YouTube Captions

Uploaded by YouTubeHelp on 08.11.2012

Would you like your YouTube videos to reach a larger audience? Adding captions has never
been easier! In Google Docs or in any text editor, type the text of what was said in
your video. Once you’re finished, save it as a plain text file.
To give you an idea of the formatting of a transcript file, here’s what the transcript
file of this video looks like. Additional captioning options can be found in the YouTube
Help Center.
To get started visit your Video Manager page, click the drop-down button next to “Edit”
and select “Captions”.
Click the “Upload caption file or transcript” button.
Now select the file with the caption text. Make sure to select the “Transcript file”
option before going forward.
You can also select the language of your transcript file. Once you’re ready, click “Upload”.
After processing, you’ll see your transcript file as an active track. That’s all there
is! Your YouTube video will now have captions!