Bronze Tango - Open Reverse Turn Ballroom Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 15.03.2009

For the next step in the tango is called the open reverse turn.
Here’s how it looks like. Quick-quick-slow,
quick-quick-slow. Show that to you again,
quick-quick-slow, quick-quick-slow.
Reverse in dancing means turning left and so we are turning left in the step.
Now why is it called open? Because we don’t close the feet
until the very end, so if I do my step first to show to you
this is our direction of travel as we dance. So this is called our line of dance.
I’m starting the step by facing what we call the diagonal centre
and I’m going forward left foot turning left.
Step 1: forward left, turn left. Step 2: turn left, right foot side.
Step 3: left foot back behind right foot. Step 4: right foot back.
Step 5: turn left to step left foot side. And step 6: close right foot to left foot.
And when I close I always have my right foot slightly back of the left foot
not toe to toe like this and I’m now in facing what we call
the “diagonal to the wall.”
Lady’s step: she starts back in diagonal centre.
She starts with her right foot going back and starting to turn left, one.
Left foot side, two. Right foot forward
across in front of the left foot, three. Left foot forward, four.
Turn left, right foot side, five. And then close left foot to right foot
with the left foot slightly forward ahead of the right foot that would be six.
Can you do that again Wendy? And she goes,
starting with the right and back side forward,
forward, side, close turning left.
Together we have this.
We must stay on our on own side, left side and we must be fairly
close together. Fairly close means having light contact
between your right front and the lady’s right front
think of the clothes just barely brushing, that would be ideal.
Now if we maintain that, don’t change it you will find
on the third step the lady’s foot is outside the man,
don’t get panicky that is the way it fits it well.
Continue; four-five-six and end like this.
Classic mistakes for new students is to get panicky on that step and
try to do one or two things; reach out hitting each other in the leg,
don’t turn enough and now having trouble getting around.
Both mistakes are very awkward but very easy to correct.
Start turning on the first step and stay on your own side,
don’t worry about your partner. We’ll demonstrate using this weird
looking exercise but very effective. This keeps us to our own side;
one-two-three. We’re together but we are not
intruding into our partner’s space, four-five-six.
Hope you can see that – yea? The timing is quick-quick-slow,
quick-quick-slow. We put it together with the previous
group the open promenade and rock step. Something like this;
walk, link, open promenade, rock step, open reverse turn,
quick-quick-slow, quick-quick-slow.
We are going to dance it for you with music.