Why should I go there?
How much is this?
Think I can't afford it?
- What do you take me for? - You're being unreasonable
Because you brushed me off!
Hey! This isn't a country market!
- What? - Wrap it up!
Sorry, ma'am In a moment
- Hillbilly! - What?
That sunburned!
- Here, drink this - I don't want it You drink it
What's wrong?
Come on, drink it Say ah!
Come, I'll buy you a dress!
Why not?
I like bargains It's too pricey here
I don't want you to waste your hard-earned money here
- Wait here I'll be right back - Wait uh
Wh... What are you doing?
Out of service
- Wh, what are you doing? - Hold on
Hold on a second
What are you doing?
This is a rare species
Can I have your autograph?
Where is he? Did you call?
Left his phone again didn't he?
It's been 7 years
It's this year or never Make him say it!
I will He said he would last year
Do you expect him to remember?
He will remember, OK?
Maybe he's buying your ring
You think so?
Size: 22 millimeters
Gender: Male...
It's nothing...
It's rare kind Just adding to
my notes as to how it got here
It's my job, you see...
You're mighty quiet
But you talk so well on TV
Women don't like
do they?
Of course not
Then what's with that smile?
What's it to you?
Are you mad at me?
I didn't stop the elevator
- Wh... What are you doing? - Hold it Don't move!
- What are you? - Won't take long
W... Well this was on your back
Man, you really are a pest!
I postponed the interview
And let's push the 8 o'clock
photo shoot over to tomorrow
Women don't like roaches
do they?
Of course not
Then what's with that smile?
What should we do about
the appointment tonight?
Isn't it too late?
Remember that commercial yesterday?
You hate bugs and turned it down, remember?
Smells great, uncle! It's pork!
This wasn't all for me, really
That's OK I'll start eating
- I'm done already - Then I'll go buy more!
What's this? This ain't for me?
Well, I wasn't buying just for her
Well then, buy me some fine sirloin!
- Uh we're closed - What? OK
I was hungry So I ate first
Come on You didn't have to wait!
But you told me to
What if I didn't come?
But you told me to wait
Let's go
Why? What is it?
Just a sec...
Hello Yeah, he's here
Maybe next time
No, he didn't forget
No way I won't bring it up first!
Oh, I will, all right!
- Did you really forget? - Forget what?
So passes our 7th anniversary
Just when is he going to say it?
He's going to the US
He loves me
but not over his parents
so he left me
That guy was very nice
- I want to go too - Calm down now
- I want to go too - Calm down now
He really did love you
Let him go
You don't even speak English Just let him go
I'll learn it, then
He'll find out you're an idiot then!
You're making her cry again!
Hey, guys! You know what?
He's seeing a model!
He's my sister's husband's friend's brother!
She saw it herself-making out
in the car
- W... What are you doing? - Say what?
What else would they be doing
in a car at that time of night?
Darn! Lose some weight!
You're about 200 now
Who would take you
She used to be thin but
he turned her into a pig!
Now she's fat?
Would you guys stop it?
OK, Hyeon-ju Did he say it?
That I knew
he was a jerk!
Why didn't you
- He didn't, right? - Gimme his number!
I'll take a drill and shove it all the way up his!
- No way - Let it go!
Don't worry
Revenge is yours!
Thanks, Hyeon-ju!
Let's eat Getting mad makes me hungry!
- Right - Right
- What's the menu? - Let's mix up everything
Not again I want something different!
Something different, okay?
They have rats
Come here
This is where Da-young
- takes a bath - buck naked
Buck naked, right?
The rat's footsteps sound different
They're on an uneven surface
I apologize for that day
My manager came in abruptly and I was taken aback
I'm sorry...
That won't do It hurt a lot
What do you want, then?
Well, I'll think about it while I kill the rats
When was this?
You look so different
How can it be?
What? What's so funny about it?
You're cute if you smile
Why don't you?
OK, then Smile for me
That'll do
Hurry up and smile
This isn't what I wanted
I wanted you to say it
Oh, boy!
- What? - Bug off!
W... What is it?
They have names
One is called 'Nana' because
always tries to look pretty
There's Amoeba simple but tough
Nana's so greedy and aggressive so Amoeba is no match
Come on, eat!
Eat! Ah, not again
Oh, that stupid one
- Hey, look here, take it away - Any girlfriends?
They're both female
- Do you have a girlfriend? - Yes
It's noon
I reserved a place
Is it OK with you?
Young billionaire?
How did that happen? When did he become one?
Newspapers are fake
It's all made-up
But they did get together Look at her
She has the "stole-your-boyfriend"
Hey It's the elegant-star look
She's the same age as us, right?
A rival?
Poor Hyeon-ju This is cheating
bet she saw this!
She won't believe it Besides...
Da-young's a star and she wouldn't go for someone like So-hoon!
What's wrong with So-hoon's?
Hey, my guys a hell lot better
than DiCaprio!
Are you OK?
It's what I get for having a handsome guy!
Are you gonna put up with it?
While I wasn't watching him
I got all kinds of tramps
aiming for him!
What's next? Aliens?
Any plans?
I need an all-out defense
- How long have you seen her? - When will you marry?
What the?
You make one move
One more move...
and I'll drop this right here!
Don't move! Don't move!
It's Eun Da-young!
Excuse me
I announce that Ms Eun has signed a contract with Cesco
He's a Cesco staff member who
will be in the commercial with her
So please do not misunderstand
Let's talk about her latest movie
The movie is getting rave reviews
Let's step outside
KIM So-hoon!
Hey! What the heck is he looking at?
Hey, So-hoon!
Come on out!
Excuse me
Outta my way!
Out of the way!
Ha! I can see he's having
Can we not do this commercial?
I'll take care of the press
You know how savage this business is these days
The upstarts are coming up fast
And our last movie bombed!
Really, we have to be careful
Let's concentrate on this movie
That's what I'm doing
This movie's about a star who
falls for a regular guy
Practice makes perfect
Then I'll find a partner for you
I already did
It's him
- What if you really fall for him? - And what if I do?
Hey, you!
If you're a manager, keep a tight leash on your tramp!
You got that?
Who the heck are you?
A stalker!
You freak head. What the!
Nothing happened on the elevator?
Come on Nothing happened
I saw you shiver while you cuddled with her
Let's not do the commercial
- It's company business - Still, don't do it
Let's do it together We need extras
How can you hug her like that?
Then what do I do? Stand there?
- You're too nice! - I thought you liked that
Only when you're nice to me
Stop worrying!
You think she's gonna fall in love with me because I was nice?
You really think she would?
Stop worrying about
what will never happen
What if she does?
I'm telling you she's crazy about you!
- So, you think she's pretty? - Look Can we stop this?
Yeah OK
but do you know she's full of silicone
has a hipbone in her nose
and without dieting
she'll be a pig!
Her face is melting like Michael
She has nothing to do with us
I don't care if she's fat
But if you do
I'll be really
worried about your health
That's how I feel Don't you get it?
Hyeon-ju You're choking me! Hey!
You keep getting stronger every day
Just stay the same I'll take care of the rest
She's hot!
Gimme another one
I'm doing a commercial with her
In your dreams!
If you did then I'm her mate!
I think you're too old for that!
I'm younger than you
I'll prove it!
Why aren't you married then?
One woman just won't do
Do you want to sleep with her?
Who? Da-young?
Yes! Bet you'd want
to do it with her too!
You're a full-blooded male, too
This beer leaves me cold
Hmm Too short
Come up slowly
then down slowly
Hope you break something!
I'll take her on Don't be scared now
And what's that now?
the things she does!
Looks great on you!
Is this what Eun Da-young wears?
She has a sponsorship contract
- How much is it? - $3000
Thank you Have a nice day!
What have I done now $3000?
What have I done now $3000?
Yes, $3000
Eun Da-young's a major slut!
She always gets her man
while pretending she's not interested!
My friend's friend's sister
does her makeup
and she saw it herself!
- For real? - For real!
- Yeah, sure - It is too!
Let's go!
Let's go, OK?
Hey! Eun Da-young is a major slut!
She always gets her man while
- pretending she's not interested... - Let's just go all right?
Where on earth did you hear that?
- Well, you see it's - Just come on!
Quiet please we're shooting!
Settle down we're shooting
Quiet please
Move back, please
- Excuse me - Excuse me I'm sorry
Sorry Authorized personnel only
I know But
I must see Ms Eun
- You can't - Uh you see
Can't say no to us!
Oh no, really
- Ha! Pushed me, didn't you - Red doesn't give you the right
Come on!
Come on! We know her
Hey I'm an ex-AD you know that?
Are you an actor?
Can you tell us
- Everything's OK? - Great
- Let go! I have to talk to her! - You can tell me!
Hey! You stretched a $3000 dress! Let go!
So, did you talk to her?
- She invited me - What? To her house?
Hey, why come home?
You mean, you're officially invited?
Wait! But really, really...
Must we do this?
We came all this way we should!
Yeah, we should Show your face!
But think about it
We must go you know what time it is?
Who is it now?
Who the heck are you?
I'd like to talk to Da-young
Get lost before I call the cops!
I'll scream if she doesn't come!
Fine Go ahead!
What the! Hey, you!
Hey! Whoa...
- OK, guys Do your stuff! - Got it
- Hurry up and bring it! - OK!
Eun Da-young! You open that door!
Open! Open Open the door!
Open up! Open up Or we're going in!
Open up! Open up
- Jang Bong-man - Next!
- Hwang Song-yi - Keep it coming!
Jo Gi-cheol
- Kim Hyeon-ju - Choi Jin-sil
Aw! Your real name!
It's Choi Jin-sil!
Stop playing with me!
Look, mister!
That is her real name!
And don't talk to us like that!
You're paid with our taxes!
Yeah? Then prove it to me!
- Tell him! - Tell him!
Hold on!
There is no medical evidence
So I'd suggest that you keep on taking your vitamins
Mr. Kim!
You've got a letter from Ms. Eun!
How do we find her in this crowd?
We just need to find the waiting room
What? Go on and find it!
This is nuts!
Get her! Quick!
- Hey, hey! - Found her? Where?
Ugh oh, no run!
- Huh? Lunch? - Huh? No run run!
Second floor
What? No no run! Quick!
Uh She's in, right? I'm going in!
- Do you have your pass? - I don't have my passport
Can't go in without one
- But this isn't an airport - You can't
What the Watch where you're going!
Sorry I was in a rush
Well, look who's here!
You're that sunburn!
Oh, right
Didn't know hicks come to fashion shows, too!
What did you say? Hick?
So what? Outta my way!
Wipe your juice off your nose!
What's that now?
I'm Susanna Fashion model!
- I had it with me! - Serves you right!
- M23 right? Are you nuts? - Huh?
You're not even dressed!
You know I was looking all over for you?
- Well, you see I - To my office after the show!
- W- wait I'm not - Hey! Get her ready for stage!
Wait wait
- What are... - Five minutes, folks!
Hurry up!
It'll be over in a flash so don't get nervous
Just remember one thing
Chest out chin up OK?
- Got it! - Go get 'em!
- Yes! - Go get 'em!
Oh, no I'm so pretty!
What do I do?
- Darn! Where is Hyeon-ju? - She's not answering!
Oh, my! What's she doing up there?
Hey! Isn't that your girl?
What do you mean?
Over there!
Wasn't she supposed to get Da-young?
Never mind She's pretty! Go Hyeon-ju!
- You look great! - Atta girl! Hyeon-ju!
What's she doing? She's nuts!
Get Da-young up! On cue!
- Out outta my way! - Hyeon-ju
Damn it...
Sit, sit down
Don't worry Darn! There must be another way!
She's gonna get a cold!
We need evidence
Just enough to proof that she's a two-faced liar!
Then she'll be destroyed!
- Hidden cameras? - I don't like dirty tricks
- Then tap her phone! - What are you saying? You're nuts!
We need to close in on her To find out about her
What do we do?
There's a way...
We can get real close...
- How are you? - How are you?
Heard a lot about you
Nice to meet you
- We're honored - You are so beautiful!
- You're prettier in real life - You look so beautiful
Were you OK after that incident?
I am That's why I'm here!
I'm glad to hear that Bye, then
Hold on a minute!
I'm talking to you woman to woman no
Anyway, I want
Don't trust this man here H... He's a total Casanova
- Really? - What?
That makes me like him even more Should we begin?
Should we get ready?
- What's with you? - What?
- What are you doing? - You wanted that commercial!
This wouldn't be happening if you didn't!
Please... Don't be that way...
Huh! I'm gonna ruin everything for you!
Come on, let's go!
We're cranking in! Calling all extras!
Here we go
Don't look scared
Keep your eyes open
And wave, OK?
Got it!
All we have to do is ride?
Fun, isn't it?
Hey, don't look too happy!
- I need to take a leak! - We're shooting now
Hold it in!
Now who rides these things the best?
Here! They're my friends!
- Here We're really good! - Up to here!
Really? Get up then!
- To the front! - Great!
There's a camera here Look happy, OK?
I'll do my best!
- Did you get what I said? - Don't worry We're the best!
Be happy!
Take 1!
Be happy!
Take 6!
Be strong!
Take 11!
Be healthy!
Take 15!
Take 16!
Cesco makes homes better
For your well-being, CESCO!
Tell her to keep her eyes open!
Hey, wait we'll change it right away
I told you to keep your eyes OPEN!
How many times
Is she going to back it all back, huh?
Open! Keep open, you hear!
Take 21!
Ready action!
Be happy Be strong... Be healthy!
Cut! You say it together, OK?
Got it!
- Got that? - Yes, sir!
Got that?
Take 22!
This is great!
Do I look weird?
Yeah well
Got it, okay!
Take 25!
Cesco makes homes better
Take 30!
Ha, ha ain't this great?
I kept my eyes closed
Is it over? I kept my eyes closed
I don't believe this!
- It was closed - One more time! Ready!
- No please. Please, no! - Only 30 more to go
- Let's go there straight - Wow!
- Action! - Please, no Help!
- Go, go, go! - This is great!
It's Da-young's treat
so enjoy yourselves
- Thank you - Thanks
May I take your order?
Oh, yes Uh
Give me the most expensive one here
The most expensive stuff and wine, too
French or herb sauce?
And dessert?
Ms Manager
Yes, ma'am?
- I'll have the same - Yes, ma'am
Meat and sauce?
Your call Let's see how good you are
Yes, ma'am We'll do our best...
Get up!
What do you mean roaches?
See the black spots here?
Roach droppings
There's a roach nearby
Someone dropped this
It's spilt caviar
Caviar, you say?
My apologies! It won't happen again
I'm sorry It wasn't like this before
That's OK Let's go somewhere else
- It's OK, right? - Yes
No, no Let's go to our place!
What are you doing?
Just 10 seconds OK?
Get dirty laundry!
Five seconds to go
- Hey, what are you trying to do? - Be quiet and you'll know
- Hey! It's a pigsty in here! - I know I cleaned it but
OK Now tell me
Unstoppable soldier
She'll leave when she sees this
Show her she doesn't belong with plebs!
Right! Better change my makeup too!
- Why so many bottles? - Sorry
I took so long!
My! Looks yummy!
What is this?
Make her laugh to death?
Hey It could
Back uptown! Back uptown!
- Can you drink? - A little
But around here, we drink a lot
- What do you like? - Just anything
- All right! Atomic bomb cocktail! - Got it!
Atomic bomb mix coming up!
- There you go! - Looks delicious
I'm not sure
So I should but not her? Is that it?
- Tastes great! - A toast to our new friend!
Here have a glass on me
Welcome to Suyu-ri princess Da-young!
And to the success of my movie!
Bottoms up!
Some friends you are!
Hey, girl!
- I don't wanna! - Drink up!
- Drink up! - To the last drop!
- Ah! - This is great!
All right, next!
I feel like cuttin' my throat
and kill myself
The worst is going to the toilet
sitting on a guys piss!
Put up the damn lid, will you!
I sprain my neck when someone calls me
- Man! - That lasts a whole day!
- Gi-cheol! - Yeah!
You know, for me
it's waking up from my sleep so fast, I get the hiccups!
Damn do I feel wretched then!
When I wipe my booger
and it stretches!
- Ugh nasty! - Ugh!
And someone sees you in the eye!
So embarrassing!
Now, its Da-young's turn
I go to the set early
and no one's there
- What? - That's so weak!
- Weak! Drink it! - That calls for a penalty drink
Wait One more chance!
Trying to pull food from my teeth
- and it digs into my gums! - Damn that's big trouble
I took it out at the dentist's
and he was so handsome!
And now we come to Hyeon-ju!
Go Hyeon-ju!
When my booger
won't stick to the desk
drinking soy sauce thinking it's cola!
When my boyfriend is on fire for another girl!
This is all right drink it up!
Get plastered!
Drink it! Drink! Drink!
Drink it! Drink! Drink!
Let's eat like there's no tomorrow, let's get wasted
Did you, why did you forget about me?
Waiting under the stars and rain
- What's that? Zap dance? - Hey!
- Da-young is up - next!
Da-young, princess, princess!
I started acting ever since I was young
so I have no friends
The thing is
I never went to
the supermarket alone
or even to a bookstore I never could
Not even to coffee shops
But today, I'm rid of these
I just want to be normal
Thank you for inviting me here
Give her a big hand!
On a cold, windy evening
I met with him alone
And alone must I leave
when this night is over
Streetlight after streetlight
turned off in the dark
Alone must I leave
at the end of night
Please, please Don't you cry
For love is sadder than you think
Please look at me
so you can smile
To the left, left
no, right, right Right
That's it OK!
How much do you love me?
- Do I have to answer that? - Yes I want to hear it
Know why I like the sea?
People change
and seasons change
but not the sea
- Well - That's exactly what I am to you
- But not the kind I want - It's not?
No You never say anything romantic!
- I'll just have to prove I am then! - Hey! Stop!
What are you doing?
Please, please Don't you cry
No, no
- The two of us alone - May I have one, too?
You smoke too?
Not as much as I used to
People don't care
about me if I smoke
but you have to be careful
not to ruin your image
For what? The smokes?
No For being a friend
Who said I was?
Guess not
It's cold Think it'll rain
- That's OK I'm fine - I know you're not
Said you've never been there...
What's so funny?
I like you a lot
You're pushing me away
but I like it
- Well you see, So-hoon is - Not again?
Never listen, do you?
Here, have some coffee
Why didn't you take mine away?
Is it because you
don't care about me?
I'm sure there's a reason for it
I'm sure it helps you
with job stress
But do try to stay off it
- I will I'll do as you say - Let's head in
Da-young is gone
I'm a bit woozy Need a little waking up
Woozy? From kissing her?
You liked it that much?
Much better than yours! Satisfied now?
That's it! We're through!
Look I'm dizzy
Need a little waking up
Can we stop
Stop what?
The commercial's over now
so stop hating Da-young for no reason
You were mean
You know how she felt?
What about me?
I'm your girl, you know
What I mean is
I wish you were someone with whom I can talk
about everything Why must you?
Stop it right there!
Why are you so nice to everyone but me?
Who do you want me to be?
I'm not as rich and famous as her
but everything besides!
- I said don't talk about Da-young! - You keep choosing!
How can't I?
I just want you to be yourself
to not just hang on to me
but stand
on your own
If you really want love, say it
when you truly feel confident!
What have you
done besides wait
for the last 7 years?
This is outrageous! You're so mean!
It's late I should go
I came to return this
I don't believe this!
Isn't he so shameless?
Bugs need love, too...
so they have arguments too...
Get a hold of yourself, dude!
I have a question I need to know the answer
Was what I did last night wrong?
Please answer me Was it?
Not you me
I'm sorry
I came here to see you
So don't apologize
Let go!
What is it?
I need to talk to you!
Let's hurry
Get her out now!
Let her go
A moment, you say?
You like So-hoon, right?
He has a fiancée
and she heard about you
She's devastated
and can't go to work
She wanted me to tell you
You had your fun
I beg you Let him go
Leave my sweetheart alone
We'll be just fine without you
Do you think that will
make you two happy?
- I think so Yeah - I don't
You don't believe in yourself How can you?
If you don't, you won't
get to keep him anyway
Happy birthday
dear Song-yi!
Happy birthday!
So, did you see her?
- What did she say? - What else? Said I was a loser
29 years old and
crying over
a boyfriend
Well that's kinda harsh!
So wise up, you losers!
You really think she thinks of you as friends?
Is that jealousy I see?
I, for one, am proud to have a friend like her!
- That's enough now - Leave her alone Look at her!
She's upset over
some tabloid article!
She'll do anything to get Da-young!
Look at you standing up
for her!
Just because of a bracelet
like a friggin traitor!
- Hey! - Hyeon-ju calm down
And you stop whining!
I've had it with your whining!
No wonder you
don't have a boyfriend!
The cat's out of the bag now!
We're all pests Let's admit it!
You're a wanna be director
and a reject!
You could never pass the test
but you think you're a big shot with a building!
You wake up every day
thinking it'll be different
but all we do is watch TV
reruns and goof off, Don't we?
We are roaches pests and vermin!
You're right
I'm pathetic
But I never thought you guys were pathetic
You guys are naive
gullible and suckers
but never pathetic
I know we're bumming off
but I never thought of it
as pathetic Not once...
Because we're friends, and
friends do that for each other
I know it's hard, but don't hurt your friends
If people get used to getting rejected all the time
they forget about what they
really want like them!
So, why are you hurting them?
Well, I guess they're not the only ones
What are you getting at?
Find what you really want
If a marriage proposal is all you want
then I won't give it to you
Believe in yourself!
So you heard that!
Now, you even think like her!
I was a zombie for 10 days
That got me fired
We have made sanitation
our top priority!
Thank you for coming back
Thank you
- Thank you - Thank you
The shoot went well
All thanks to you
So, how are you?
What happened to your hand?
I hurt it, using a hammer
A hammer? For killing pests?
No, no It's personal
- Help yourself - Thanks
I should go now I have an appointment
I'm going to Hawaii next month
I'll be there for a while
I got a house too, but not that big
How is Hyeon-ju doing?
- You look young - Thank you
But you're a bit old
Kim Hyeon-ju #745
- You're good at computers - Thank you I'll do my best
- Are you good with coffee, too? - Sir?
My name is Kim Hyeon-ju
I am Kim Hyeon-ju!
I am Kim Hyeon-ju!
Good bye
You don't have a suit
so we pitched in
Wanted to buy you something
We're too
damn poor
Friends again, girl!
I bet you've memorized
that movie by now
You think she's pretty?
Eun Da-young?
Of course!
Well, I kissed her
Oh, boy!
He's starting to hallucinate!
I'm going to Hawaii
I thought very hard so just listen
I love you
Wish I could say it better but that's how I feel
And I know you like me, too
That's all that we need
Will you come with me?
Hello I'll pass on the message
Mr. LEE, call for you on line 1!
Yes, Mr. LEE he's on the phone
- I said don't patch it through! - I'm sorry Hello?
- Stack the file for me, Ms Kim! - What about my forms?
- I'm getting to it now - Hurry up, will you?
I'm sorry
Do mine when you're done!
Why are you?
My computer's too old for the job
By the way, clean your desk
will you?
Get me coffee, Ms Kim!
How are you? Well, I'm fine
Clean up the garbage will you?
I think I sat on this beetle
Survival of the fittest and you won
When will you take me?
When you have faith in me
I wanted to see you
because I wanted to be clear about something
And what's that?
I love So-hoon
So I asked him
Please respect whatever
choice he makes
You don't have the right to say it
One of us will be hurt
by the choice he makes
And I'm ready to
accept his choice
I wish you could do the same
You have everything
Must you take
the only thing I have left?
He's the only thing for me right now
He's the only guy
for me, too
I've loved him
for 7 years
It was I who loved him
not you
So leave us alone, please
We've been together for so long
I really
truly love him
And I need you
I love him, too
Fine, if that's what you want!
But I won't let you have it your way!
I'll wait for him
on the day you leave
If he doesn't come I'll be gone... forever
I thought dad sent you
to me that day
Maybe that's why I hung on to you
You felt like dad
I didn't know what I believe in
yourself meant but now I do
Had I known it earlier you would've congratulated me
I met her today
She was a better person than I thought
Said she'd give up everything for you
I can't, but she says she can
So you choose
- Hyeon-ju - No, Don't say anything until then
I want to start over
I want no pity
I want to fight and win
The thing is
now I can do without you
So, don't feel burdened
I should go
- Jin-sil! Get over here! - Hey, what?
But I'm not looking my best!
- Stay together, you guys! - What's going on here?
All right
I'm Eun Da-young, and welcome
Thank you for coming despite the rain
Romance is about a high-class woman
So-hoon Who's gonna get the new poison?
Is it Ameoba, or Nana?
Yes, sir
I understand
I tried talking her out of it
but she insists I'm sorry
Goodbye, now
That was the director
He says why leave when
the movie's about to hit it big?
He hopes you'll stay until it opens
We're missing our chance
at a blockbuster Oh, boy!
Don't go, Hyeon-ju!
Even if he doesn't come
don't leave us!
- Where are you going? - The department store
Does So-hoon know
where it is?
Of course, It's their favorite place
- Got to go now - Want a ride?
Pray that I come back in one piece
Fasten your seat belts! Here we go!
It's getting late
Should we postpone?
I'm sorry I'm late
That's OK Shall we go?
Should we go?
Uh... Can I have a word with you?
How about moving the window?
It doesn't get enough sun
so you should
You'll get more sunshine that way
That way, you can
start your day off refreshed
Frankly, I don't like movies
It's too expensive
I watched one of your videos lately
You were so
Wish I'd seen it earlier
And I'll keep seeing you
on the screen
I'll see every one of
your movies from now on
That is how I will love you
You know you're prettiest
when you smile
Now I'll give that smile back to you
Did you ever hesitate
because of me? Even once?
No I was scared
of Hyeon-ju?
of losing her
When did you first know I liked you?
Never ride elevators alone again
I won't either
Bye now
May you smile always... - So-hoon
What's the use of waiting for him?
Why would So-hoon come back?
No, To love is to wait
like Hyeon-ju
Well, I could be her boyfriend
Any more of that and I'll kick you out!
Knew I should've brought an umbrella!
Hey! When did you get in?
- Wow kimchi stew! - What's that?
It's meat... Hey, this time, really
- I was gonna share - It's pork!
Beef! Thought you were out with Hyeon-ju!
Oh, no That's right!
Hey, hey!
Where's he off to now?
He's left his phone again!
Oh, no!
Why did you wait for me? You're all soaked
'Cuz I knew you were coming
Have dinner yet?
- Wow! So-hoon's a swell dude! - I knew he'd come!
- Let's go and watch! - Yeah Let's!
Hey! You better not do that!
What we should do now is leave!
She said it! Let's all get outta here!
- Is this really our place? - Yes, it is
Let's go in
This is my dad's
It's not done yet
but it gets a lot of sun and lots of running water
The walls are newly painted with new lights
new windows
our 7th anniversary
This may not be the palace you dreamed of
But, care to live with me here?
I... Is that a proposal?
Just asking you to be with me forever!
- The window fell down! - That's OK I'll get it back up
I think I sat on a bug
Don't worry about it Come here!
- Catch me if you can! - Wait for me!
Come over here!
- Mom! - Don't touch your diapers!
No! Go to daddy!
- Arrgh take that! - Huh? Why you?
Shoot! Shoot more!
Fine You asked for it! Yaaah!
Beautiful women may make men swoon
and other women tremble
But true love always
keeps the faith
I triumphed
over all obstacles
And I only have this to say today
I met, I loved I conquered!