[2008.10.25][Eng Sub] Kim Jong Kook Entertainment Relay

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[Guerrilla Date. The suave man is back. KIM JONG KOOK] KSM: …back. We can now meet him whenever. Arent you glad?”
”The special guerrilla date with Kim Jong kook. Is now!”
May 2008 is when he got out, now hes back with his new album
I am back from my military services with a healthy body and mind. I will try my best to show my self in a good manner and good songs.
It was yesterday that he was on YLL for his comeback
What I am thankful is that your first show was YLL then the second show your recording is entertainment relay
Yes well I heard that you guys were showing many clips of me during my time away, and of course, this is a very popular show.
It was raining a lot that day
Are you guys happy?
How is it?
Wow. He is good. Its a very hard song to sing.
I will let you hug him!
He was very happy
*look at the hand! Arrow*
Why are you doing that with your hands?
Shes just trying to get the rhythm right.
You can hug him
What year were you born?
How do you feel that a girl born in 1997 can sing your song so perfectly?
Ahaha. I debuted in 1995.
Its really cool that they know my songs. They were born at a time when its not normal that they know my songs, but they are singing it so I am so happy. I cant explain.
Your new rivals should be Big Bang.
AHA! You shouldnt say stuff like that.
They are the new trend… right after I left, they became popular. And plus, girl groups got popular too. When I was in the industry, there werent many. The girl groups from the ‘90s have all grown up and found their place in the industry but… I actually had a recording with Wondergirls, and when I got to see them I thought to myself that they are just really young juniors in the industry.
But you guys are at an age where you guys can go out.
If that happens, its going to be on the news!
Huh? You know why. It’s a crime! Do you know our age difference? It cant happen, it will be very bad.
If they invited you to sing with them, what would you say?
Oh that, I would welcome that any time.
Are you happy?
Hes so good looking
What do you wanna say?
Say something.
I love you~
He handed out signed CDs. Isnt that cool?!
Your picture is amazing.
I didnt retouch anything, just the skin
What is your title song?
More today than yesterday
Like live better than how you did yesterday?
Like I will love you more than I did yesterday. Ahah
I have heard so many times that woman want a boyfriend with your kind of eyes.
Its because the world has become a better place.
A long time ago, my boss always told me to wear sunglasses. And those kind of comments are supposed to hurt your feelings, but accepted it long before that about my small eyes.
Kim Jae Dong... his eyes arent a problem. You just have to be thankful.
You are always in the same category as Kim Jae Dong.
Aha, I am actually supposed to be in the same category as Rain.
What do you think about marriage?
I have to get married. Its necessary but its getting delayed for me.
Among your friends, Cha Tae Hyun is the one that went all the way
He has a baby and got married.
Dont your parents always urge you to get married quickly?
My older brother got married, and then they got a baby so my parents got a grandson and they are so happy. So it sort of makes me want to get married quicker. But my parents arent the type of people to hurry me into marriage. But when I see my nephew and my parents and see how happy they are, I want to get marred quickly. I sometimes just joke around and tell them little things like “I should get a baby somehow…” but of course, its a joke
You’re really confident on winning a girl's heart, right?
I really dont have the skills for it. I am too shy.
But you have so many girl fans out there.
Even with that, whenever I am with a girl I cant talk
I found that odd
For me, it seriously got alot better than before.
Among your friends, who is the best at talking to a girl?
Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Kyung Min, they’re both good. Even Kim Jae Dong can do it.
Make a little greeting/advertisement to the people in charge to shows so you can be on TV a lot.
I am back.
You probably couldnt here me sing for a while but I’m back now with a great new song. So please look at me with love.
His new start We are with him A good song that stays with the heart. Thats him