My best gay friends {bộ ba đĩ thỏa} - S01E03

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I own this place, I go first.
Quick please, lady.
No pay, no ask. Ok?
Anyway, beauty like me should go first.
Are you done yet? Nhat?
Wait for a second.
Khoa, when you’re done, wash the dishes for me, ok dear?
Oh god, Nhat! I might die young because of a broken bladder!
What a shame.
Rje: I will do great today! Mong: I will have a job today! Khoa: I won’t be late for school today!
The bitchy Three
The apartment will be black out from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
You two should go somewhere until the electricity is back.
It’s ok for me to sleep here when it’s black out. Where I’m supposed to be from 6 to 9?
No can do. I keep the house key. You will be locked when I’m gone.
It’s all 2 sheets a day job. How can I handle that?
Is there any job with short hours and high paid for me?
What is going on here?
Sale off 50% to 70% today at this shop.
Everyone here has been waiting from the early morning. It will be opened soon.
Really? When?
Soon. Get yourself ready. It’s gonna be really crowded.
Ohhh, it’s now opened. Go, go quick, come with me!
No, I don’t want to buy anything…
Hey, Han. What’s wrong?
I’m picking up goods but the scooter got stopped. This is so frustrating.
Get on your scooter now, I will push you to the end of the road and my uncle will fix it for you. Then I will help you with picking up goods, too.
It’s alright. I can do this on my own.
But your day will be over by the time your scooter got fixed. Come on, let me help you.
Ok, that works for me anyway.
I’m so bad. I’ve used to the very last of my money.
But that’s not my fault.
It’s that pancake girl’s fault.
I’ve entered the shop anyway.
Too much good stuffs, it’s so not my fault!
This cup of coffee is my apology for what happened the last time we met.
Do you mind if I sit here?
I can’t believe we go to the same school.
What’s your name and what’s your major?
Minh Thanh, multimedia design.
My name is Khoa, I study business administrator.
Are you still mad at me? Seem like you’re not happy when you see me. I’m really sorry.
No, it’s not like that, I just don’t know what to say.
So let me start first. Are you freshman?
Oh, me too. Why we haven’t met before?
May be because of different majors. I study at the C building.
Oh, I see. I study at the A building.
Hold on tight, I’m a drift.
My uncle has your scooter fixed now. Get it when you’re done here.
You’re such a hugger.
You’re nasty!
What a coincident.
Still scared about the last time? Don’t worry. I get used to going by bus now. I won’t throw up on you again.
Hello? This is me.
I miss you too, sweetie. Miss you all day long!
You don’t believe me? How can I prove that to you?
I’m looking forward to see you tomorrow. So excited!
I know! Have a good lunch. Love you! Muah!
My online boyfriend just called me.
Tomorrow will be our first time seeing each other. I’m so nervous and excited!
Sorry that I’ve said a lot. But I’m really high at the moment.
Wish the best for you both!
Thank you!
It’s almost 6 and you guys still get your nails done?
I won’t response your call when it’s black out.
Calm down. You’re so loud.
Are you scheming something?
Nonsense. I just worry for you both.
I can smell something wrong here.
Oh god! Why you haven’t left yet? Be quick for me please.
It’s not dry yet.
You can’t use the elevator when it’s black out!
Hmmm, his attitude is really weird!
Hell no, I forgot my phone up stair.
You look familiar. You study at RMIT right?
How do you know?
You don’t recognize me? We bump into each other all the time.
Oh! You’re that guy!
I’m sorry! I don’t understand why I cause you so many accidents.
It’s ok. But you live here?
I rent a place with 2 other friends here. How about you?
I’m invited to my friend’s birthday party.
On the 6th floor too?
Come on in, the door is not locked.
Why you’re back?
I forgot my phone here so I come back to get it.
Just leave it alone. Why you have to get it?
Oh! BB Tran!!!
You live with Rje?
You’re so early! BB!
I’m afraid of traffic jam so I come here early.
Oh, so today is Rje’s birthday?
Oh, Rje didn’t tell you?
Oh… Rje told me but I didn’t remember
And oh… There’s a birthday party dinner!
I bet Rje saves this surprise for us!
Come in! Stop standing still at the door.
Happy birthday, dear friend!
Khoa, you told me that you have an important date tonight. Why you haven’t left yet? It’s getting late!
Oh… It’s raining. I have to cancel my date.
But it’s your birthday today. I must stay here for fun!
Come and have a sit. I will get some drink for you.
Thank you
So you’re going to leave now?
Why I have to leave?
I own this place. I have the right to ask you to leave.
Rje, I can’t believe the way you act.
You wrote in the leaflet that you won’t allow us to keep other boys in our place…
And now you want to hide that dirty little secret from us!
You think it’s ok to do that so?
Oh… Now I remember. He is the guy that you have photos all over your wall and you play dark magic stuff on him, right?
Shut up! If you tell anyone about this, I will let you taste my revenge!
Here’s your water!
What a coincident! We go to the same school and have the same friend, too.
I was surprised about that, too.
Open the door. Why you stand there?
I’m busy talking with him over here.
So what’s your major?
I study business administrator.
I just went out for a few minutes and it started raining so I have to get back. It’s not black out yet?
Oh, Nhat! Come on in! Rje birthday is today!
He the 3rd one at this house.
Just at the first sight, I feel like we have belonged to each other long ago...
I must look gorgeous, charming, attractive and sexy tonight!
Eat more, please!
Thank you.
What takes you so long? Join the dinner quick!
Have yourself!
You too!
You haven’t told us your name yet.
My name is Bao. You can call me BB Tran.
Oh, my name is Khoa, and this is Nhat.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, Rje, why you don’t invite your market lover, too?
Rje has a boyfriend in the market?
You don’t know about that? He has…
That happens all the time. Don’t be minded.
Ok, keep on with the dinner!
If you tell him that bullshit anymore, you will be regretted!
What are you going to do? I just tell the truth.
We go to the same school so we meet a lot. I just have too many things I want to tell him.
Alright, what’s your condition?
I don’t understand. I just want to chat with him. Long time no see so we have lots of thing to tell.
I forbid you from saying anything about that noodles deliverer in the market and also about my photos of BB Tran on the wall. Ok?
So Khoa told us that you go to the same school with Khoa?
Yes, that’s true.
How long have you known Rje? Why he hasn’t told us anything about you.
Umm, about 2 years. How about you?
Umm… I have known him for 5 years.
But I live oversea, I move back here recently just to change the atmosphere.
Oh. I see.
I thought you and Rje are in a relationship.
No, we’re just friends. I’m single at the moment.
That’s nice…
What did you say?
I mean… that’s ok.
Love is tough, right?
Uh huh.
What? You want another deal with me?
It’s simple. You let me take the last room, and you won’t force me to do too many house choirs like a housemaid again. Ok?
No way! It will be a lost for me to let you stay in the last room.
Hey BB…
Ok, ok! I agree. But you must promise me, you won’t tell anything about me for BB. Remember?
Your secrets are safe with me.
You haven’t done my laundry yet!
But we had a deal. You do yours and I do mine.
What? Are you kidding me? What deal? How dare you…?
Oh, BB’s number, where is it?
Let’s have a chit chat with him… Hmmm…
Ok, alright, you do your laundry and I do mine.
Hey, hey, you have BB’s number?
No, I don’t…
But why you ask?
Nothing. Don’t mind about that…