Wainy Days 15: Tough Guy - REMASTERED!

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 23.10.2009


-It's a beach, not a bitch, bitch.

-Sheesh, Mister.
Aren't you gonna do anything?
What's the point?
Violence never solves anything.
Plus, confrontation makes me urinate.
-No, it doesn't.
-Yes, it does.
-No, it doesn't.
-Yes, it does.
-My take is, sometimes you just gotta fight.
-But why?
Dr. King, Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Nelson Eddy,
the Dalai Lama, Mohammed, Ralph Abernathy.
I mean, these are examples of inspiring people who didn't
believe in violence.
-Bet you don't believe in the death penalty either.
-Yes, it's cruel.
And a life sentence in jail costs more.
-So rapists and murderers deserve three hot meals a day?
-Oh my god, you know what?
I disagree with you so much, but your
passion is killing me.
I don't know whether to rip your head off or
make love to you.
-(WHISPERING) Guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
-(WHISPERING) But mommies are people, people with children.
Busy with children--
-Man's natural state is violence.
We have to rise above our baser extincts.
We're intelligent beings, for god's sake.
-You want higher beings, go toke a doob.
My name's Cheryl, by the way.
-I'm David.
-And furthermore, perhaps you've heard of a little event
called 9/11.
What the world needs now is tough
guys, not hippy peaceniks.
-Well, excuse me for being old-fashioned, but I believe
in love, not war.
-I believe in the power of peace.
-Oh, god.
-Nonviolent protest.
-We should have used sanctions in Iraq.
-What's the matter, baby?
Help me smoke this lid of grass.
It's really good.

-What about John Lennon?
Harriet Tubman?
Rosa Parks?
Those guys don't work here.
-I know they don't work here.
They're famous historical figures who've advocated--
Those yard guys.
Those poor-looking immigrant types over there.
I've never seen them here before.
-I'm sure they're fine.
I mean--
ORTEZ (OFFSCREEN, IN LATIN ACCENT): I don't mind getting
my hands dirty for the right price.
My name is Ortez.
The boss.
And my employees and I are here to make sure your bush
gets well trimmed.
-It's time to fertilize the flower bed so the nitrates can
be absorbed.

-Guess it's time to gas up my penis to mow into your mouth.

WOMAN (OFFSCREEN): Who wants treats, kids?
Ice cream for you.
Cookies for you.
And for my son David, you get some ketchup
because you're a sissy.

-Ah, me ear-o.

-What about this, huh?

BIG JOCK (OFFSCREEN): It's a beach, not a bitch, bitch.