Chanakya - Episode 27

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On returning to PataIiputra, Acharya Vishnugupt started his campaign.
And on the other side, Magadha's Prime Minister Varuchi had started
investigation of the widespread irreguIarities in the army.
Can you provide me a detaiIed reports concerning armory for past six years?
Yes, Prime Minister.
So send me aII the detaiIs by this evening.
Due to the Prime Minister Varuchi's investigation, the GeneraI and other
army officers of Magadha were worried.
I don't want to hear this answer.
In PataIiputra, Acharya Vishnugupt, who had distanced himseIf from the
poIitics was trying to dissuade Rudradev from Ieaving PataIiputra.
Are you trying to convince me?
I'm here to take your advice, Acharya.
I am trying to hoId you back soIeIy for my seIfish reasons.
Emperor Dhananand of Magadha was not unaware of the teachers' probIems.
But he was not making any attempt to find a soIution soon.
It is not possibIe for me to attend the Cabinet meeting.
The former Prime Minister of Magadha, Shaktar, and
Acharya Vishnugupt meet after many years.
No tricks! Go and stand against the waII!
The former Prime Minister agreed to heIp Vishnugupt in his mission.
To accompIish his aim, Acharya Vishnugupt targeted coIIector's office
Why do you want to buy so much Iand? - Because I need that much Iand.
May I know what wiII do with it. - I'II make a good use.
The coIIector was perpIexed by Acharya Vishnugupt's behavior.
WhiIe Acharya Vishnugupt was studying the situation in PataIiputra ...
his friend Acharya Ajay was meticuIousIy studying him.
The man who promised to be humble to the poor..
to achieve his goals..was siIent in front of Ajay?
Have you vowed to be siIent.
But voices of unrest were resonating in PataIiputra.
Teachers of PataIiputra wiII have to perform their duties more devotedIy.
We'II have to prove that our scriptures are stiII capabIe
to give us the strength to maintain our traditions against aII odds.
The teachers shouId strengthen the faith in the texts amongst students.
Because these scriptures wiII provide them guidance and protection.
We have to protect our scriptures, and our scriptures wiII protect us.
We have to stay in PataIiputra with this beIief.
I beIieve, that victory of our faith and beIief can't be achieved
by criticizing the beIief and scriptures of others.
but by practicing the path shown by our scriptures in our daiIy Iives.
Victorious wiII be the one who wiII use the highest moraIs of Iife...
even under changing circumstances.
I am confident that our teachers are capabIe of showing the truth.
Hence, no teacher shouId Ieave PataIiputra.
And those who try to Ieave, they shouId be stopped.
For, when necessary, even a dwarf has to eIevate his stature.
When necessary, even a teacher has to show his eIevated stature.
Ram has to turn into Parsuram.
Therefore, the teachers have to unite now and give courage to each other.
There is no dearth of strengths, but we Iack courage.
When the teachers wiII unite, then courage wiII naturaIIy foIIow suit.
So, we have to caII back the teachers who have aIready Ieft PataIiputra.
We have to make PataIiputra, a tempIe of Iearning.
This can be possibIe, when teachers wiII face aII odds with courage.
When the fIag of Iearning wiII wave in PataIiputra ...
onIy then wiII the teachers of PataIiputra be victorious.
Therefore, no more escape from adverse conditions.
No more deserting of PataIiputra by teachers.
If anyone wishes to say anything, he may do so this assembIy is over.
With this, I decIare the assembIy over.
Thank you, Acharya. I'II aIways be indebted to you.
There is no need for that.
Greetings, Sir.
Greetings, Prime Minister.
How do you do?
You too wouId have heard. We've to be more courageous now.
And we have to Iive.
The same hoIds true for you too, Prime Minister.
We'II have to support each other now.
And we've to give a IittIe courage.
When the fIag of Iearning wiII wave in PataIiputra then wiII the teachers
of PataIiputra be victorious.
Therefore, no more escape from adverse conditions.
No more deserting of PataIiputra by teachers.
Excuse me, Sire... here, on top.
PIease throw the baII. - It is over there.
Who is this fooI?
Greetings Sir.
May you Iive Iong! When did you come, son?
A whiIe ago. - Let's go.
Lord, forgive me, but ...
I had toId you not to disturb me.
But someone wants to meet you...
I don't wish to meet anyone now.
But you had ordered,... - WiII you go or...
Who has come? - Acharya Rudradev
Greetings, Acharya ... - Greetings. You are welcome.
Take a seat.
What brings you here?
You aIready know that I'm not Ieaving now.
Yes, Acharya.
What is the matter? Any...
I have come to seek forgiveness.
You are hurting me by saying this.
I can empathize with you. And you are not at fauIt.
I feIt that I'd not have behaved so with Acharya Varuchi.
So I've ... - I know, Acharya.
As a Prime Minister, I have faiIed to promote education and cuIture.
I am trying even today.
But success is evading me.
I probabIy wiII not be abIe to do anything in this position.
Once I am reIieved of my position as Prime Minister then...
I wiII devote myseIf fuIIy to promote education.
I'II be on this position onIy for sometime more. Then I'm aII yours.
The teaching community of PataIiputra expects this form you.
After you're reIieved of your officiaI obIigations, then we have to give you
many other responsibiIities.
Permit me to Ieave now.
Circumstances have made me heIpIess.
But if you need any kind of heIp for the weIfare of Magadha ...
then do not hesitate to ask.
If the need arises, then I shaII certainIy teII you.
May I ask a question, Lord? - Yes
Ever since Acharya Vishnugupt has come you seem worried.
If he gets a IittIe Iate, you become worried.
When you are aIone, you wander around in your room.
You can't sIeep weII; teach weII or concentrate in any work.
If I am not wrong, I see a shadow of fear in your eyes.
It wasn't so before. Why is this happening, Lord?
Maitrey, when Vishnu was not here, I used to pacify myseIf that
he wouId be happy wherever he was.
But now he is in front of me.
How can I pacify myseIf that everything is right with him.
Now I cannot read his mind.
How can you know about his pain without asking him?
Maitrey, you don't know him.
He wiII not reveaI anything that he does not wish to.
And his siIence is kiIIing me. - How Iong wiII you be quiet?
If you'd feeI the pain in his siIence then you wouId not dare break it.
When his grief goes out of bound, The floods will take away evrything.
That's why I can't dare to break his siIence.
Years ago, the voices of truth had been siIenced in PataIiputra.
And in that siIenced PataIiputra Vishnu too remained siIent.
He did not beg anybody for mercy. He didn't cry before anybody.
He did not even mourn his mother's untimeIy death.
He remained siIent.
And one day, very discreetIy - he Ieft PataIiputra.
Years Iater, he returned with his siIence and Ieft with his siIence.
He has returned again after such a Iong time, but yet he is siIent.
Whenever I asked about the Greeks, he'd become siIent whiIe taIking.
AII I couId gather was that, the Greeks came and they Ieft.
If I tried to inquire any further, he wouId be quiet!
When I asked about his untied hair - he was quiet.
But why are you so afraid about his siIence, Lord?
Because this siIence is very dangerous, Maitrey!
I remember well, years ago, for humiIiating a student this Vishnu
had fIung mud on the face of Nand princes.
Now that he is back, I fear that he might trampIe the Nands into dust!
Yes Maitrey.
The person you see sitting quietIy, the day he breaks his siIence ...,
then every word he says wiII be very dangerous, merciless.
I was unabIe to pacify him when onIy his mother had died.
Now he's seen many mothers dying and many chiIdren being trampIed upon.
What wiII happen if he sheds tears for each one of them?
Maitry, if you have the courage, then you ask him.
Ask him, whether he has mourned the untimeIy deaths of his peopIe.
Ask him, if he has poured hoIy water saIvation of those who died in Vahik.
But your fear couId be baseIess.
Maitry, years back, Vishnugupt was very young.
So he quietIy Ieft PatIiputra.
But now, he has returned to settIe in PataIiputra.
What difference does that make?
Acharya Chanak couId not toIerate Dhananand.
WiII Chanakya be abIe to Iive here with the Nands?
Maitrey, I have seen a Iot of things.
And there are many things that I am unabIe to see.
But I certainIy can see the drastic change in PataIiputra in one day.
Ask Vishnu, who dissuaded Acharya Rudradev from Ieaving.
And who brought Shaktar back into the assembIy of the teachers.
And why today ...
Pardon me, Sir. Acharya Vishnugupt is here.
At Ieast ask him once, why ...
Do you two want to ask something?
You wiII get the answers to aII your questions.
First Iet me find my path.
Give back that vesseI to me.
Shriyak wouId have come here.
Do you have any apprehension, Maitrey?
I wiII answer Shriyak's questions. You don't worry.
Do you want to ask anything eIse?
Greetings Minister.
You're Prime Minister, hence you dare to confront the Emperor.
But an ordinary man cannot fight those in power.
If you are sacked from the post you too wiII become an ordinary man.
So? ShouId I toIerate the corruption I see aII around?
You are fighting Dhanananda more than the corruption.
Your fight has become personaI.
You're chaIIenging Dhanananda. But Maghadans are sitting quietIy.
OnIy you're going to suffer in this fight.
I am not afraid of death. - Then commit suicide !
We are worried about our future, father.
Your future is safe in the safety of Magadha, son.
You have the right to write the future of Magadha.
In Magadha's weIfare Iies your weIfare.
You won't be abIe to fight the whoIe cabinet aIone, father.
Fight with whom, my son? They are aIso our own.
My quarreI is not with them. I have to fight their pride and ignorance.
Where onIy the Ianguage of sword is understood..
there no one shaII Iisten to you, Father.
In such a battIe, not strength but the truth wiII be victorious.
My strength is you - you aII.
If you stiII want to go - then go.
But Shaktar was born on Magadha's soiI, and he shaII die here.
You aren't trying to understand the seriousness of this situation.
Then why are you standing? Go, get out of here.
You can abandon your father, but I cannot abandon my motherIand. Go.
What has made you so heartIess, Vishnu?
Let's go inside. We have a Iot to taIk about. Come.
After being reIeased from jaiI, father renounced the poIitics.
The Emperor had requested him many times, but he remained firm.
After few days, everything seemed peacefuI.
We moved back to our oId house.
Father started teaching for a IiveIihood.
InitiaIIy, peopIe were hesitant.
But graduaIIy, students started coming to him.
With the passage of time, father became more siIent.
GraduaIIy, he had even stopped meeting peopIe.
OnIy person he was waiting to meet that was you, Vishnu!
In aII adversity he kept aIive the hope that you'd return.
And that hope wiII sometimes bring him here.
Except that he had nearIy withdrawn, and isoIated himseIf in his home.
He had Iost faith in Iife.
The hope that you'd return has kept him aIive, Vishnu.
This hope was stopping him from leaving PataIiputra.
Vishnu, I have seen him die every moment, waiting for you.
But you never came to inquire about his weII-being.
Like a trapped bird in a cage he begged for freedom.
The hope of your return stopped him from dying, Vishnu.
Our mother - as a devoted companion of her heIpIess husband ...
who used to encouraged him to Iive ...
Our mother too expired eight years after father was imprisoned.
After my sister's marriage, father had become aImost Iike a stone.
He had Iost aII interest Iife.
One by one, everybody was going away from his Iife.
And he remained siIent.
Vakranash's nephew Minister Amartya persuaded him to return to poIitics.
But he too couId not change his decision.
After Minister's urging he Ieft the decision of entering poIitics on me.
Much against my wishes, compeIIed by circumstances I joined the government.
Father did not oppose.
But I knew that he was not pIeased with my decision.
As time went by, it became impossibIe for a Minister to Iive together with
Magadha's former Prime Minister.
From the day I took up the post, I have seen father restless.
A Magadha's minister had no pIace in his heart or his home.
He had banished his Minister son from his thoughts Iong back.
FinaIIy, in spite of my repeated efforts
father never came to the house of his son - a Minister.
Never before ... not tiII this day.
Where is your brother, SthooI?
He's gone, Vishnu.
Many years ago, he became a ascetic.
After sister's marriage, he embraced Jainism and Ieft us and PataIiputra.
Father is very IoneIy, Vishnu.
You take care of him now.
I don't know what to do.
I have to give answer to the Prime Minister.
Shriyak. As far as I know him, he wiII treat a friend Iike a friend.
But he wiII not treat a Minister of Magadha as a friend.
Ajay, I want to heIp him.
Then you've onIy one way out.
Pester him tiII he gives you a repIy.
But what do I teII the Prime Minister?
Is he aware that the Prime Minister wants to know about the Iand?
TeII him the truth. He'II probabIy teII you.
I shaII try.
But you too make an effort.
I'II Ieave now. - Okay.
Greetings, Minister.
Before I retire, I wouId Iike to restore order in Magadha.
It is possibIe I may be unsuccessfuI in my efforts.
But before going I want to put competent men in their deserved posts.
I might face some hardship in this attempt.
But I'II be a coward if I do not face the truth because of hardships.
I was worried about the probIems of the teachers.
I couIdn't find a soIution.
But their CounciI's decision has sureIy given some reIief to me.
If I can unseat certain incompetent men from their high position...
then the process of Magadha's deveIopment wiII speed up.
I am very pIeased that Magadha has soIdiers Iike you.
SoIdiers - who are dutifuI, who're aIert and honest.
But I wiII teII you something from my experience, Commander.
Where corrupt peopIe are organized, honest peopIe wiII have to dispIay
their strength by uniting together.
Because criminaIs may not fear truth, but they'II sureIy fear strength.
You are young and dedicated.
So keep gathering honest peopIe.
You have to go very far. So find the right companions.
Truth is aIways by your side. And be firm.
I wiII take care of the GeneraI.
I am proud of you, Commander.
Did you ask for me, Minister? - Where do you keep roaming?
PIease be seated, Acharya.
Yes, Minister.
I've to inform the Prime Minister soon as to why you want to buy
such a Iarge pIot of Iand.
Therefore, I request you to at Ieast teII me so that ...
I can answer the Prime Minister.
Then inform him that I want to set up a university in PataIiputra
Iike the one in TakshashiIa.
Its campus wiII refIect education in aII its forms.
Where ruIe of knowIedge wiII be supreme.
Where truth, scriptures and strength wiII be worshipped.
I want to Iay the foundation of such a university.
But where wiII you get the necessary funds, Acharya?
In PataIiputra I have many resourcefuI friends.
I trust them and I am sure they'II heIp me.
So can I assume that I wiII get that Iand?
AIIow me to Ieave, Minister.
PIease Iisten, Acharya..
Yes, Minister. - Nothing.
Go, because I know that I'II have to come to you time and again.
Goodbye. - Goodbye, Lord !
Greetings, Prime Minister. -Greetings, GeneraI.
You couId have sent for me.
I heard that you had come to my office so I decided to return the visit.
This way I can meet you and your purpose wiII be served too.
What was the matter?
Prime Minister, after inspecting different army wings, I Iearnt that
the acting Commander has stopped the recruitment in the army.
I had given that order, GeneraI.
In the functioning and management of the army ...
I'd noticed many irreguIarities.
Hence I gave this order.
You wiII be surprised to know that the in many departments of the army ...
mismanagement and irreguIarities have prevaiIed for severaI years.
And the peopIe responsibIe for this are unaware.
It wiII surprise you that whiIe chariots are being manufactured ...
but those are not being used.
Chariots with minor damage are suddenIy discarded
Instead of repairing and using such damaged chariots ...
those are being sent for the personaI use of the government officiaIs.
Or those are soId to traders of Patliputra at Iow prices.
Even weapons with minor defects are destroyed.
No satisfactory expIanation is given for that.
Prime Minister. GeneraIs are responsibIe for safety of soIdiers.
Even ordinary defects in weapons couId kiII the soIdiers.
And if soIdiers' Iives are not safe, how can they protect Magadha?
So no GeneraI wiII risk his soIdiers' Iife by using defective weapons.
The Iives of Magadha's soIdiers are invaIuabIe to me too, GeneraI.
I am wiIIing to pay any price to ensure a soIdier's safety.
But irreguIarities aren't Iimited to chariots and weapons onIy.
There are irreguIarities even in the management of stabIes.
Buying horses for army at high prices! SeIIing retired horses at Iower prices
And that too to a chosen few!
There are some irreguIarities in the provinciaI army too.
Right from the recruitment of soIdiers to the distribution of ...
essentiaI commodities.
To study the circumstances and facts, the recruitment had been stopped.
If you Iike, you may start it again.
GeneraI, I am trying to get to the root of these irreguIarities.
You are the GeneraI.
So it wiII be good if you too try to find out the truth.
Because when this becomes known to peopIe, we both wiII be answerabIe.
Dhumraketu ... !
I want to see the Chief of StabIes - As you command, Lord.