Noah Kagan - When I was 18

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So luckily, I still look 18.
Hello, ladies, no I'm kidding
I think probably the two things that I'd really love to know more
or discuss, or be aware of
are relations of fear, and thinking about fear, the impact of fear, and the actual possible
outcomes of fear
uh... mostly in terms of things we can and can't do
And then I'd say secondly, it's about
thinking about
societal expectations versus our own. I know when I was 18,
you're expected to go to college and you're expect to do certain things things. Or at least with a Jewish
mother who was like
Berkeley and school and intel and this and that, and that's the way things work
and so i think it's more thinking about it
what are outcomes you want, and maybe you don't know at 18, so you need those kind of experiences
uh... but I'd say, it'd be like "Hey man, you can actually start a business or why don't you do go to school
or whatever
you know you don't have to do business." I kind of wish I had
gone back and done something more like psychology or sociology
or IEOR or something more of understanding how people think, versus business which I think is mostly
common sense
So those are the two things. And in terms of fear,
I just think we are very afraid society
I know along with George Bush, who I accidentally voted for twice.
But it's something on that point
where we're afraid to try and do things and and really
the worst that could happen is really not that bad.
Unless you're killing someone, that's pretty bad
and your probably gonna go jail
So yeah those are the two things I would say that I have taken away
that I wish I could tell my 18-year-old self.
What's else would I have loved to know at 18?
date more people
enjoy your hair while you've got it...I don't know
try new things...all the other generic stuff
But fear, date more people
I'm happy where I am now, but I'm saying 18. I actually dated a fair amount
so I don't think I would change that
Yeah fear, you know
Don't be afraid to try something new.