Citroën DS5 vs Peugeot 508 SW (English Subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 27.01.2012

Imagine you are a ordinary family man (or woman) and you've just given quite a party...
In that case, you'll be happy to find a big, practical car in front of your house.
That might just be the reason the Peugeot 508 SW is so popular in our country.
So, need some help, Mr. Tameling? - If you can, please...
We didn't pack it very neatly, but it looks like everything fits very easily.
It sure does. But to be honest, it's very practical, but it doesn't excite me at all.
It's a neat car, but I can imagine that the head of the family is a bit fed-up with cars like this one.
I want something different, something a bit less normal, something exciting!
Something like that, there? Yeah, something like that!
So, the Citroen DS5. What a impressive looking machine, isn't it?
I agree. It looks big, and very funky. But cars like this DS5 make me wonder. It's big, but where is all the interior space?
That makes me think: will all those beer bottles even fit in this one? Let's try!
Which brings us to the first difficult part of this car: how does that bootlid open?
I know certain brands where doing this is enough...
Yeah, but not this one. No button, no handle.
You know how it works, Roland? You need the key!
Very useful! Anyway, once opened, you get a boot with a pretty high threshold
But apart from that, this space is not disappointing at all!
I think that, when you try your best, you get 11 of these crates in here.
One less than in the 508. That suits me just fine! Exactly.
So, Roland, that boot was not disappointing. But how does this DS5 score on the back seat?
It's not it's biggest plus. I'm a tall guy but I just barely fit behind you.
I fold my knees around the seat a bit and the space around my head is not very good.
And now, does this help? Haha, joker.
Just look at this, I'm getting a bit bald already but this certainly isn't helping. - Okay, I'll open it again.
But they have done a very nice job on this interior, just look at what surrounds you!
Yeah, this dash looks very good. These switches remind me of a Panamera, this clock is special.
The gauges look good, there is a head-up display, the roof is filled with switches.
It's not the most useable interior we've driven, right? No, it lacks some packing space, but it sure looks and feels special.
But what do you think about the way this car drives? I think the suspension is way too firm.
Absolutely, you don't expect that in a car this big.
I understand when a small car like a DS3 has a firm suspension, but it doesn't fit with a family car like this.
True. I'm surprised by the fact they don't make the hydrophneumatic suspension available for this car.
It would have been good if Citroen would have had that system as an option. Yeah!
It's too bad buyers can't get that on this car, because it would have fitted perfectly with the loungy character this car has.
So, Mr. Tameling, the 508. Yeah, this sits a lot better!
You know, the suspension on this car is better than the one on the DS5.
On bad roads, for example on the places where you drive onto a bridge, this car rides smoother and I like that better.
The DS5 is trying too hard to be a sporty car, which it's not.
This 508 is the more easy-going car of these two. Just look at the way I'm sitting here!
There's no need for me to fold my knees around your seat and my head has enough space as well.
And now? With the roofliner closed? Haha, like I said... No problem at all!
They did a nice one on this enourmous glass roof as well, hey? Yeah, that looks very nice with all this light coming in.
How do you like the rest of this interior? Well, to be honest: I'm not really getting aroused or anything...
There's not a lot wrong with this. It looks tidy, spacious. But it's the same layout as we've seen for sixty years almost.
But there really is nothing surprising in this one. No details that make you say 'Oh, nice!'
True, but how big a deal is that when you want a car to drive 50.000 kilometres with every year?
I can imagine you don't want a car with all kinds of 'funky' parts?
Ok, but even during a marriage of fourty years, it's nice to be surprised once in a while.
And this is a very lovely housewife that has a good meal prepared every evening...
...but never surprises you with fresh pineapple on your pancake. It you get my point.
For example. I get what you mean...
But when you'd have the choice, which one would you take? 508 or DS5?
That's no easy question. But I think Citroen has done a good job on this DS5, it's a very cool car.
And we finally have a car maker that does try something different, are we such old naggers that we want a sensible car like the 508?
I agree. The DS5 is a surprising practical car, it's not so much less practical than other cars in the D-segment.
And that's why I think we should reward Citroen for having guts and producing a edgy yet useful machine. So? DS5!