Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 10 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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It's the first time I've seen you here.
I am...
You came to see me!
You should have dressed like this before.
I didn't recognize you.
Shall we go out?
Miss GaEul.
Do you know this person?
No, I don't know this person.
What is your relationship with this bastard?
She's the one who has stolen my heart and has yet to give it back.
Miss GaEul, stop worrying and come to me now.
GaEul . . .
Gee! So lucky. How many good deeds did she do in her previous life?
Although we're just acting, wouldn't it be better to act perfectly till the end?
Yes, yes. Thank you!
Master, pumpkin porridge.
What are all these?
It's Valentine's day tomorrow.
It would be sad if it just passed by
- For whom? - Me? Me?
Just . . .
Someone I'm thankful for.
But JanDi, aren't you going to give chocolates to JoonPyo SunBae?
You should take these too.
Why should I give them to him?
Just this one... Hey that's...
N .. N .. Not this one!!
Aw give it to me. Not this one!
The state of this restaurant, it's absolutely terrible
The philosophy of food, the chef's abyss,
I guess this horrible place is a place where things like that don't exist!
Grandpa, our porridge is good.
JaJangMyeon! (black bean sauce noodles)
Grandpa, this is a porridge shop.
If you want JaJangMyun, you should go to a Chinese restaurant.
Wait, Grandpa!
Grandpa, they are selling JaJangMyun over there in SangHaeRu.
Please go there.
Please hold on.
Huh? - I could do JaJangMyun.
How was it?("How is it" is correct)
That was the worst JaJangMyeon I'd ever eaten.
How can you sell food with this nonexistent ability to cook, this terrible place...
Who said you could order a JaJangMyeon in a porridge shop?
Grandpa, even if it was, you should pay for the JaJangMyeon.
How much do we have to charge?
$3.5 ?
Since it's a special at our porridge shop, 5000 won.
What is this?
For the JaJangMyun.
Grandpa, we only accept money, how can we accept this?
I'm not giving you money after eating crap like that! Take it!
Tell the cook or whatever, the next is a MaeGiMaeUnTang. (MaeGiMaeUnTang = hot pepper catfish stew)
Huh? - You'll be coming again?
You worthless people, and this crappy restaurant...
How could anyone be like that grandpa?
Master, don't let it bother you. It seemed like he was suffering from Alzheimer's.
But, can we try some?
It's much better than SangHaeRu's.
Are you really gonna make spicy catfish stew for him?
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.
It would be sad if it just passed by.
Who are you going to give it to?
Just, someone I'm thankful for.
But, JanDi, aren't you going to give chocolates to JoonPyo SunBae?
Chocolate? Yeah right.
Why did you want to meet in a place like this?
Anyway, you have no sense of choosing a place.
I came here with something good planned for a change. . Why don't you just follow my lead?
Ah, it's cold. Let's go in somewhere else first.
Follow me. To where?
Your're going to take me somewhere weird again and cause trouble, aren't you?
Hey! Where are you going?
It's fun and warm, and there's tea for free here.
It wasn't made for insincere users like you.
Ah, it seems the owner lacks customer service, I can't help but to worry for the future of your group.
By the way, what is that?
This? It's nothing. Give it to me.
-This... -I made them to give to someone else... but I ruined them...
They look terrible don't they? I'm gonna eat one.
Hey! You gave it to me, then it's all mine. Urgh.
Yes everyone's been waiting a long time, this is Valentine's Day event for a free cell phone which will start right now! All those who want to join the couple hanging on event, please come down right now!
Everyone waited and then started rushing down right now.
I will give you mobile phones for free.
Ah, the last one team, the last team! Oh, they are in.
The economy must be really hard; everyone rushed out as soon as I said "start."
No.1, shout "fighting", please. No.1! Fighting.
No.2! Fighting.
No.3! Fighting. No.4! Fighting.
No.5! Fighting.
No.6! Fighting.
No.7! Fighting.
No.8! Fighting.
No.9! Fighting.
The rule is simple. First, take out your bags, please. Regardless of gender,.
One should be hanging on the other. No.4 is already ready.
I will count to three. One, two, three!
Keep hanging. Man, you need to bend down more. You're too stiff, even though you have a lot of waves in your hair. Softly! Ok, you keep hanging that way.
Yes, there we've got it.
Geeze! Is it time for bed already? No.1 is out! You only held on for 2 seconds, yet your faces are all red. With one couple already out the real competition will start to heat up.
Oh that's good, very good, great!
It has finally been 57 minutes. The last two teams! Who will be the winner? For how long do you think you will stay?
I will do my best and stay till the very end. For the man, for how long do you think you will? Until we win. What? Until you wink? Again, please. How long? - Until we win..
He's reliable. His girlfriend needs to say a message of support..
Oh yes, no need for messages, you're happy with just being held.
Hey, laundry! This is really embarrassing . . . If they knew the chairman's son was doing this thing, it would make the front page of the newspaper.
Hey, be quiet. This isn't very pleasant for me either. I'm exhausted. If you need a mobile phone that badly, you could just ask me. I'll buy one for you.
The point is to earn it on my own.
On your own? I'm the one doing all the work.
For the last time, "sit down and stand up" once.
Sit down, and stand up. There are beads of sweat on the men's foreheads.
Who will be the last team standing. It's exciting. Oh she fell! Finally the first place couple has come forth!
I knew they would win from the moment they first entered! How do you feel?
- I'm so happy! - Yes congratulations! Everyone why don't you give them a hand. Congratulations.
Let go! Let me go!
I'll go on my own.
Ga Eul, what brings you here? The thing is, I was just . . ..
Jung, she must have come to give you chocolates.
Today is Valentine's Day? Miss, your nose looks red, you must have waited a long time.
Ga Eul, why don't you at least have a cup of tea. No, it's fine. Don't be like that, come in..
I'll bring the tea.
Leave yours there too.
Excuse me. I'll be going first.
Let me go please.
This is why nice girls are so annoying.
Ga Eul, listen carefully. What happened yesterday, all of that was just acting. You shouldn't misunderstand.
I'll keep this until you meet the person of your destiny. Thanks.
Did anyone call a chauffeur service?
How did you know?
I told you, I was called as a pick up service.
JunPyo called as he was being dragged away.
Thank you.
Well . . .
Geum JanDi
If anything happens, you can tell me you know?
Does anything have to happen?
I hope not.
*sigh* I doubt anything will happen.
Honestly, it's not like JoonPyo and I are in a serious relationship.
Please drive carefully.
Geum JanDi.
I told you, don't worry.
Are you going to go in wearing that?
Ah, I was just about to give it to you.
Her father is a dry cleaner and her mother works as a cashier at a public bathhouse.
Yes, that's right.
How did someone like her get into Shinhwa School?
You're not making any sense! Who is her supporter?
You ordered it, ma'am.
Do you know why public opinion is something to be wary of? Because it is ignorant.
Once it goes berserk, it becomes unmanageable
Reason or common sense doesn't work anymore.
The one who set the fire should extinguish it.
Why didn't you deal with it before?
I thought he was tormenting the young lady as he had done before.
Young lady? What young lady?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Young master wants to see you . . .
That girl, don't mess with her.
I said don't mess with her.
I don't know what you are talking about now.
Ah! You're talking about the girl we saw at the event today?
Do you think your mother has nothing else to do?
That much free time isn't available to waste on such worthless matters like that, for the owner of Shinhwa Group!
All right then.
Prepare it right away.
Yes ma'am.
He's like a ghost.
You, where'd you get that?
Well . . .
Where could have I gotten it?
Hey! Don't eat it!
why am I feeling so uneasy?
I feel like something is going to happen to her.
What I'm most worried about is,
the moment she is in danger,
I might not even know.
Don't worry.
Geum JanDi isn't that weak.
You should know that well.
Don't be afraid either.
We will always . . .
be there for you.
The international hotel chain Lavender's executive director Kang HeeSoo,
has been elected as the International Hotel Association's President.
Are you satisfied with the results?
There is no satisfaction until I become the best.
Who is that person?
That person is JoonPyo hyung-nim's mother?
Wow, Shinhwa's people sure are different than others. Look, look at that charisma!
There's no better female than her!
There's no satisfaction until I become the best.
How about that, did it sound like her?
She may become our in-law anyway we can't be faded.
- A little bit similar. - Similar? Did someone come?
JoonPyo hyung-nim? - Young master JoonPyo? Son-in-Law JoonPyo?
Goo SeoBang (Son-in-law)?
JoonPyo hyung-nim?
I've seen her before somewhere . . .
From before..the one who came out on TV.
Before becoming the best, there is no satisfaction...
Oh my! President!
Is someone here?
You seem very surprised at my sudden appearance.
Not at all. Young master JoonPyo . . .
No, I mean we've gotten used to it, thanks to your son.
JoonPyo has been here before?
Of course! Not only did he just come here, he's slept here.
made kimchi, went to the bathhouse,
I'll just get to the point.
Oh, of course, you're a very busy person.
I believe that when a person is born,
They are born into separate worldswith specific roles they must carry out.
Jun Pyo is a child that must carry out, not just Korea or Asia, but the entire world.
Of course. The world renowned ShinHwa Group!
And I will do everything in my power
as his mother, to make sure he fulfills that role.
Of course you need to do that.
And in order to raise JanDi (grass) well,
Yes my role as a mother, I will try my hardest to raise JanDi as a good match to master JunPyo . . .
That's not it.
Not that, but the grass from the golfing place.
Excuse me?
Do you know what is needed to grow good grass?
A fertilizer?
It's pulling out the weeds.
The most important thing is pulling out from the roots
those which do more harm than good to the grass, and which cannot be left together.
By chance do you mean . . .
Are you saying that our JanDi is a weed?
I'm glad you understand what I'm saying.
Typically, they kill the weed with poisonous spray.
but this time . . .
Manager Jeong.
This is 300 million won. ($300,000)
If it isn't enough, we can give you more..
Since this is also my mistake for neglecting my son.
Manager Jeong.
[A written promise]
This is a contract that you'll never meet with JoonPyo again.
All you have to do is sign here.
Excuse me..
Leave now.
You're making a big mistake right now.
whether it's a small or big mistake,
I'm a better person than you who calls someone else's child a weed and such right in front of them.
Get out now. Didn't you hear me?!
GangSan. What are you doing? Call the police.
What are you doing honey?
Hurry up and throw them out!
Won't you regret it?
I'm not a generous woman. There won't be another chance.
I don't want to chance running into a woman like you again!
Let's go.
Where did you find that courage?
Mom, I was impressed, really.
I've never been so proud of you.
You single handedly showed us that the pride is more important than money.
What is he talking about?
How can the pride be more important than money? Money is most important.
In the world of capitalism, money is the most important thing in whatever you do. What good is pride?
Honey. Then, why did you do that?
That woman brings only 300 million won and expects us to be satisfied with that?
is she making fun of us or something?
Every Korean citizen, even 3 year olds know of Shinhwa Group, and 300 million
is all she brings to offer us?
Forget that. Just marry JoonPyo.
And eve though she's alive right now, she's not going to live forever.
When she dies all the Shinhwa fortune will be passed down to Joon Pyo. And all of it will belong to you too.
What the hell is 300 million dollars?
You should be bold.
Our goal is that ShinHwa distribution, ShinHwa aviation, ShinHwa electron and ShinHwa...
cement and car industry and . . . What was that?
And what was that other thing?
The hotel too, will all be yours.
What? Who knows if you're going to be on the news 20 years later?
There is no satisfaction before you become the best.
Right, right, that. You sure are my Mom.
Honey, I never knew that you had such a deeper meaning behind this.
As long as you know now, it's ok.
Do you know what you need to make the grass grow well?
Pull the weeds.
Pulling the roots of the weed that cannot be with the grass is the most important thing.
Do you have a concert ticket?
Why are you here so late?
Then what about you? What are you doing here so late?
I don't think i heard that swimming was included in the winter Olympics.
I . . . just . . .
Feeling frustrated?
Since you don't have a ticket, why don't you come up here and flip the pages?
I won't take it today.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Just because . . .
it's so interesting.
What is?
It's that when I ring the emergency bell in my heart,
you always show up.
Emergency bell?
like the one you ring when there's a fire.
Then that's what I'll be.
Geum Jan Di's honorable firefighter.
Thank you so much for today. Go home safely.
Yeah, Mom.
What's wrong?
Stop crying and speak clearly so I can understand.
Why are they suddenly telling us to get rid of the dry cleaners?
Well, they said that the landlord's son will get a job with the Shinhwa company if they do!
The real estate agent Mr. Yoo said there's probably no one in this neighborhood that'll rent us anything.
If it's not to her liking...
She should have come here herself and told us
How can she be so cheap and go behind our backs when our lives are on the line
She actually did come around and tell us.
But you poured salt on her and kicked her out, Mom.
So what? Then what do u want me to do?
What is my family gonna eat and live off of?
What is this?
Today is our first day, so our life depends on how well we do, ok?
How are you gonna sell them? Start!
We sell hot coffees! Coffee!
How about you? Squids... squids... Shout out loud!
Shout out more casually.
Here we have squids!
Smile. SMILE!
Yes, yes! Squids!
We have pop rices! pop!
pop! we have pop rices! pop!
Knock the drivers window and . . .
Don't we have to tell them how much it is? Knock on the drivers window and . . .
We can just tell when people ask!
Come gather. Let's shout fighting and disperse.
Aja! Aja! Fighting!
Pop rice! Squid! It's only 3000 won!
It only costs 3000 won!
Pop . . . We have pop rice . . .
Pop . . .
What are you doing mom? Here's pop rice!
Pop . . . Pop rice . . .
Mom, I can't hear a thing!
give it to me!
We have pop rice! Pop. pop, pop!
You try.
We have pop rice. Pop pop pop!
A little louder!
Pop rice! Pop! I've got it . . .
Pop . . .
Ahjumma, can I have one pop rice?
Why aren't you giving me the pop rice?
Mom! The pop rice. Ah, that will be 2000 won!
Thank you!
Pop rice!
Why do I have to go there?
Why don't you just go by yourself like you usually do? You shouldn't do things just to annoy people . . .
Because you're ShinHwa Group's successor, not me.
Why is there so much traffic?
Do we have to go this way?
Mr. Jung, why don't we buy some of that?
Over there . . . what's the name of the circle thing on the street?
Do you mean pop rice?
Yes that.
Are you crazy?
The great chairman Mrs. Kang is buying pop rice on the street?
Are you sick or something?
Mr. Jung.
Yes, Madam.
Over here! Can we have one pop rice, please?
It's 2000 won.
Thanks a lot!
Madam...what shall we do now?
The smell, the dust . . . I cannot understand how they can sell those things with exhaust gas all around, how stupid.
Put it away.
Yes, Ma'am.
Can we have a can of coffee please!
Hey miss!
What are you doing!? Here's coffee!
Pop rice!
2000 won...
Stop the car.
Just drive.
Stop the car!
There is no need to stop the car.
Stop the car, can't you hear me!?
Goo JoonPyo!
Geum JanDi, don't move.
Please don't move.
Thank God!
Why didn't you tell me anything?
If i told you,
You'd just say,"How much ido you need?" and try to pay for everything.
If the landlord wants to shut down the laundry, you can just set up somewhere else.
Why embarras . . .
Yeah... I know my family probably is embarrassing,
But I'm not sorry for any of it.
-What I meant was. . . - Us dating and my family circumstances are two different things.
Plus, just because you're my boyfriend doesn't mean you can jump in and do everything for me.
Then what am I supposed to do?
Do I just sit back and watch as your family sells pop rice in the street?
Yes. That's exactly what you should do.
Don't do anything and just watch.
If you want to continue being my boyfriend.
Hey, dry cleaner.
You haven't called me that in a while.
But what to do?
I'm no longer the daugher of a dry cleaner.
Geum JanDi,
I'm not trying to scare you and
There's no need to be afraid. Just know this.
We never know what my mom is going to do next. That's just her character.
I thought so.
Promise me.
That if anything happens, you'll tell me immediately.
All right.
And one more thing,
That no matter what happens, you will never run from me.
I can't promise you that.
I wanted to escape many times, not because of your mom but because of you.
I'll promise you.
At the very least, I'll promise you that if I do run away your mom won't be the reason.
I'm glad you are Geum JanDi.
I'm glad that Geum JanDi, the commoner, the gangster, is my girlfriend. I am extremely fortunate.
That promise makes me feel relieved.
Hey! What's up with that? Is that a compliment or an insult?
Do you want to drink this?
Yes, hello? It says that you're looking to hire night shift part time workers, so.
Oh, okay. I understand.
Here's the Pumpkin porridge. Okay.
The pumpkin porridge you ordered is out. Please enjoy it. Also, it's really hot, so make sure you cool it a bit first before you eat.
You're really on top of things. Our porridge is really good so please come often.
But, your face (mask) is really cute. College student? No, I'm a high school student.
Oh, then that might be a bit difficult. What is?
Our company uses a lot of student models, and I really like your image. I see.
But, how much does it pay?
Look at this.
Whoa. What can I get for you? Canned coffee or crackers? No, honey, you can tell by just looking at them that they came for the dried squid. How many should I get you?
Who said you guys can sell things here without permission?
Guys! Trash the place!
You must pay tax.
What the hell is this!?
Who gave you the permission? You have to pay tax to be here.
Please stop mister!
Do you really think that she(JP's mom) would go that far?
It still bothers me.
Then, you should check it out.
Give me your phone. My phone?
Why? Is your phone battery dead?
Yi Jung Sunbae?
Yi Jung Sunbae? Hello? Oh, Miss Ga Eul. Hi?
Hello. How much should I put in? Fill it up.
What payment method should I help you with?
Actually, I thought I was going to pass out because I was so tired. Thank you, Sunbae.
Aren't you overdoing it?
Don't you know who I am? It's me! The commoner representative of the Republic Of Korea, Geum JanDi!
I'm nothing if you take away my stamina and willpower.
Your body is saying that it's a lie, right now.
Wait, I have a lot of tissues......
It's heartbreaking.
If I were JoonPyo, then this would really break my heart.
Please don't tell Goo JoonPyo.
I want to take care of my own life. That's the only way I can keep my pride.
I'm so jealous of JoonPyo.
I'm going.
Hey, Geum GangSan, you don't have lunch money so you're skipping meals, huh? You have to watch everyone eating. What are you going to do about all that hunger?
They say "Even Mt. Geum-Gang is happy after eating." (Everything goes better on a full stomach.) What to do? poor boy!
Who are they?
Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait! GangSang, are you going around starving?
No, wait. Hurry, and tell me the truth, or I'm going to hunt you down at school.
Well, I just told the school that I don't want to eat because I don't want to pay.
My teacher wanted to pay it for me, but I didn't want that.
Why are you telling me this now?!
Your job in the morning, the porridge shop, then the gas station at night. How could I tell you? I'm not going to die from not eating one meal. Right?
I'm going, bye!
Hey, hey! You . . .

But he's still so small... it's heartbreaking...
Excuse me, sorry!
Thank you.
'E.J.(EnJoY) Production'
Excuse me.
Hello, is anyone here?