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[Osamu Tezuka's Works]
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"Lion Books"
-Wow, it's a big one. -I can't believe it.
The bear has come all the way here riding an iceberg.
She's hurt, though.
It's over for the mother bear.
It's a goodbye now with your mom...
You have to take care of yourself.
I'm hungry...
Drink all you can.
Your mother's dead.
No more milk will come out now.
Come on!
If you keep causing troubles, I will throw you back into the ocean!
All right, let's head to port!
There you go.
Here it is.
Yamataro Comes Back
Chu-chu, chu-chu, chu-chu...
Into the line,
I quit! Train is too old-fashioned. Trolley is the one.
Have you ever ridden a trolley at all?
Yes! I have when I went to Tokyo with my dad.
That's amazing!
Wanna look at my pictures?
Honk, honk!
All right!
Don't bother it!
Come on, stop only hiding under there.
You better show yourself to people.
It's cute.
Did you catch this bear from the mountain here?
The young one flowed in to the ocean.
I wonder whether he would eat sandwiches.
Miss Student,
don't feed him a strange thing. It will upset his stomach.
don't you think the colors of this baby bear's eyes and fur are bit strange?
Yeah, it is completely different from the bears I saw at the zoo.
I told you he was caught from the ocean.
It's called a "sea bear".
Sea bear?
He really likes eating fish.
Thank you.
See you again.
eat it.
You are a cat. Eat your fish.
Here, eat it.
Even a cat can get tired of eating leftover fish.
I'm very full.
Can you not hear what I'm saying?
Hey, that will ruin your stomach.
It's me.
Mister, you can talk?
I'm a model C62 steam engine.
I'm called C6.
I'm Yamataro.
That's a good name.
don't get swayed by that cat.
But if I don't listen to him, he scratches me.
Scratches you?
But I thought a bear is strong.
You wouldn't be able to survive in the mountains with such weakness.
I don't want to go into the mountains.
It's not possible...
You can, once you get free.
That's right. If you pull off that post, you are free.
I told you it's not possible.
It won't come off no matter how hard I try.
Even biting doesn't work.
You are a brown bear, right?
You must have some great strength. Try pushing.
Try pushing it...?
It's not possible.
That night,
Yamataro dreamt of his hometown he misses.
It was a dream in which he lived
happily with his father and mother in a forest.
Gosh, he's napping again?
He sleeps all the time.
You've got to earn for your life.
It won't work!
I keep pushing it, but it doesn't come off!
You have to keep it going.
Don't give up.
I don't have any strength.
Since I've eaten so much fish, I've become a cat.
What nonsense.
You are a full fledged brown bear.
Look, take a look at the post.
You see the white cracks in the concrete?
That means the post is almost off.
It will come off for sure.
Ouch, it won't come off,
since it's so hard like this.
All right,
then let's stop. You'll just grow up to be too big for that shop.
And they'll put you in a bear park.
Bear park?
It's where bears live in a small place to become people's entertainment until they die, without freedom.
You won't be able to escape.
And then, eventually...
There's no life more comfortable than this.
Three meals a day and lots of naps!
Don't you know that a weak one
like you will never be able to pull that out.
Stop it already.
Shut up!
It came off!
Mr. C62!
I pulled it off!
I'm free to go anywhere!
Good job.
Let's go to the mountains. Mister, let's go together.
Not yet.
You must not run away.
Put the post back in its place.
I don't want to do such thing!
If you run away now, the humans would find out and capture you.
A festival will take place soon.
On that day,
the humans will be tired the whole day.
During that day, I'll take you to the mountains. Wait until that day.
I have to?
It will soon be dawn. Go back and pretend nothing has happened.
Look, now you know it's not possible.
Why don't you jump on me? Come on!
If you make fun of me again, I won't stay still!
You shouldn't bully the weaker ones.
You should do that to the ones stronger than you.
No "buts"!
You should learn to be patient.
If the humans find out the pole came off,
all your effort until now becomes useless!
Try licking this.
It's sweet!
That's honey.
If you behave well,
I will get more of it for you.
All right!
Try eating a bee inside there, too. It's yummy.
Mr. C62, why are you so nice to me?
That is because
we are similar ones.
Similar ones?
That's right. I'm the biggest one among trains, C62 steam engine one.
And you are the mountain's biggest one, a brown bear.
Mr. C62, you are so kind.
I just happen to have some free time.
That is not right.
It's 300 yen, please.
What, you don't even know how to roar?
What does a bear's roar sound like?
I don't know!
Great voice
act of the baby bear!
Wow, it must be great. It's this much famous.
Nah, it's not that big of a deal.
You must like C62.
He doesn't get used to you, though.
Aren't you worried? You might lose him.
That might be a problem.
There's nothing to worry about.
If he gets famous like this, I could sell him to the bear park at a high price.
You don't seem to feel well.
Is it hard to be patient?
It's not that.
Don't lie to me. Your face tells me everything.
You have put up well until today.
Until today?
Finally, tomorrow's the festival day.
You should be able to break it by now!
Let's go!
Yamataro, don't fall.
This is great! We could go anywhere!
This can run the fastest in the world.
This is also the most powerful one in the world.
Good, we are here.
Why would you stop here? Let's run more!
No. From this point, you should go into the mountains by yourself.
Why don't we go together?
I have to go back to the town.
To the town?
With this, you are free for real.
Stop dragging! Hurry and get up!
All right? You are entering into the mountains where there's no human.
It's a good-bye present. Take it and eat some.
I like you, Mr. C62!
Let me stay with you!
I don't want to be alone!
Please let me stay with you!
Mr. C62! Mr. C62!
Since this day, Yamataro and Mr. C62
were not able to see each other for a long time.
How many more years would I have...
My friends have been dismantled,
and I will be dismantled soon, too.
I don't like it! I don't want to be dismantled like that!
There seems to be a bear appearance near Tani area.
Is that so?
It seems like a bear that ran away from the grocery store 5 years ago.
It must be dangerous if it climbs down the mountains.
It says it's hard for fishermen to chase it out.
How come?
Since its roaring sound is like a steam engine's sound, people seem to get fooled.
Yamataro! You were still around Tani area?
10 people have failed until now.
And he's too clever to be trapped.
How can we call him out and shoot him?
There's no way to call him out.
There is one way.
What is going on?
Why would I get started up?
Everything's still the same way!
I get to run for one more time!
Will it be able to run?
Yeah, if we fix it, there's no problem.
We can stop that brown bear with this.
The bear liked C62 so much that he even mimicked its sound.
When he comes down after hearing the sound, we will capture him.
That is the plan.
Hey engineman!
Keep blowing
that whistle, so that bear can hear it.
Yes, sir!
If this succeeds,
we will stop the destruction plan for C62.
"Steam Locomotive Helps Capture Bear"
What a great advertisement!
Right, maybe we can exhibit
all C62 trains in the museum.
What are they saying?
I am to be the bait for Yamataro?!
If this succeeds,
we will stop the destruction plan for C62.
Right, maybe we could
exhibit all C62 trains
in the museum.
I... I...
It's the Tani bridge!
I... I...
Dang it,
it was so close!
This junk!
This time for sure,
go and live where
there are no humans.
From that day on,
Yamataro was never seen again.
Yamataro was never seen again.
However, each early spring,
from time to time, there are people who say
that they heard a train running from a distance.
The End
Screenplay: Kimiharu Koguma
Art Director: Seiji Miyamoto
Music: Reijiro Koroku
Cosmos Studio
Cosmos Studio
Osamu Tezuka Production
Subtitles brought to you by The Lion Team @ Viki.com
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