Michał Materla po KSW 19

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Michał Materla, freshly minted KSW champ. Congratulations Michał but you did get banged up in the fight. How's your knee?
I think it's strained so not a big problem. It's strained because I ate a front kick to it. I hope for a short rehab and I go back to work because there's plenty to work on.
Can you show us how is your eye looking?
The 1st round was conservative but hte fight kicked in gear in the 2nd. How did you damage your knee? Was it a slip or a kick?
There was no slip. I fell because my leg gave out after a front kick to the knee. I lost stability in it but got back up.
I was assaulted with strikes but thankfully I have the ability to eat some bombs so I could weather the storm. He got tired and the rest was for all too see.
How the hell with one eye open and one knee stable did you make it through, and dominated, the last 7 minutes of the fight?
Berserkers. Berserkers.
You had a bit of luck in the 2nd round when your opponent slipped but in the 3rd you were phenomenal. Great stand-up and then the takedown.
How did you feel in that 3rd round, why were you so dominant all of a sudden and don't say it's just Bersekers.
To be honest I have to watch it myself. You know it's emotions and I don't really remember what was going on. But the most important thing is that I managed to win.
I don't think I was myself tonight. I didn't feel like I always do before a fight, I've been a bit sick. Until noon I was still unsure if I can fight to my abilities. I shouldn't have doubted myself but that's why I was worried.
Yo said that there's plenty to improve so what do you take away from this fight right now?
I don't know. I have to calm down and watch it with my coaches. There's always something to improve. When I finish fights like Mamed I can say there's nothing to improve.
Did Jay Silva suprise you? He didn't show much on the ground but his striking looked dangerous.
Quite dangerous but despite that it looked dramatic in the 2nd round I thought the reason why I might lose this fight is because of the knee because I didn't know if I will be able to stand on my two legs.
Did you have any doubts when the judges' decision was being read?
No, no doubts. I don't know, do you think he won the 1st round?
I scored it a draw, it was really tentative.
Yeah, it was marginal. I don't think I would give it to someone either. 2nd round the storm, of course, but then I took him down or whatever and dominated on the ground.
And the 3rd, three quarters of it I was on top so I knew I was likely to win this.
The 3rd round you dominated but then with 15 seconds left ring referee Tomasz Bronder stood you up from mount. How would you comment that? It's quite rare to order a stand up from that position.
Referee Bronder did what he thought was fitting and I will refrain from critique or opinions on that.
You have waited a long tim to fight for this belt, when are you going to defend it?
The day after tomorrow.
After winning their belts Krzysztof Kułak and Jan Błachowicz had non-title fights. Do you think you will get such an opportunity to catch your breath so to speak?]
I have no idea. Frankly, I wouldn't like that, I'm the champion and I should defend my belt.
So I can't conceive of a situation in which I'm the champ and am not fighting for the title. That makes no sense.
Mamed Khalidov said he wants to go to the UFC. What about you? Do you want to be the new face of the promotion or are you looking across the ocean as well?
We'll see how it goes. So far I'm happy with what I have. Time will tell.
Have you seen the final two fights?
Of course.
How did you like Mamed's performance, he needed less than two minutes to finish his opponent.
Mamed, you know, is my inspiration. I see him fight and I want to get up in the morning to train hard. My hat's off to him.
Whatever his decision is, stay here or fight in the States, I stand by him and I always lend my support.
What about the last fight, Pudzianowski vs. Sapp, anything stands out?
Pudzian suprised me. The work he's put in is evident. He didn't fool around. Bob Sapp, everyone knows, is not a high-caliber opponent but Pudzian did a lot of good work in the States.
When are you going back to the USA to American Kickboxing Academy?
Wait and see. We have to sit down with my coaches with my manager and have to plan it all out.
Thank you very much. That's all from me but if you want to thank some people, go ahead.
I'd like to thank Tenzi for their support, also Pitbull, Stoprocent, Under Armour, Fitmax, Opticum, Oyodo and all my sponsors that I didn't mention for which I apologize.
Thanks to everyone for their support.