El planeta de los simios (r)evolución Rise of the planet of the apes

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Rise of the planet of the apes!
This great movie is directed by Rupert Wyatt,
written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.
It has spectacular special effects!
And actor's performances that fulfill the movie's promise:
make the spectator part of the story!
It's been said that the movie is based on the french novel "La planète des singes"
But actually, the novel is just the starting point!
Because, the writers gave the story a great twist!
They freed the apes of any responsibility,
and showed us what the indiscriminate search for profits
in the field of biotechnology, can cause to the entire human race!
In my opinion, the plot & the way the story was told, were brilliant!
The narrative and the editing make so much sense.
They work together to show you sequences that really convey the story.
It also makes you think about your own principles
For example, how far would you go. . .
to cure a loved one of a terrible disease like Alzheimer?
In other words, the dialogue is coherent, intriguing, and engaging!
About VFX, the CGI images are of amazing quality!
The apes look almost real.
Some say that this is obvious because the animators
based their work in actor's performances.
But is not about that.
Their achievement lies in capturing and conveying the actor's essence.
Trough gestures that were almost human that never stopped being ape like,
the audience witnessed the birth of a new species as bright and deserving as we are.
This takes me to talk about the actors,
the performances that deserve particular recognition are
actor John Lithgow who play's the protagonist's ill father
James Franco,
he displays his wide variety of resources as an actor.
By creating a very different character that distances him from other characters he has played.
David Oyelowo,
delivers a consistent and convincing performance.
And Tom Felton,
that does a great job but, he plays a "bad" guy again
I hope he doesn't get stuck playing bad guys
because I think he'll be great in other roles.
Andy Serkis, who plays the chimp Cesar,
you may consider him as the ape star,
he deserves a very special recognition.
His close attention to details,
his dedication to the art of pantomime,
and his professionalism, shape this movie.
By the way, it must be horrible to be the star of a movie without seeing yourself in the screen.
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