Isn't it Time to Be An Investor Again? (Australia)

Uploaded by blackrock on 02.10.2012

These are uncertain times.
What’s going to happen in Europe?
What’s going to happen to my retirement?
What’s going to happen next?
Around the world, millions have simply stepped away from the market. Taken a time out.
There’s too much volatility.
And too few returns.
My yields have never been this low.
I’m sitting in cash, but at least it seems safe.
Yet life goes on. The future can’t be put on hold. And your financial needs will only
grow, even as they grow closer.
He’ll head to college soon.
She’ll walk down the aisle one day.
My retirement will last another 20 years.
The truth is: cash alone may not get you to your goals.
So even as you seek to preserve what you have today, you must also build what you’ll need
And you can’t wait till tomorrow to begin.
So what do I do with my money?
So what do I do with my money?
So what do I do with my money?
It’s time to look past the headlines. To focus on tomorrow, and find a new course of
It’s time to say goodbye to the old ways of investing. And welcome a new world of investing.
Because times like these require a different sort of portfolio – a portfolio built around
My goals.
My concerns.
A portfolio with a broader mix of investments.
Investments here at home.
And abroad.
With new sources of income.
With the right amount of cash for me.
A portfolio that is more dynamic, more diverse. With active funds and index funds.
A portfolio built for these times.
A portfolio built on the best of BlackRock. Because BlackRock was built for these times.
In the midst of complexity, we uncover new avenues of opportunity.
We provide answers to help take the uncertainty out of uncertainty.
We stand by you. We never trade against you. We work only for you, period.
It’s why we’ve been called in by some ofthe world’s biggest governments, corporations
and pension funds time and again - to help manage their biggest financial challenges.
And we can put those same capabilities to work for you.
The new world of investing has brought uncertainty. But for those who know where to look, it also
brings opportunity.
So it’s time to rethink.
It’s time to reassess.
It’s time to rebuild.
It’s time to be an investor again.