Addie, Day 1: Preschool Orientation and Mobility training

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Tyler: Addie, use that cane. Move it back and forth. There you go.
Tyler: Now put the cane in front of you like you just had it.
Tyler: C'mon Miss Addie. There you go. Use that cane. Good.
Addie: A ball?
Tyler: Yup, we're gonna get a ball.
Addie: A beach ball?
Tyler: Yea, a beach ball.
Tyler: Can you come this way? Use that cane. Back and forth, back and forth.
Tyler: Can you move the cane to your left and to your right? There you go.
Tyler: You're doing great, Addie.
Tyler: All right. I'm very impressed.
Tyler: Now when we come into here, you're going to notice...See how it feels different?
Tyler: That's because we're on carpet now.
Tyler: You want to keep moving that cane back and forth. Good, sweeping the area.
Tyler: Keep coming towards me. All right. Good girl.
Addie: A ball?
Tyler: Yup, if you come this way.
Addie: Okay.
Tyler: Taking you back to the elevator. This way.
Addie: I'm going to get a ball?
Tyler: It's gonna be this way. You've just got to use the cane in front of you.
Addie: I'm going to get a ball?
Tyler: Yes, we're going to get a ball. First we have to get to the elevator.
Addie: We're going to get a ball?
Tyler: Yes. You're going to get a ball. You're going to get 2 balls today.
Addie: Two beach balls?
Tyler: Two beach balls.
Addie: Two beach balls?
Tyler: If you use that cane right you're going to do just fine.
Tyler: Come on to the elevator. All right, you're doing awesome.
Tyler: We're going to the first floor. We're goin to get you 2 because you're doing so well.
Tyler: Can you feel how it's going down, Miss Addie?
Addie: Yes
Tyler: Okay, let;s go this way.
Tyler: You're doing good. Cane back and forth.
Addie: Going back to the carpet?
Tyler: Yes. We're going back in.
Tyler Getting a little dizzy?
Addie: Yes
Tyler: Just rest for a second.
Tyler: Okay? All right.
Tyler: Use that cane in front of you. Now we're going...
Addie: We're going on the carpet?
Tyler: Yes, we're going on the carpet.
Tyler: All right, let's go back in with the class.
Tyler: I got the door, hold on. Addie, scoot back. You've got to go around it, to your right.
Tyler: There you go. Pull the door. Good girl. All right, let's go inside and find those balls.
Addie: We're gonna find the ball?
ECDC Children: [Singing]