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JAMES GRIME: One, two, three.
Test, test, test.
ROGER BOWLEY: If you're going to do videos about numbers,
these are the ones you would love to do.
JAMES CLEWETT: As far as the computer's concerned, this
simply doesn't exist.
JAMES GRIME: Don't ask me to say it, we could
be until next week.
RIA SYMONDS: 16's a very special number to me.
It's my actual favorite number.
JAMES GRIME: So this is called a truncated icosahedron.
RIA SYMONDS: It's five sided.
It's a pentagon.
JAMES GRIME: Let's try it out.
I'm going to try and play this as well.
You'll notice the difference.
GERARDO ADESSO: I just realized that there is a
number that I see every day when I enter my office, and
this number is 42.
JAMES GRIME: And, well, if you need to go to the toilet, you
get up and you have to move past all the other people.
MALE SPEAKER: I'm at the southeast corner of England
today, and I'm talking to you about a number with a bit of a
JAMES CLEWETT: It is an antique 1980s television.
ROGER BOWLEY: They get to figgit, they get to 20 sheep,
and they couldn't cope with that.
JAMES GRIME: Yeah, thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for bringing that up.
JAMES CLEWETT: And as a child, I was fascinated by this.
Absolutely fascinated.
But it's taken me 15 years to get to the point where I can
explain it to you.