Bamse Goes Gatebil - Days 0 & 1

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 03.07.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
Oh boy, how much fun we have
Oh yeah To Mantorp, to mantorp!
Cotton candy, hamburgers
Well...take this one
One car changed and we left one trailer out and one other car changed and we took one extra car....
Tjena grabben!
How are you doing here? Not bad, not bad
Oh boy, how much fun we have Very much indeed, of course
"You didn't say that you have a van" I said "You asked if all the cars in this line is ours"
And I said that all the cars is ours Then he said "Why the fuck didn't you say theres four.."
"Three cars and a van." I said to him "Isn't it you job to write down
if there is a van or a bicycle coming to the boat." Fucking hippie
Then what did he say? "Oh, I'm sorry, yes it is"
Did we get the compensation? Yes we did
C-Class? Quite poor. Commodore class!
The same old place under the car deck
I don't say anything
You should by it from.....HELLO!
Was it number two? Yeah, commodore
Will we all fit? Of course we will
Don't push
Did someone select the deck? Yeah
Captain: "I'll jump out here" Sure
Have a nice evening Same to you
See you in the jail
We have just left and I'm feeling like shit already
It's going well
...and when you get to the asfalt then you can do it properly Proper burnout!
Proper rev limiter hitting Yeah, properly
F--- properly! Throttlebody wide open!
I heard that I should burn rubber tomorrow at the harbour. One f--- job that is
I go pee with Henkka now
We'll see where we end up We aren't going anywhere, lets go back tomorrow with the same ferry
Yeah, yeah, tomorrow we'll burn rubbber, yes yes Yeah, I promise that
This melts in the swedish traffic
The engine isn't that hot but the exhaust etc. I can't even touch this
It's so hot that the wires melt again The alternators trigger doesn't work
Let's take the bumper off so we get to E4
What are they saying? Dunno
Yummy yummy
I try to get my voice back
Would be great if you'd make more videos Yeah, really
Well that's what we planned
Look! I'll go after him
Go go!
I'll go back in a coffin and my mom askes "Did he have a big crash?"
No,no. He flipped the pitbike
WTF is happening here?
This alone would be like "!!!" But wtf is this doing here!
My fucking head explodes
This is bullshit