Золотой ключик / The Golden Key

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Mosfilm Studios
Screenplay: Alexey Tolstoy Lyudmila Tolstaya Nikolay Leschenko
Director: Alexander Ptushko
Camera: Nikolay Renkov
Art Director: Yu. Shvetz
Music: Lev Shvarts
Sound Engineer: M. Blyakhina
Puppets and Costume Designer: V. Kadochnikov
Cast: Karabas-Barabas – A. Schagin Duremar – S. Martinson
Papa Carlo – G. Uvarov Giuseppe – M. Dagmarov
Buratino – O. Shaganova-Obraztsova Malvina – T. Adelgeym
Pierrot – R. Khairova Sandro – N. Michurin Captain – N. Bogolyubov
Mosfilm Studios Production 1939
Far far overseas
There is a golden wall,
In the wall there is a secret door,
Behind the door there is a big country.
The secret door in the wall
Is unlocked by the golden key.
So no one has told me before
Where to hunt out this key.
The dales and mountains are beautiful there...
And rivers as wide as steppes.
All kids go to school there,
And old people are doing well.
Far far overseas...
My barrel organ is broken,
now I'm so lonesome.
Good day, Papa Carlo!
Hello, worthy mister Duremar!
Your occupation is not that profitable, worthy sir.
What am I to do!
Frogs, leeches.
Wholesome leeches!
Famous puppet theater
of Signor Karabas-Barabas
plays only once!
Step aside you ragamuffin!
My people are strange, Wooden dummy.
Master of puppets That is who I am
Terrible Karabas, Glorious Barabas.
Puppets creep down Like a grass before me.
If she would be a beauty, I've got a lash
Size of lash is seven tails.
If I shake the lash, All my gentle people
Sing the songs, Raise the money.
In my big pocket.
- Duremar! - I am here!
Here! Come!
Do I dare to embrace you, worthy Karabas-Barabas?
Hey! Faster! Here!
I've got a secret emergency deal for you.
- Got it! - Come here - in the van!
I'll say everything there. Now!
Ok! Okey dokey!
Prepare everything for the show!
- Yesterday... - Yesterday
I came at tavern “Three gudgeons”
To have a dense supper...
And could see:
two travelers
from distant country were staring at a golden key
before the hearth.
A golden key!
The key that unlocks
secret... door.
It leads to
- A dungeon... - A dungeon!?
There is a treasure in the dungeon.
where this door is nobody knows.
But the door could be found
by one sign...
Signor Karabas-Barabas,
puppets are hungry, they ask to feed them.
Get out of here, son of a bitch!
I'll feed you by lash!
The door is covered by the old canvas...
A fire is painted on that canvas...
And there is a boiling kettle in the fire...
You should help me to find this secret door!
We'll find the door,
but what does unlock it?
Have you seen it, worthy sir?
I'll find sacks with gold in the dungeon.
Then you'll be richer than that gibberish king!
And how I'll live!
I'll damn my puppet theater.
I'll throw puppets in stove and roast a fried eggs on them!
And I'll sell scoundrel poodle Artemon to a knacker!
We are lost.
Have you seen that?!
Hey-hey! Easy please!
Who is squeaking: "Hey-hey! Easy please"?
It must be the kitten.
Hey, that hurts, I say!
It seems to me?
That’s a damn sour wine!
It makes a noise in my head!
Why are you pinching?
This is the log that is squeaking!
So, what are you staring at?
Hi, Giuseppe!
- Why are you sitting on the floor? - You see,
I lost a small screw.
- How are you doing, old man? - Bad…
My barrel organ is broken.
I raised for living by music and singing somehow...
and now I don’t know what I am to do…
I’ll give you a marvelous log!
Engrave a puppet from it.
Teach it to speak,
sing and dance,
and carry it among the yards…
Bravo! A wonderful thought!
- Why did you hit me? - Not me, not me.
This is the log itself hit you…
- I’ll hit you too! - Try!
- I’ll try! - Try!
This way, bravo!
- Bravo! - I say it's the log itself!
What do you mean, 'the log'?
- So let’s make peace? - Let’s make peace!
So that’s good!
Far far overseas
There is a golden wall,
In the wall there is a secret door,
Behind the door there is a big country.
...All kids go to school there,
And old people are doing well.
And old people are doing well.
How do I name my puppet?
I knew a family – they all had name Buratino.
Father – Buratino, mother - Buratino
and sonny also Buratino.
That Buratino was such a naughty child!
They all were living cheerfully and carelessly…
So I’ll call my puppet
this name will make me happy.
Wooden small eyes,
why are you watching at me so strange?
My sonny will be with a pretty small mouth.
Small, small! Very small! I want a mouth from ear to ear!
OK, I’ll make your mouth from ear to ear.
So now it’s good!
And now I'll engrave a small
pretty nose!
- How is it – small!? - For shame!
I don’t want a small, I want a big nose!
Very big!
Is that a nose?
- This is a kind of awl, not a nose! - Don’t touch my nice nose!
So let you be with the nose like crane’s one!
Make my legs, quick!
Listen, I haven’t finished creating you yet.
And you started frolicking already. What will be next?
Sorry, Papa Carlo, I want to know everything!
Don’t hurry, Buratino!
I’ll send you to school,
there you’ll know everything.
You’ll learn,
find a wonderful country,
where all kids are happy
and old men are well fed and pleased.
Hey! Stand! Yes! Yes!
Legs! Yes!
Come, come.
Come to me,
Come. So?!
Ouch! I feel sick at the stomach, I want to eat!
Hey, what a trouble!
There is not even a crust of bread in my house…
I just was born and already hungry.
What a bad luck!
Papa Carlo, don’t go away. Where are you going?
- Papa! Don’t go! - I’ll bring you a food.
Don’t frolic without me!
Don’t worry, Papa Carlo,
I’ll be smart and sensible.
I’ll be smart and sensible!
Who is it?
Hey, hey! Quieter!
Let’s see.
What a beautiful chick!
Wow! Very agile! Fly, fly!
Ouch! Such a beautiful
lively boy is dying of hunger!
Let’s see and try what's there.
Wow! It’s painted.
A door!
There is some door!
Hello! Who are you?
I’m Shushara.
If you say to anybody
what you’ve seen behind the canvas,
I won’t give a dead dry fly for your miserable life.
I saw a door, a secret door.
- May I catch you by the tail? - You, rascal!
- I’ll catch you! - Take that, take that!
Got it? Get more!
Papa Carlo…
Help… Papa Carlo!
- I’m here! - Papa Carlo, help!
Get away, disgusting Shushara!
That’s what happens when one fools around!
Just wanted to eat!
I’ll feed you now.
- Here! - Give me, give me, quick!
No, not all at a moment!
Now you can eat!
Thank you, Papa Carlo!
I’ll be smart and sensible!
I’ll eat and go to school.
Good idea, kid.
Here is an alphabet with pictures,
study to be good.
So, interesting?
Papa Carlo, look how interesting it is.
Such wonderful pictures!
Papa Carlo, how will I go to school?
I’m naked and wooden!
You’re right, kid.
Don't worry, I’ll make a dress for you now!
Papa Carlo, where is your jacket?
I sold the jacket,
no matter, I’ll do this way.
Just you live your good!
So I’ll learn, grow up,
buy a thousand new jackets for you!
Live frogs, live tortillas!
Two soldi at most, babies of famous aunt Tortilla!
Leeches! Leeches!
The best toys, ships and guns.
Celestial bolls, very pretty!
Pay five soldi and fly wherever you want!
Here are cockerels from pure sugar!
Everybody likes, without any toxicant!
Please! Please! What do you want?
Give unhappy lame Alice the Fox alms!
Give blind Basilio the Cat alms!
Go away cadger-pilferers!
Different toys, ships and guns.
Sorry, I’m going to school.
Celestial bolls, very pretty!
Pay five soldi and fly wherever you want!
Sorry, I forgot my wallet at home!
Live tortillas - two soldi at most!
Babies of famous aunt Tortilla!
Please don’t tempt me.
I’m smart and sensible!
I’m going to school now!
Hurry up to see!
A famous puppet theater of Signor Karabas-Barabas
plays only once!
Come on in, people… Five soldi for entrance!
Just one show!
Bring five soldi and laugh until crying!
Hurry up to see puppet theater of Karabas-Barabas!
What a theater!
How interesting!
School can wait!
I’ll just take a look, listen
and run to school.
Five soldi for entrance!
Look, Signor!
I want to see puppet theater so much.
- Just see then! - Will you lend me 5 soldi?
You take me for a fool?!
Or rather…
You could sell anything to this dealer,
you’ll get ten soldi, buy a ticket for five
and for the rest I’ll sell you
a wonderful live turtle baby.
Here it is!
Hello, Signor!
I’d like to sell you
my nice new jacket for ten soldi.
You take me for a fool?!
So then my pretty small dunce hat.
Go away!
In this case
take my nice new alphabet.
- Alphabet... - Well...
Five soldi!
- Just five? - Five! Five!
Leeches, fresh leeches.
- Water, water… - Listen,
why do you torture such a wonderful turtle baby?
- Why? - Release it!
Pay 5 soldi and do whatever you want with it!
5 soldi?
- Take it. - That's a deal!
Now the turtle baby is yours!
Turtle baby! You’re so pretty and heavy!
One soldo and half a soldo and five soldi!
- Water, water! - Nasty Duremar!
Go, turtle baby, drink!
Drink! Drink!
Hello! Give me a ticket in the very first row.
Pay five soldi, boy.
- I paid it for turtle baby! - Go away to your turtle baby!
That is a theater!
Bird was dancing polka On the lawn in the morning.
Tail to left, nose to right This is polka – Karabas.
Two bugs are on a drum Toad blew into a contrabass
All were dancing on the lawn This polka – Karabas!
Bird was dancing polka Just because it feels so good.
Tail to left, nose to right Oh, what a polka it was!
Artemon, remember:
our lives are in your courageous paws.
Destroy the key!
Hey, stand up, idler!
Get it, get it!
Attention! Attention, please!
Worthy public,
my best musician has suddenly fallen ill!
Is there a beautiful artist
playing the flute among you?
I play the flute perfect!
- Do you play the flute? - Yes, play! What?!
- I play wonderfully. - Let’s listen.
I’m a wonderful flutist!
If you don’t lie
you’ll get fifty soldi.
Where are you going? Back!
Rehearsal is going on!
So, one!
Where to blow?
- Clean out. - Hey!
What the hell!
I’m going to burst with rage!
What’s up with you, worthy Karabas-Barabas?
Apply me 6 leeches
behind every ear, now,
or I’ll burst with spite!
Ouch, ouch! I sold all leeches.
- ok… - Where are you going, worthy sir?
For leeches!
Hey, you, rag tribe! Light up the fire in the hearth.
Prepare poultices for me!
But Signor, we have no more firewood!
There is a nice dry log!
Get into the fire, worthless liar!
- Signor, spare him! - Get into the hearth!
Signor, I can’t do it.
- Why? - I tried once
to put my nose into the hearth and just pierced a hole.
That's nonsense!
How could you pierce a hole in a hearth by your nose?
Because hearth and a kettle above the hearth
were painted on the old canvas.
Where did you see the hearth painted on the old canvas?
In the closet of my Papa Carlo.
So it means that in the closet of old Papa Carlo
there is a secret… Ouch!
Well, I give you a life, Buratino,
In addition
here are 5 gold coins for you,
bring them to Papa Carlo and tell him
to cherish the hearth,
painted on the old canvas.
He got the money, and we’ll take it away.
Buratino blabbed, I learnt adroitly.
Firstly we’ll go there
and see if the key fits
into the keyhole…
Ke... key…
So there is a key! The key!
The key! I’m going to get the key!
Aha! This is Buratino
who has stolen the key!
Now I’m going to settle with him.
This is me who has stolen your key and tossed it into a bucket!
- Where is the bucket? - I don’t know.
Where is the bucket?
Where is the key?
Speak up, old rotten leech!
The key is at the bottom of the pond, Tortilla the Turtle has it,
that very Tortilla
whose 24 daughters I’ve stolen and sold,
and 24 sons of hers!
Hush, hush you, we’re beginning!
Onto the stage! Quick!
Quick! Onto the stage!
Hello. My name is Pierrot!
Now we’ll show you a comedy “30 bonks”.
It’s very funny.
I am Harlequin!
Malvina! Artemon! Onto the stage!
Malvina! Artemon!
Onto the stage!
Artemon! We should run! Today! Right now.
- Where? - To the forest!
To my friend motley hoopoe!
“I can’t stand your rudeness any longer,
nasty Karabas-Barabas!
Policemen, policemen!
Right now my best puppet Malvina
and erudite poodle Artemon have escaped
from theater dressing room!
Bring the wretched girl and the poodle to me
alive or dead!
- So? - The dear boy is coming!
- Don’t forget to say ‘hello’! - OK!
I’m afraid of nothing On the road under the moon,
Just because I’d run away In the field from anyone.
- Hello! - Hello!
Hello, kind Buratino.
Where are you hastening so?
I’m going home to Papa Carlo!
Ouch! I don’t know
if you’ll find poor Papa Carlo alive!
- What’s up? - He’s so bad with hunger and cold.
- Have you seen it? - Money?!
Well-heeled Buratino,
what are you going to do with your money?
I’ll buy a jacket for Papa Carlo!
You’ll buy!
Well-heeled Buratino, don’t you want to buy
- ten jackets for Papa Carlo? - Of course I do!
- How can I do it? - I’ll explain to you!
She’ll explain!
There is a magic field in the country,
it’s called the Wonderfield.
The Wonderfield!
If you dig a hole,
put there five gold coins
and to say ”Rex, Fex, Pex”,
the next morning
a tree will grow up -
with beautiful jackets -
cloth and velvet ones,
with golden buttons.
Tell me please, how can I find the Wonderfield?
Go right, then turn left.
Then turn straight again,
it’ll be the Wonderfield…
The Wonderfield!
Thank you Alice! Thank you Basilio!
Don't mention it!
- Get the sacks! - One moment.
Get dressed!
- So, let’s go! - Let’s go!
My sonny!
An extraordinary event has happened to me.
I was saved by a boy from nasty Duremar.
My sonny!
I’m afraid of nothing On the road under the moon,
Just because I’d run away In the field from anyone.
This is very good…
Let me go, don’t touch me!
- Your money or your life?! - Let me go!
Give your money!
- Mew! - Here are the money!
He bit my paw, bastard!
He threw sand into my eyes, brat!
Hold him! Catch him!
You got me?!
- Flew away! - Flew away.
Our money are gone!
- Gone! - You lost the urchin!
- You have missed it! Stinker! - Vagrant!
- Good morning, dear hoopoe. - Hello, Malvina!
Artemon, bring me a mirror!
We’ve not taken a mirror! Sorry!
- I’m dead without a mirror. - Mirror? It’s nothing!
Frogs, bring a mirror carp here!
Thank you, dear frogs!
Thank you, mirror carp!
That’s Buratino!
Artemon, don’t touch him! Pick him up!
Don’t pick me up, I’ll do it myself.
Hello, doggie! Hello, girl!
Hello, Buratino!
Boy, though you fell down from the sky
you should wash your hands and brush your teeth.
My teeth are so clean, I washed my hands yesterday,
- anyway they’ll be dirty. - Boy!
- I’m going to feed you! - OK!
Do you want tea or cocoa?
- Never mind, just sweeter! - Please eat, Buratino!
Don’t hurry, Buratino, eat calmly.
Say, boy, who’s your teacher?
Sometimes Papa Carlo, sometimes nobody!
From now on I’ll be your teacher!
Buratino, put your hands in front of you!
Don’t stoop!
Now we’re going to study arithmetic.
Supposing there are two apples in your pocket.
- You’ll give one to Pierrot. - I won’t give him!
- Supposing! - I won’t give anyway!
Buratino, you’re a nasty naughty boy. You should be punished.
Artemon, take him
to the dark store-room and lock him up!
From my doggish point of view, he’s not guilty.
Just see, Artemon, if you teach someone,
it should be done very severely.
It’s so hard!
Sit quiet, otherwise I’ll bite!
What a stupid girl! She has porcelain head,
but wants to teach:
don’t put your hands into jam, eh.
What should I use then? Legs?
Poor, miserable Buratino!
Here we are, your friends – Alice and Basilio.
Yes! Good friends!
So what, are the money with you, well-heeled Buratino?
Say, where is the money?
Try to take away my money! Here it is, behind my cheek.
Buratino! You forgot about the Wonderfield!
Hurry up or Papa Carlo will be without a jacket!
How can I get out of here?
Get in the rat’s hole.
We’ll be waiting for you at the Wonderfield.
- We’ll be waiting! - Already!
- ...throw him into the pond! - Quiet,
he’s coming!
Pretty nice Buratino.
- Nice. - Dig a hole,
put the money, here!
Put the money!
Put the money! Now!
You’d better go far away.
We even don’t wanna see, where you’re gonna bury your money!
Very good!
We even don’t wanna see, where you’re gonna bury your money!
Don’t peep!
Brex! Pex! Fex!
Grow, nice jackets for Papa Carlo!
It’s time!
Grow, nice jackets for Papa Carlo!
- Let me go! - Wanted jackets
- now you’ll get them! - Don’t touch my money!
- Let me go! - Drag him to the pound!
Let me go, I say.
One! Two! Three!
All boys and girls drank milk
and are sleeping in warm beds.
It's only me who's sitting on a wet leaf.
Aunt Tortilla!
Go and look who has come to us!
Tut-tut, trusty boy.
You’d better be at home and study hard!
I wanted to buy more jackets for Papa Carlo!
Your money are stolen by cat and fox!
What am I to do now?
Mother, this is that little boy
who saved me from Duremar.
- Help him! - Aunt Tortilla, help him!
OK, I’ll try.
Bravo! Aunt Tortilla!
- What is it? - The golden key.
You’ll open a secret door by this key
and you’ll find there your happiness!
Faster! Here!
- Where is the key? - At the bottom!
Near the big stone.
- Thank you, Tortilla! - Look, Buratino,
- don’t lose the key. - Thank you, frogs!
- Go ahead! At the bottom! - At the bottom!
Consider, worthy sir, that the key is already in your pocket.
The key won’t be lost!
Won’t be lost!
Dive! Go ahead!
The key,
where is the golden key?
- I don’t hear! - Higher! Higher!
- What flyer? - Not flyer, just higher!
- Deeper! Deeper! - What clipper?
Not clipper, just deeper!
I’m choking.
Patience, worthy sir, 5 mins more and the key is in your pocket!
Goodbye, frogs! Thank you, croakers!
Goodbye, Buratino!
Malvina, Malvina, My lady!
Malvina has run To the distant lands!
Why are you sitting here? Stand up!
Pierrot! Don’t be afraid! This is me – Buratino!
- Buratino? - How did you get here?
I ran away from Karabas, I’m looking for Malvina.
Are you, huh?
Yesterday I ran away from that girl
- from store-room with spiders. - So, did you see Malvina?
- Yes, I did. - Bring me to her!
- Bring! - What a big deal!
The girl is crybaby and bothersome!
5 thousand buckets more
and consider, worthy sir,
that the key is already
in your pocket!
Pump! Faster! Pump out!
75 hundred thirty…
- So?! - …three!
75 hundred thirty…
… four.
75 hundred thirty…
Look, the golden key,
- I found the key! - The key. Where?
Where is the key?
There will be happiness neither for you Duremar,
nor for you Karabas-Barabas.
I gave the golden key to Buratino.
What have you done, old floating trunk?!
- Water! - One moment, worthy sir!
Duremar! Quick up and after him!
We’ll take policemen, and we’ll catch Buratino up!
- Duremar! - I’m coming!
Sweet Buratino died,
this is my fault,
cruel girl.
Go! Here she is!
Malvina, my life,
I’m with you at last.
- Buratino! - Hello!
Here is a boy for you, you can teach him!
We are all together once again.
We’ll dance, sing songs,
Here, at the wood field we’ll be cheerful!
Buratino, what are you doing there?
Boys, you should wash your hands right now
- and brush your teeth! - This girl
will drive crazy anybody by her teaching!
- Don’t say so! - Buratino!
Trouble! Karabas is coming here! Save yourselves!
Ah! I turned pale.
Malvina died! Sun, go out!
No panic! Artemon, pick up the stuff! Run!
Quick! Here!
Where could they hide?!
- Seek, seek! - Seeking! Seeking! Hush, you!
- Signor Karabas, look. - Artemon’s cap!
Caught, my dear fellows!
All is over! We’re lost!
No, Malvina, no!
I'll blow the brains of the first who’ll come near you!
- Pierrot, you’re a hero! - Don’t boast!
We should be ready for attack of Karabas.
- Malvina! - Buratino, you’re a hero!
We should feed the girl!
Boys, though we’re waiting for attack of Karabas,
anyway you should wash your hands!
What an iron temper!
Buratino, after the lunch we’ll study arithmetic!
We didn’t take writing materials!
- Duremar! - Coming!
- Faster! - I’m here, worthy sir!
God damn! They couldn’t run away so far!
We’ll catch them right now, worthy sir!
The search for villains could take longer!
- We need to eat! - I’m hungry like a cachalot.
Yes, hurry to eating-house “Three gudgeons”.
Follow me! Quick!
To fortify – not bad!
- Buratino, Karabas has gone! - Hold! I have an idea.
Come here!
We’ll also go to the eating-house “Three gudgeons”.
- Are you crazy? - I should get to know
- a secret of the golden key. - This is very dangerous!
Hey, girl, you don’t know Buratino yet!
Let’s go!
- Keep silent! - Keeping silent!
Take care, Buratino!
Come on in, Signors!
Sandro, I’m hungry like a cachalot.
Please welcome!
Hello! They say you’re the bravest cock.
Of course, I am!
Could you lead me to a kitchen?
- Sit! - Thanks!
- Sandro. - Coming!
Bring here a pink piglet
and two big mugs with good wine.
My pleasure, Signor.
I’m bursting inside with fury.
The golden key will be in my pocket.
- The bastards won’t go from us! - Won’t go!
Hey, host, pour the wine
from that pitcher near the barrel.
The pitcher near the barrel is empty, Signor.
- You’re lying! Show it to me! - Right now, signor!
Show it to me!
Here it is!
There's smth white looking black,
there's smth black looking white.
Signors, boil to my tongue, darting pain to my waist -
the pitcher is empty!
Then put it on the table!
We’ll throw the bones in it!
I’ll put Buratino onto my one palm
and clap him with the other!
There will be nothing of him left!
It’s good that he
doesn’t know, that the secret door
is in the closet of his Papa Crl, Crl…
Behind the painted hearth!
Who’s there? Where? Seek!
It might be Buratino!
Here you are, Buratino!
Sandro! Hold him!
Duremar, follow me! After him! Faster!
Now they won’t get away!
Hold him!
They won't get us!
What’s that? What’s up?
What’s that?
Papa Carlo!
- Buratino! - Hello, Pappy! We’ve come!
Hello, my rogue!
Your papa is so good!
Papa Carlo, look, now you’ve got so many kids.
I, Malvina – not even a girl, just a piece of gold.
Pierrot – inventor of stupid poetry, but good old boy.
And doggie – noble and courageous Artemon!
What’s there?
God damn, Duremar! Follow me!
Don’t be afraid, kids! No one will come in here!
I’ll lock the door!
Papa Carlo, pull the canvas down from the wall!
Why should I pull such a beautiful painting down?
There is a door behind the canvas! Open it up! Here is the key!
Open up!
My beard!
- Duremar, my beard! - Coming, coming!
Faster! Faster!
Look, here is some book!
Come here!
What a wonderful book!
What if we’d open it?
Probably there are beautiful pictures inside!
Buratino, open it!
Buratino, look, the book is growing!
- What a wonderful book! - Marvelous book!
Papa Carlo, this book will bring us luck!
We should go to the square to save the rest puppets
otherwise nasty Karabas will kill them all with rage!
Right, Buratino!
Water, quick!
Citizens, we’re going to show you
a magic book with magic pictures.
- Cut the beard! - Sabre! Quick!
Cut it!
My beard!!!
Duremar, follow me, quick! Get them!
In the name of gibberish king arrest them!
Help us, magic book!
The ship is flying! Magic ship!
Help us!
Policemen! Catch Buratino!
- Who called for help? - This is me – Buratino!
- On board! - Yes, on board!
- Take over! - Yes, take over!
- On the ship! - Fellows, right now on the ship!
On the ship…
Hey, Artemon, let’s go on the ship!
Policemen, follow me!
You’ll pay me for that 10 thousand crowns.
The word of Karabas!
Here are your 10 thousand crowns
Get it!
Farewell, we’re going overseas,
On a far and joyful journey.
To the country where it’s no sorrow,
Where we will rest!
The dales and mountains Are beautiful there,
And rivers as wide as steppes.
All kids go to school there,
And old people are doing well.
If you’ll go north In that country,
Go west, east or south
Everywhere everyone
Are friends to each other
Translated by V. Sivtsev