A Message For Teachers About Aspergers And Autism

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Hi everybody!
AspergerSadie from Twitter here,
Or you can follow me on my website, www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com
This is a video out there for
more teachers to better understand and look for the signs of Aspergers or Autism
in their students, and be able to pick up on when they are struggling.
I have Aspergers. I was diagnosed when I was in about 10th grade,
when I was 15 or 16 years old. I'm 22 years old now.
So, basically,
if I were to start doing these specific
qualities, then there may be something that I'm struggling with.
First thing would be: turning in assignments incomplete or late.
That is a sign, right there.
I might be struggling with getting them done,
I might not have written them down,
or I might have had trouble doing them,
or I might not understand them,
or, I don't know. But,
there's a reason for that.
Because, I don't WANT to turn them in late,
I don't WANT to miss them,
I don't WANT to get bad grades,
and I know that I'm not supposed to do that. So,
Being late to school.
Again, it's something that I would struggle with.
I would wake up late,
I might be feeling overwhelmed, I didn't get a good night's sleep the night before,
because I was stressed out because of the school work, I don't know.
But, being late to school is another one.
Resting my head, or putting my head down on my arms,
like when I'm at my desk,
Just, kind of like this,
or putting my head down like that.
That's a sign that I'm overwhelmed and overstimulated,
and I need to take a break.
So, it's a BIG sign to pick up on,
You know, at least for me.
For being overstimulated.
Putting my head down like that. Because it just- I need quiet.
I need to take a rest, or else I won't be able to-
I won't be able to LEARN.
Anything unusual for my behavior that stands out at you.
That is a sign...
I LIKE routine. I like STRUCTURE.
So, anything that's out of the ordinary for me,
THAT should be your sign, right there, that something is not right, I'm not doing well,
You should ask, "Okay, what's wrong? What can I do to help?"
Or, you should try different things.
Ask parents! "This is what I noticed happened right BEFORE the unusual behavior,"
"What do you think could have caused that?"
"Is there something specific that could cause that?"
Big assignments are overwhelming.
(I'm just going into a couple other things here...)
Big assignments are very overwhelming.
Like, if I were to get a big assignment,
I would not be able to schedule it out for myself to get it done on time.
It's just too overwhelming for me to even think about it.
Marked up papers are VISUALLY overwhelming.
A lot of red marks on a piece of paper-
Overstimulates my visual senses, and it's just like, too much.
That's why, I LOVED getting 100s because all I saw were:
100 % Excellent! Good work! Great job! Things like that.
When it was wrong, it was: X, X, X, X, X, X,
All over the paper, "See me after class." That type of stuff. And it was just like...
"Oh, my gosh I can't DO this!"
Also, PLEASE do not move the desks around.
I would go into the classroom, the desks would be everywhere,
Different places. I couldn't find my seat, or
I'd be starring at something different,
It's be distracting me while I'm trying to learn. I'd be looking a different way at the board, I don't know.
But changing the desks around does not help me.
Lights are bright. Please do not flash them, or turn them on quickly!
Flashing lights can be SOMETIMES a little bit okay,
NOT really quickly, though, and
especially like, after a movie, or something like that, do NOT just go:
FLICK! Turn them on.
FLICK! Turn them on.
FLICK! Turn them on.
FLICK! Turn them on.
FLICK! Turn them on.
And, finally, Fire Drills. Big one!
That may cause me to panic.
The fire alarm hurts my ears, and
especially if other kids are excited about it or confused,
It's very, very overwhelming,
So, those are just a few things I wanted to touch base on,
especially for the teachers out there.
Again, you can follow me on Twitter, @AspergerSadie
and visit my website, www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com
Thanks for watching! Bye!