Ezel 40 English part 5

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I saw it in Paris
An artist starts with a little show
Really good, yes
3, not too much, yes, 1 2 3
Your doing great,great
And I arranged a lights for tomorrow, its going to be like this
Brother Ramiz
Are you tired?
Good, and there was a flower thing
Brother Ramiz
After every song one of these will be sent to you
We're going to send it of course but you need to thank the viewers
Like...saying that thier really polite
But look at a specific place like...looking at someone
Be convincing
Thank you, you are very polite
Is that good?
Do that again
What are those for?
There is one thing left
Brother Ramiz
One minute please
We're closed now
So you open it again
Its really late
We became so tired
What are we doing?
Just trust me once, trust me
If we get past this night you'll get one more ...from Hayratli you'll see
So you're doing this just because of that?
For what else would I do it for?
To help me out?
Not because you get chills from that Nermin woman
To impress Selma?
What does that have too do with it?
You have fallen in love kid
Doesn't she have a beautiful smile brother?
I don't know I didn't look
I'm married kid
Thats good
Maybe I'll get married too
Where am I going to sit?
Come this side
Am I going to come between you?
I don't see any problems?
You two already set a table here
The climate is so good when its warm
Let go let go of me!
Its a bit hard to believe but we are on the same side as you
Let me go so I'll believe
With that kind of intelligence this building would crumble, lets hang him down
Okay, okay!
Okay, okay what do you want?
We don't need his name
A friend stole a bid from you
Nobody stole anything, I got off myself
Oh, you got off because they persuaded you!
There is no need to tell his name but its a really persuasive man
I can testify that for myself, he persuaded me to give my wife, my kid and my money and goods
You did something he didn't like and he got you off
We are like you on the black list friend, you must have heard of me Cengiz Atay businessman
Ezel Bayraktar, gambler
I didn't hear anything let go of me!
We didn't put you here, the name isn't needed he put you here
We heard you were near bankruptcy
We heard you sold one of your houses
We heard you distanced yourself from community
Its like you pissed someone off and he threw your rope away
Let go of me
We didn't arrange you're falling, the name isn't needed he arranged it
Let go of me
I'm not going to say anything, if I say something they'll kill me
They wont let me live!
We never came here
We didn't listen to what your going to say now
What do you want?
Keys, weakness, a crack something like that
I don't know, I don't know!
Something small
When you did when you were together, maybe something you too had fun with like...dirty pleasures
The name isn't needed, Kenan should have done more to this coward
There is one place
What kind of place?
Top secret, a really secret place, a place that doesn't exist
They gather a couple of times per year there
No one knows, no one tells...
If its heard its going to be a big scandal
Thats why no one can enter without them letting you in
Who is 'them'
That changes
Whoever at that time is on top singers, actors, businessmen
Everyone can be called for...models, commentators, foreign actors who ever they want
Who are these 'callers'?
The callers don't change
There are 4 or 5
There is none more in the country
People you know of
People who you don't need to mention their names
What are they meeting for, party or something?
They meet so that they can do whatever they want to do
If they want it they listen to songs, the singer is brought personally
If they get into a gamble , they bring champions to fight
If they want to make a paining, the best painter in Turkey will come to make one
They'll do whatever they want at that Pacific time
They'll play some football with national players
Writers write their books while they read them
Everything is limitless, everything is ruleless
He is the one who invented it, that place is his
One last question friend
There are guests coming and personal assistants going
Why is that?
At such days we don't want too much people bothering us, 1 or 2 is enough
Lets be just by ourselves
You don't want any witnesses
No dear, we're not committing any crime
Not yet...
Ezel stop one minute, what are you going to do when you get there son?
I don't know
Lets stop and think, okay Ezel?
Ali help there is a crazy person!
We found, I mean Kenan birkan actually I found him
Forget that, Ezel lost it and he's going
To the most safe place of that guy its really secret but its not just that its 3 steps higher
We're going there to anger them and we're going fast
Ezel get yourself together, do you think they would let us in the strongest place there is?
Is it worth it, isn't the beating we got enough already?
I've got no breath left you say something brother Ali
Not me...
He'll listen to you
You're going to get yourself killed Ezel
You're going to try to get inside and that man is going to end your pain, why!
Why my brother why, just tell me the truth for once
Eysan is there
That girl is going to get what she wants
She's going to get the kid killed
I love that song
Okay lets have a duet then
No I don't trust my voice that much
No I'm not talking about your voice
Is the rocking kid making trouble, shall I give some punishment?
If you let me, I want to write a song called Eysan in my next album
Let the album's name be Eysan
I should go before I get my own name changed mister Kenan
Do you listen to rock too?
Its a waste to the ears,I saw a cd of him in your room so I called him
For me?
Why, don't I have a soft side?
Last day you were looking so gloomy at Burhan Dogan painting so I bought 2 and got them here
And I called a painter because I know you're interested in painting and so I thought you might want too make a painting
Is there anything you cant do?
Actually there is, last night you watched the movie Cold Mountain at the end you cried
I called the actors so that you could see that their okay but they couldn't come here
Too bad
They promised for next month
You're giving secrets but you're not joking
Admit it nobody is going to say something back