Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 7 ~ La Cité des Cloches 3/3 - Bullet Gargoyle] (English Subs)

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Esmeralda: Quasimodo? Why are you here?
Quasimodo: Phoebus told me that Frolo is on his way here.
Phoebus: We have to get ready to leave soon.
Frolo: Thank you, Captain Phoebus.
Frolo: You helped me, acting just as I planned.
Frolo: I knew you'd come in handy someday Quasimodo.
Frolo: I've finally caught you. You witch!
Frolo: I'm going to burn you at the stake in the square.
Quasimodo: No! Please stop, Master Frolo!
Sora: Frolo! I won't let you do that!
Sora: Darn it...
Sora: Quasimodo! Esmeralda! Phoebus!
Sora: He said he was going to burn her at the stake in the square.
Sora: I have to hurry!
Sora: Esmeralda!
Sora: Nice Quasimodo!
Quasimodo: Sanctuary!
Frolo: Why would you put your life on the line for that gypsy cur!
Frolo: It's like I'm watching your mother who threw away her life for you.
Quasimodo: What?
Frolo: I should have killed you when I had the chance, 20 years ago!
Esmeralda: Hang on Quasimodo!
Frolo: This time, God shall smite the witch and strike her down into the fires of Hell!
Esmeralda: Quasimodo! Quasi-!
Sora: Quasimodo, you mustnt't close off your-
Quasimodo: I know.
Quasimodo: The one keeping me in here wasn't Frolo.
Quasimodo: I was the one who locked my heart away.
Quasimodo: I'm going to set my heart free, and go to the outside world.
Sora: Quasimodo locked his heart away because of the nightmares that Frolo showed him, huh?
??: And aren't you too, imprisoning hearts...
Sora: You're that guy!
Sora: What are you talking about?
?? & Vanitas: Hearts other than your own!
Sora: I'm imprisoning hearts...?
Riku: Is she okay?
Esmeralda: I'm okay. Quasimodo saved me.
Riku: Quasimodo, where did the monster go?
Quasimodo: The Cathedral's rooftop.
Riku: Got it
Quasimodo: Me too. I'll fight too!
Riku: Just feeling that way will suffice.
Riku: You listened to your heart, didn't you, Quasimodo?
Riku: Looks like you don't need my help
Hugo: We eat these things for breakfast!
Victor: Didn't we just eat?
Hugo: Oh. Hey! Just be quiet.
Hugo: I meant that these guys were a piece of cake!
Laverne: Be quiet you two! Look, here they come again!
Hugo: Awright!!
Riku: The rooftop!
Frolo: Burn! Burn! Burn it all to ashes!
Frolo: Behold! This is the power God has given me!
Riku: You're just losing yourself in darkness!
Frolo: Silence!
Frolo: You too shall receive the judgement of God!
Frolo: I will judge you!
Riku: Ansem! Why are you here?
??: He's your best friend.
Ansem: Pitiful, the end of one engulfed in darkness.
Riku: You're one to talk!
Ansem: I controlled the darkness.
Ansem: If you too cannot control the darkness you to shall meet the same end.
Ansem: You to shall meet the same end.
Riku: I walk the road to the dawn!
??: You're still afraid of the darkness aren't you...
Riku: Wait!
Riku: I'm afraid of the darkness?
Riku: No, I can still wield the Keyblade.
Riku: It leads me to the light!
Quasimodo: Frolo locked me inside the bell tower
Quasimodo: But I was the one who imprisoned my heart.
Quasimodo: You made me realize that Riku.
Riku: No, I have my own problems.
Phoebus: Like imprisoning your heart?
Esmeralda: Everyone has a little problem keep in their heart, you know.
Esmeralda: You should take your time to find answers yourself.
Riku: Where will my heart lead...
Roxas: Hey, Axel do you remember?
Axel: Hm? What?
Roxas: You promised right?
Axel: To?
Roxas: You said that no matter how many times we go away, you will always bring us back.
Axel: Right
Roxas: Got it memorized?
Axel: A best friend's promise.
Axel: Where am I?
Axel: What happened to me?
Axel: Roxas!
Axel: I...
Axel: Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ienzo
Axel: I see... We're human again.
Axel: Just the members who joined the Organization
Axel: Not counting Xehanort, there's Braig and...
Axel: Isa