Israel Betrays America into War with Iran

Uploaded by drdduke on 14.02.2012

There has been another terrorist bombing attack against Iran. An Iranian academic and some
innocent bystanders were blown up with a magnetically placed car bomb on the streets of Tehran.
One thing is sure, it was Israel or Zionist-financed and controlled America puppets behind the terrorism.
I wouldn't even put it past Israel to plant evidence trying to make Iranians think it was America.
--trying to elicit an Iranian military response.
But make no mistake,it was terrorism. Imagine if Iran had bombed an American scientist on American
streets. Imagine if an Israeli scientist was bombed on a street in Tel Aviv. You would
hear no end of the evil terrorist state of Iran. But how did our Zionist-influenced Globalist
media report the terrorist attack. Perhaps the most influential newspaper in the world
is the NY Times. It is owned by Zionists and run by Zionists. How did the NY Times report
it? Here is the actual headline. -- Iran reports killing of Nuclear Scientist in 'Terrorist'
blast -- Note how they manipulate us even in the headlines. The word terrorist is in
quotation marks! Would the media put terrorist in quotation marks if Iran had blown up some
Americans on our streets? Here's the Washington Post Story. Not one time did the Post use
the term terrorist or terrorism to describe the bombing and murder. It is almost certain
that the Israeli Mossad was behind this bloody terrorist attack. You see, Iran doesn't commit
terrorist attacks, but Israel does, Israel blows up and assassinates its enemies all
over the world. Iran has not stolen anybody else's land and homes and farms, or ethnically
cleansed hundreds of thousands of people, tortured hundreds of thousands of people in
Palestine and Lebanon, or invaded other people's nations like Israel did in Lebanon and killed
tens of thousands of Christians and Muslims. The Iranian airforce doesn't drop White phosphorus
on apartment building and homes and burn and kill and maim thousands of women and children
in their beds as they slept, as they did in Gaza where half of the murdered one thousand
two hundred civilians were women and children. And Israel has even committed terrorist attacks
against America, its biggest benefactor. In the 1950's Israeli Mossad agents actually
blew up American libraries, movie theaters and shops trying blame Egypt and get America
into a war with Egypt. Not one in a hundred Americans know about the Israeli terrorism,
but it is fact. The Zionist agents were caught red handed and the Israeli Military Chief,
Pinhas Lavon had to resign because the mission failed. If Iran had ever launched terrorist
attacks on America it would be repeated every day as proof of Iran's evil and need for war.
Israel's Lavon terrorism would have caused the death of innocent Egyptians and thousands
of Americans. But, you probably don't even know about it. Ask yourself why you have never
heard of the Lavon Affair, unless of course, you have already heard about it from me. In
1967 Israel with unmarked planes attacked the clearly marked and flagged USS Liberty
intelligence ship in International Waters off Israel, they tried to sink the ship and
kill every American, they even machine gunned the life rafts. Again they wanted to blame
Egypt and get us into another catastrophic war. America's Secretary of State, Dean Rusk,
said it was clear that this was a deliberate, purposeful act against the United States by
Israel, a terrorist surprise attack that killed 34 Americans and maimed and burned 174. How
could any truly patriotic and loyal American support Israel after such a vicious attack?
And you probably don't even know about the Israeli fingerprints all over the nine eleven
attacks. Forget for a moment about all the other suspicious aspects of the attack and
there are plenty of them, just consider the indisputable fact that Israeli Mossad agents
tapped the phones and shadowed the alleged hijackers for months before nine-eleven. The
Israeli team even lived on the same street as alleged attack leader Mohammed Atta. Here
is clip from Brit Hume. "Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that
there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the United States, who
may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11 "Since September 11, more
than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained either under the new Patriot anti- terrorism
law or for immigration violations A handful of active Israeli military were among those
detained according to investigators who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph
questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States.
"Investigators suspect the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in
advance and not shared it. The highly placed par investigator said there are quote, "Tie
ins Evidence linking the Israelis to 9-11 is classified. "I cannot tell you about evidence
that has been gathered it's classified information "Numerous classified documents obtained by
Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11, as many as 140 other Israelis had been
detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by
in the U.S "What about this question of advance knowledge of what was going to happen on 9-11.
How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have known something Well it is
very explosive information obviously and there is a great deal of evidence they say that
they have collected A bigger question they say is 'how could they [the Israelis] not
have known? Almost a direct quote, Brit." The evidence is that at the very least, Israel
knew about the planned attacks and then diabolically didn't warn America. And of course, the attacks
ultimately led America to use its money and the blood of its young men to fulfill the
Zionist Agenda against its biggest enemy at the time, Iraq. Many Americans cannot comprehend
how Israel would do such evil thing as purposefully letting thousands of innocent Americans die
for Israel's agenda? But the record is clear. And now, just as in the days before the Iraq
War, the Zionists are once again driving us to war. Sometimes a bit of truth ekes out
in the mainstream media, here is a clip from Chris Mathews with a an intelligence official
who reveals that Israel is committing terrorist acts to manipulate America into war against
Iran. There's an amazing spy story taking place in Iran. Yesterday an Iranian nuclear
scientist was assassinated in the streets of Tehran. It is likely part of a wider covert
war going on against the Iranian nuclear program. Look at what's happened just in the past few
years. At least five scientists have been targeted in similar attacks. One of the scientists
survived. The others were killed. A number of mysterious explosions have been reported
at sites thought to be military complexes. One of the attacks killed a top missile expert.
No country has taken responsibility for any of these attacks on the Iranian nuclear program,
but Iran has accused the United States and Israel. So What's going on here. Robert Baer
is a former CIA officer in the Middle East. He's now an intelligence columnist for Time
Magazine. Generally, what's going on? Do these attacks have pattern, does it have the fingerprints
of the Mossad, the Israeli agency. Baer: It's undoubtedly the Israelis, it couldn't be anybody
else, just look at the targets. The Israelis, as far as I can see, are trying to provoke
the Iranians into doing something. It's almost as the intention is to get the Iranians to
fire a missile at an oil tanker in the straits of Hormuz which would cause a wider war. It
would force the United St...... [Matthews] Why would that help us? [Baer] It wouldn't
help us it would help them because the Israelis would force us into hitting the Iranians,
hitting back, and that's exactly what they want [Matthews] Oh, you think it's Israel
trying to get us into this thing. Let's go to NBC's chief correspondent Richard Engel.
Richard, you had a report on the nightly news last night. Give us the gist of it, where
are we at on this thing? [Engel] If you want to hit Iran and need a context to do that,
you need a pretext to do that, the way to do that is by forcing Iran into a corner and
forcing your adversary to make some sort of aggressive move and then everyone will think
you are correct when you respond with force. [Matthews] How can the United States not see
this as adversarial by Israel to try to hook us into a war Richard. If that's the case,
if Bob Baer is right in saying that this an attempt, a three way move to try to get us
in by getting the Iranians mad at us by the actions they take in terms of these assassinations.
If that is seen to manipulate us into a war we don't want to get into, how can we not
see that from an ally certainly, as hostile. Chris Matthews is obviously shocked by all
this but he does not dare condemn Israel for trying to create a war which would cost the
lives of thousands of Americans and Iranians and trillions of dollars cost to America and
the World. Of course Iran's nuclear program for electricity is perfectly legal. Iran has
signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. It has allowed complete inspections. Who is
the real nuclear rogue state? Israel has not signed the non-proliferation treaty, it has
not allowed inspections. It has huge stockpiles of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.
And Israeli officials have even threatened to use its nuclear weapons! Even the top 17
intelligence agencies of America, the National Intelligence Estimate, declared last year
that there is no evidence that Iran is trying to build nukes. An American commission though
has found that Israel in defiance of America has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons. Iran
naturally wants to produce its own fuel to make its electricity. It knows that if the
Zionist-influenced powers can control the nuclear fuel for their reactors that Iran
can be blackmailed to do whatever the Zionist's want. That's the real reason for the push
to war against Iran, it is simply because Iran, more than any other nation on earth
stands up to Zionist Israel, and the Zionist Globalist power and their crimes. It is the
same reason why they drove us to war against Iraq, because Saddam dared to support the
Palestinians. They called Saddam Hitler, and now they call Ahmadinejad Hitler, And the
truth is that if Santa Klaus wanted to help the Palestinians they' call him Hitler too!
The truth is that Israel is the real terrorist state. And Israel gets away with all this
evil. Why, because the same supremacist tribe that runs Israel, dominates the American and
globalist media like the NY Times and Washington Post, because they control the Federal Reserve,
the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the biggest International predatory
banks in the world such as Goldman Sachs, and because they have bribed and infiltrated
and unduly influenced scores of politicians and bureaucrats around the world. Even though
Iran has suffered from repeated terrorist attacks from both the CIA and Israel over
the years, it has been very restrained. Imagine if Iran made terrorist attacks in America
like the bombing in Tehran recently, America would have already bombed them in retaliation.
Israel's terrorism against Tehran is not only an international crime against that country,
it is crime against America as it is trying to provoke an Iranian response against America
and a war that would be devastating to Iran and the world. Iran understands that Israel
exists because of their control over American foreign policy. They understand the responsibility
in regard to Israel over America. A war with Iran would be devastating to Iran, America
and the entire world. And these insane Zionists extremists in their blood lust can't even
see how it will also be devastating to their Jewish people as well. The real rogue state,
the real enemy of peace, it is not Iran, it is Israel. We need sanctions not against Iran
but against Israel. The Zionist fifth column has infiltrated our government, our media
and now controls the finances of the United States and Europe. They want to control the
finances of Iran too. The US at the behest of its Zionist masters just launched sanctions
to destroy Iran's central bank and impoverish millions of people in that nation. You see
Zionist Globalism is the great danger to us and to all humanity. The Zionists admit that
the Iranian government uses the sale of its oil money to help feed its people. So they've
admitted that they want to purposefully starve millions of innocent people in support of
Zionism. Zionism is just as much a danger to Americans or Britons or Frenchmen, as it
is to the people of Iran. But, I believe you can recognize the truth when you finally hear
it. If you and all of us spread this truth and this video, we can avoid a horrific war
that would cast the world into hell. I am doing all I can. But now it is really up to
you. What will do? If you have children, how can you could look into their eyes without
doing everything you can to stop this insane, Zionist War that will so harm them and their
future. Together we can stop this crazy war before it begins, but we've got to do something