NEVER SEEN BLOOPERS - Sarah Palin book commercial on memory loss

Uploaded by KWBookClub on 25.09.2010

Sarah Palin: I'm doing a book commercial
to promote this very important book
It's about memory loss
and it's called ... a hundred things to sample
is that right? No!
It's one hundred simple ways
one hundred simple things
that you can do to prevent Alzheimer's
and other age refudiated
One more time please
One hundred simple things that you can
Gosh darn it, this is the best book on memory loss that you are ever going to read
and it is called 100 simple things
you America
America's not in the title, hold on
I got it
I got it
I got it
Take 22
You know I actually did commercials and things before I went into politics, it's true.
the books upside down
i'm sorry,
isn't that silly
It's such a long title to begin with anyway
I mean, you know
well it is, it really is
I read, I read
What? I read
Katie Couric, I don't know what the heck
Stimulate our economy and you brain
with this book
and I think that your going to be very stimulated
and very happy that you did that
so god bless America
A Hundred Simple Things you can do to Prevent
Alzheimer's and Age Related Memory Loss
Oh, Jean Carper
By Jean Carper
Best Selling Author
Published by Little Brown and Company
Get it in bookstores and online today
Get it