[Real 2PM] Taecyeon's Photo Shoot

Uploaded by 2pm on 20.08.2012

It is Summer now
Summer cold is very Scary
Well, let’s be careful of the cold
Now, I will-
Now, 3, 2, 1
Hello, everyone~!
Did you turn it on?
Yes, hotists
Now, today’ is 택연’s
What is this? Pictorial photograph day
Camera is heavier than I thought
It is dark, isn’t it?
Now, I am
Taking the photograph In a really expensive man concept
What I can tell you about this place,
It is a place with a moody atmosphere
What else do you have to say? Please interview me
I am bored and have nothing to do
Compared to your usual appearance, Is your appearance different..?
What is the difference between my usual appearance and the current appearance?
Very different
Now, I am fully wearing the make-up
My hair is also well arranged
Does this look better or Does my usual appearance look better?
I think your usual appearance is also very attractive
Of course~
In my personal opinion
It is that. Me being natural is most important
By any chance, do you like the feeling of your hair scattered?
I don’t like the feeling of scattered very much
But, I don’t know
What I will become in the future
So I am keeping this hair style.
I am
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Well, any way, everyone,
To take the photograph with me today, My female partner, Ms. 유빈
Greet her
How are you?
You are on Real 2PM now
Hello, Real 2PM
Real 2PM is me,
Ah, Real 2PM audience How are you?
That’s it!
It was 유빈 so far.
The reason I have a long hair,
Let’s do it right here.
Camera is really heavy
How can you do this?
I want to keep my long hair,
And why do you keep telling me to cut them?
Everyone, let’s talk
The reason I have a long hair is
In the next album To have a well arranged hair
To show you a new style
At least each time
Don’t you all know?
I had a new hair concept in every album
There were some that you hated?
But, what can you do
Photographing is ready
As we started to talk..
찬성 10 full points in 10 point, that hair You have the long hair in the envy of that hair
Lighting hair, yes
Let’s talk, everyone
How can you really do it?
I wish to have a long hair Do you hate it that much?
I will cut them someday
Do you really think that I will grow my hair to have a really long hair to go out?
It is also quite long now
Let’s take the photo first and come back. Wait.
Now, take this back
I am not over yet.
This is the female model.
Do it well
Do it right
Did you tie this?
It is the Wonder Girls,
Are you doing well, young friends?
Yes, I am talking all with my facial expression now
Let’s wait and see
doing very well
Caring all the time
Let’s wait and see
Manly 2PM
Quick, put spit on it, quickly.