Obama's Space War from the Freeman Perspective - Pt. 5/7

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which was the message of God, the spirit of God that surrounded the Ark of the Covenant.
So when we went in and stormed Baghdad
and they called it "Shock ‘n Awe" campaign,
that was the play on the word Shakina.
Because the Freemasons know all about the Shakina, it's part of their ritual.
And the Shakina, the "Shock and Awe" came down and struck Saddam Hussein
who is claiming to be Nebuchadnezzer reincarnated.
If you saw that headline that had said:
"CIA cannot disproof Saddam's claims to be Nebuchadnezzer reincarnated."
All in the newspaper, everything I say is in the newspaper.
And he is rebuilding Nebuchadnezzer's palace with masonry, with his named all over it saying
that he is Nebuchadnezzer reincarnated.
The "Shock and Awe" is the same as the "Shakina"...
The "Shock and Awe" comes down and strikes Nebuchadnezzer, Saddam Hussein,
using the mother of all bombs that they have just created, this new ultimate weapon that is just below a nuke.
And it just happens that they called the "Mother Of All Bombs" the "MOAB" in military acronyms.
The Moabites were the ones who took out Nebuchadnezzer.
So you got Saddam Hussein, you got "Shock and Awe" coming in taking out Nebuchadnezzer using the "MOABs".
It happen to begin on the vernal equinox and end on Walpurgis Night.
Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Dunham...
The name Barack Obama... he is.. We are looking a serious name game going on.
Because we're looking at Barack Hussein Obama.
OK, Barack is in charge of Israel and Hussein the Muslim world,
so we've got this flipped bi-polarity going on, that been detecting this going out through the whole election.
We had man against woman,
we had him, who is black and white,
we have Barack Hussein.
And then he invites Israel, Rahm Emanuel, to be in his administration.
So we have all this plays on his name...
Barack means "blessed" in Swahili Arabic,
but in Hebrew Barack means "Lightning".
So if you would read the Bible it would say:
"And Satan fell like barack"
If you read the line that says: "And Satan fell like lightning".
The original Hebrew word is "barack".
So it would say: "And he fell like barack".
But another story is that Mohammed's horse,
that he is returned on the pale horse, is also named "Barack".
There is bit of a name game going on with that
and the pale horse might be "Barack", thats the name of Mohammed's horse.
And in this dichotomy this man Albert Pike,
who's standing right next to George Washington on this temple
is a war criminal, who is repeated to have started the Ku Klux Klan
and is pretty a evil magician.
And he is the one who outlined and written all of the rituals for the Scottish Rite Freemasonry,
these degrees that go up above three were written by this man Albert Pike.
He wrote a letter to an other Freemason, known as Mazzini,
who is embed in mafia ***. who is the M in Mafia. ***
and he told him how they going to establish World War III.
And he also outlined World War I and World War II.
But you'll going to see, that he was saying:
"We have to get these polarities going.
So first thing we got to do, is get the Moslems and Zionists fighting."
That's going on, we got the Zionists and Moslems...
And so what they are saying:
"We got to get the Christians and the atheists fighting each other, to kill each other off."
And he goes on to state that:
"Without knowing where to render its adoration,
the people will receive the true light through the universal manifestation
of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view."
So this is truly their religion, is the religion of Lucifer,
is the religion of manipulating life, is the religion of being in charge, in power,
all of thing that I've giving you as example, the 9/11, the use of the dollar...
All of these things take away the divine Power in life.
And I'm hoping to re-establish the divine bright.
Because what I have discovered and what happened was:
As Obama was inaugurated, they had the first gay episcopal Cardinal
Gene Robinson give his prayer at the "One World Conference" and the day before the inauguration.
And he opened his prayer to the "god of many understandings".
Because nobody was allowed to use the name of Jesus in Baracks campaign,
because the atheist were suing him.
So they were, they're fomenting war on every battle that they can.
They're planting gardens at the White House, where establishing the "House Resolution 875" say:
"You can not have an organic garden!"
They're trying to piss you off...
They are making you broken, poor, while they throwing millions dollars parties at the White House...
Obama made 600 million $ on his campaign at book sales.
And then he gave 25 DVDs to Gordon Brown as a present...
They're trying to piss people off, that’s their whole goal,
that’s what the Obama is here to do, is to make you fight against each other.
The other prayers that they had, the next one was to the "god of many understandings",
and then the "lord of all nations" by Rick Warren.
And he been ended that with Amen, and we get to why he was worshiping Amen. (Amen = Amun, Amon, Amoun, Ammon)
Barack talks much about his religion, which she doesn't seem to really have much one,
if you look at it from the traditional standpoint but is very curious then he made this remark.
Obama: "...when I was suggesting. You're absolutely right that John McCain had not
talked about my muslim faith and you're absolutely right that -"
Reporter:"Christian faith..." Obama: "hum, christian faith..."
Yeah, whatever...
Many people think that he might be the Antichrist.
So some of the used typical techniques of trying understand Satanism in "reverse speech".
Reverse speech is one of Satanists favourite tools...
Yes we can!
What you are listening to now is the audio from those seven clips you just watched, playing backwards. Yes We Can = Thank You Satan
The reversal reveals the hidden power behind the "yes we can" phenomenon. From Obama's own lips, and from the crowd that worships him, we hear the testimony that the "we" who "can" has Satan to thank for this ability!
That's what you get then you play "yes we can" backwards.
Thank you Satan.
Yes we can...Thank you Satan.
But I don't go that route.
I believe the bible is kind of script that they're following.
I think the Armageddon's type of scenario that they are outlining and setting up and following.
And this actually may be extraterrestrial in origin.
And I guess we going to have to get to my DVDs to get to more of the extraterrestrial connections.
Because I'm going to trying to get this done here.
OK so the questions of Obama’s bloodline and who he is, distant relations to Bush.
Well they also found that the bloodline runs through a number of other families which are very curious.
I found it very curious that we have never gotten rid of the aristocracy.
We like to believe that we have, that we electing people into office.
And that celebrities are just there because they’re really good at what they do.
But when you start to track bloodlines and understand who these people are
and that they are basically Egyptian revived.
If you realize that we're just in another Egyptian culture.
And that these people keep their bloodlines intact.
And this is why they have sex with their sisters and mothers and daughters and...
They have to keep a genetic blood line.
And I sometimes wonder if that's what I have, is this what channelled this information for me?
Because I'm doing this at ten not knowing what it means
but all of a sudden twenty years later I find out what it all means
and it all has to do with what my dad's doing.
So, I believe in genetic memory, genetic memory is a scientifically proven fact.
So if we realize that these guys are trying to keep a particular memory together
and interbreed so that this memory is passed down,
we start to realize, because I mean what are the odds
that Hillary is related to Angelina Jolie and Obama is related to Brad Pitt?
McCain's related to Britney Spears and George Bush is related to Marilyn Monroe.
And they're all related to Vlad the Impaler!
But they introduce other bloodlines into there every now and again,
if they feel they need a little bit more majesty*.
Oh and Hillary is also related to Madonna, Madonna and Angelina Jolie
and Céline Dion who is happen to be with a hologram representation of Elvis on American Idol.
Ahghh, doesn't look like that. ***
# She has his eyes. I never realized that.
Pauline Pierce, her mother, went off to France with this old man
to have a sexual ritual which the OTO do,
no one knows for sure if she came back pregnant or got pregnant afterwards
but she came back and gave birth to little Barbara right after her reunion with Aleister Crowley
and so this man actually is the son of a beast or the grandson of the beast.
Being that he was known as the beast.
He was known as the most evil man in the world, yes.
So I've been tracking all this kind of symbolic gestures and everything that's going on
and I realized that like, when "W" went to visit the Pope they visited in St. John's Tower on 10/13, or Friday the 13th.
Which is the 10/13 when Templars were killed and that's why Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day.
George W. Bush goes visit the Pope and he takes him to St. John's Tower
which is in honor of the Templars and 10/13 and they do it on Friday the 13th
and this has never happened before, they don't bring guests into St. John's Tower.
# What's this hand signal he's doing?
He's a U2 fan...
Ok well, you know let's keep it straight that Pope Ratzinger
who took on Pope Benedict which is the name of the title of the guy who was in charge of the Templars,
and also the Pope that was in charge during World War I, they chose this names very carefully.
Benedict is "Benedicts Rule" which is the rule which created the Templars
and he has now established that the Templars were ok, we didn't find any problem,
we actually misread all the transcripts and all those things we said about them