The Great Maratha Part 1

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Year 1759; on the border ofAfghanistan and India.
Once again a shadow started appearing.
Sometimes going down and sometimes rising up.
His dressing was black, but face glowing red like copper.
This was the famous dacoit of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Abdali.
This was the fifth time his grasshopper like.. was coming to spread destruction in India.
This time on the invitation of chief of Rohella Najib-ud-daula.
Who was destroying everything in this country..
..for his own selfish growth and development.
He offered help of his own army to Abdali..
..and went along with him step by step.
No one in India was powerful enough and ready.. face Abdali and save India's pride and grace.
But then came a wave of self-esteem..
..and sense of honour among Marathas.
Peshwa Balaji Bajirao sent an army of two lakh soldiers from Pune.. a distance of sixteen hundred miles under the..
..leadership of his cousin brother Sadashivrao Bhau.
In the year 1761, the armies ofAbdali and Marathas..
..fought each other at the battlefield of Panipat.
A heavy battle took place.
A badly injured Maratha took a new birth from this..
..war and completed the purpose of his life.
On one side, he gave a new life to the dying spirit of Marathas.
And on the other hand he blew the flag of his name in north India.
And the name of that hero was Mahadji Scindia.
The ruler of rulers, the prime minister of India; pride..
..of men; Nawab Ghazi Udeen Khan, Imadul Muluk.. blessing all of us with his presence here.
You can go.
Read the letter.
The Royal News from the humble pen of Kishin Bihari.. the honour of pride of men-and honour of sultanate of Moguls.
The king of kings Nawab Ghazi Udeen khan and this country.
'The shah of Kabul Abdali has attacked Punjab for fifth time.'
'The chief of Peshwas Raghunathrao defeated..
..his son Taimoor and ran him away from India.'
'Abdali attacked again to take the revenge of that.'
'He defeated the army of Shamaji Scindia and completely..
..trampled the whole area from Multan to border.'
'Nothing could be saved; neither the farms nor settlements.'
'Neither any human, nor any animal.'
'One can not see apart from dead bodies and fire.'
This is the sign and warning of destruction for us.
He'll come again and loot away Delhi.
Chief of Rohella Najib-ud-daula has brought this destruction.
He only invited Abdali.
Otherwise he would not have proceeded towards Lahore..
..after being shamefully defeated by Raghunathrao.
Najeeb is dreaming of becoming a king by selling himself.
He is not even worthy of the designation he is having.
That traitor of the country is an open enemy ofYour Highness.
I know that.
And I know that neither Delhi nor our pride is safe till that..
..person is sitting on the throne of the sultanate of Moguls.
A king is the one who protects women..
..his public, its' wealth and kingdom.
What had happened last time in this city and..
..its fort when Abdali had come?
There was heavy loot.
The prayers for that murderer dacoit Abdali were said in the mosques.
Our daughters were sold for pennies in the markets of Kabul.
And mogul emperor Alamgir Saani himselfvacated his..
..own rest house and luxury house for Abdali through..
..his own servants and went some where.
At that barren land of that royal palace?
Where there is settlement of reserved army?
I believe that he'll do the same this time also.
And we'll not let this happen.
Is the intention of His Highness?
To stop that..
To stop a weak kingdom from falling down in the hands..
..of a dacoit of an enemy country and destruction.
Are you ready?
Your command is our sincerity.
Then it's settled.
You'll be with me in whatever I do.
Since three years I am longing to see..
..even the face of my son Ali Gauhar.
He is the prince and future king of this sultanate.
His presence is very necessary in this sultanate.
The emperor of India does not have a bit of love for his son?
Empress Allal Kunwar, I am the emperor of India.
But Imadul Muluk as the Prime Minister of this country.. the real ruler and king of this sultanate.
I can not do anything until he forgives Ali Gauhar. Nothing.
The prime minister and ruler of this country, His..
..Highness Ghazi Udeen khan is begging for permission.. appear before his Excellency, the emperor..
..of sultanate of moguls, great Alamgir Saani.
Permission is granted.
Permission is granted.
Permission is granted.
This humble and loyal servant salutes and is at the service..
..of his Excellency Alamgir Saani, the emperor of India.
What's the news of Punjab?
Where is the army ofAbdali?
It's the time for prayers, your Excellency.
For prayers?!
Najeeb Khan has betrayed you. He helped Abdali.
He has destroyed whole of Punjab and taken its possession.
Anything can happen now.
What happened to Maratha army?
Shamaji Scindia had been defeated.
And his whole army has been destroyed.
No one is alive.
It means we are helpless.
Isn't there any protector of sultanate of Moguls?
Who does not have anyone, Allah is there for him.
And Allah has sent someone for our help.
Mehandi Kuli Khan has brought the news that the..
..powerful saints have arrived in Delhi from Lahore.
From Lahore?
Yes. He saved thousands in Punjab from the destruction ofAbdali.
He had to just lift his finger, and Abdali's armies' horses..
..turned and started running in the opposite direction.
Abdali went walking to him for forgiveness.
He returned him by saying 'Go away from my eyes, you've..
..the blood of innocent on your hands, you'll be destroyed.
What he can do for us?
Everything your Excellency.
Abdali can go back.
And Peshwa's army from Pune can come tomorrow.
Then send for him.
Oh no His Excellency. One has to go and beg at his feet.
For your own crown, for the sultanate of..
..moguls, for our own public and kingdom.
Yes, I'll go.
Where I will have to go?
In the basement of Firoz Shah Kotla.
His Excellency, to get the light, you'll..
..have to bear those forty days of darkness.
Make the arrangements for that. Today only.
Your Excellency, you'll have to go alone inside.
I'll go with father; and not let him go alone.
It's the command of the saint that the needy should come alone.
The prince of moguls also wants to seek blessings.
He should be allowed to go with us.
Your Excellency, that will be the disrespect of his command.
The saint should not become angry and instead curse you.
These are trying times, my dear prince.
You and I can not do anything in this.
So you stay here.
As you command, father.
Wait, you're not permitted to go into women's room.
We have to meet prince Mohiyut Millat.
We have to inform him about king's death.
Let them cover themselves.
Move aside from our way.
Where is prince Mayur Millat?
Be aside.
I am announcing this as the prime minister of this.. that his Excellency fell down from the wall of..
..Firoz Shah Kotla and left this mortal world forever.
And also announced the good news of crowing of prince..
..Mayur Millat and title of 'Shah Jahan Saani' being awarded.. him on the recommendations of the Mogul court.
The prince of this country is requested to accept it.
I have accepted it.
And prince also accepts that until he get the experience..
..the business of sultanate will be looked after by me.
I have accepted that too.
This is impossible.
In moguls and Rajputs, its always..
..the elder son who get the throne.
This is the right ofAli Gauhar..
..and not of his cousin brother.
The decisions of kingdom are done by power.
And power is with me.
What news have you brought Chandrakant Yadav?
There is one bad news prince Salamat.
His Excellency emperor Alamgir is no more.
It is being rumoured in Delhi that he has been murdered.
Because prime minister Imadul Muluk has house..
..arrested your mother on the charges of treason.
Proceed to Delhi immediately.
Ifyou forgive me my life, Your Highness..
..first of all, your army is insufficient.
And by the time you reach Delhi, your cousin.. might be made the king and..
..awarded the title of shah Jahan Saani.
Where did you get this news?
From a soldier of security platoon of Bambal shah.
So, the murderers and evil people will get the throne of Delhi?
No, Your Highness. You're the king.
I announce myself as the king and acquire the title of 'Shah Aalam'.
Arrangements for my crowning should be done.
And I also announce that after my crowning, all ofyou will.. awarded senior posts, designations and properties
Long live, King Shah Aalam.
The great warrior, the chief of Rohella, chief of.. of moguls, Nawab Najib-ud-daula.. blessing everyone with the light of his presence.
God bless you!
God bless you too!
Have your seats.
Chief Barkhudar Khan has come from Ahmed Shah Abdali.
Welcome! Your presence gives me immense happiness.
Allah may shower his happiness on you.
I had sent invitation to Ahmed Shah Abdali to..
..come to India and finish this Maratha power.
Any message from him?
Not only has Shah baba arrived in India, but..
..he has also taken control of the rest..
..of the India and again affixed his victory flag on it.
What good news indeed.
Shah baba wants to know that when and where you'll meet him?
First of all congratulations for success.
Thank you! Thank you!
I am very glad that Maratha caste has been finished in Punjab.
I'll proceed to Punjab with my army from here.
And will meet your king near Burari Jetty near..
..Delhi after ten to twelve days from today.
Please take some rest now. We'll.. about rest of things in the evening.
May god be your protector?
May god be your protector?
Please take him to the royal guest house.
Have your seats.
Congratulations, sir.
The time has arrived for which we were waiting for.
No power of this world can now stop me from..
..becoming the minister of sultanate of moguls.
Why are you showing so much modesty, sir?
Why don't you say that your world will be..
..the land of law from Rohelkhand to Punjab.
No, from Awadh to Punjab,
One of my enemies was Marathas.
Second is Shuja-ud-Daula.
And now I'll kill both of them with just one blow ofAbdali.
Imadul Muluk has anyway cleared.. way by killing Alamgir Saani.
When the star ofyour luck is shinning;
..everything happens by itself only.
Everything has been done; crowing and the party.
The sultanate of Delhi is one; and two kings.
What a sultanate! It has become limited to Delhi only.
Abdali took away the treasure, and army is missing.
And two enemies.
Abdali attacked Delhi five times.
Through chief of Rohelkhand Najeeb khan.
And only one supporter, Peshwa of Pune.
Two thousand miles away from Delhi.
And he himself occupied with Nizam of Hyderabad in south.
Whom Chieftain ofAwadh Shuja-ud-Daula is going to support?
Who is with whom, and who is not, we'll know that later.
When we face Abdali.
Abdali is thirsty of our blood.
But even before that, we are becoming..
..thirsty for each other's blood.
We are not like this, but like this, scattered and..
May king be victorious?
Shri Ganpatrao Khote has arrived from Delhi.
He wants to meet you.
Okay, send him in.
As you command.
Oh, yes! Greetings, Jawahar.
Shri Ganpatrao, general Dattaji Scindia sir is calling you.
May Dattaji king be victorious!
Have you brought some good news?
No, sir.
There is now news even in Delhi about army..
..of king Peshwa which has started from Pune.
Alamgir Saani has been murdered in Delhi.
The soup is being distributed in shoes for kingdom.
Both prince Mayur Millat and Ali..
..Gauhar declared themselves king.
And Imadul Muluk is eating their share like a wise cat.
No mogul soldier will come for our help?
From where he'll come?
There are two claimants of kingdom.
And both are seeking your help.
Its like the well itself is Asking for water from the thirsty.
And news from Shuja-ud-Daula ofAwadh?
No, he is not with anyone yet.
Any news from the royal Pandit Kaashiraj of court of Peshwa?
No, sir.
But Shuja-ud-Daula has got both; army and wealth.
But he'll not help us.
Because Rohelkhand falls in between.
And Najeeb khan is with Abdali.
It means that we are trapped between Punjab and Delhi?
Yeah, its like that. But there is one hope.
The king of Surajvan.
We can get army and provision from him.
He also has his eyes set on Delhi.
Yes that's right. Any command for me?
Immediately inform Kaashiraj so that he does not..
..let Shuja-ud-Daula meet Najeeb Khan at any cost.
As you command, my king.
May the king always be victorious.
Send Tukuji, Jankuji and Mahadji.
Tukuji and Jankuji has gone towards..
..the settlement of Najeeb Khan's army.
And Mahadji?
To get the leads towards the settlement of army ofAbdali.
Stop, everyone.
Who is that?
A Maratha, my Lord.
Only one Maratha against all of us?!
That the condition in Delhi nowadays.
Blow him with the canon.
Gulkuchi Khan; let him have the taste of bombs of canon.
It's the army of Najeeb.
It seems that he is coming towards us only.
Let's go.
Can you people tell me what is the size..
..of armies of Najeeb and Ahmed Shah Abdali?
About twenty five to thirty thousand in Najeeb's army.
Twenty five to thirty thousand.
This Najeeb Khan is an old enemy of ours.
I had taken a vow to behead him.
And Najeeb also knows about this.
And what about Abdali's army?
Abdali's army is marching like a black storm Dattaji.
He has got at least fifty to sixty thousand soldiers with him.
And we are only two thousand.
Then we'll have to leave this place as precaution.
We'll leave for Delhi tomorrow morning.
And wait their without any worry for Shrimant's army.
And if the enemy attacks us before its arrival..
..we'll fight the enemy from within the fort.
And what if they trap us on the way?
We're becoming weak now.
Jankuji is right; we'll fight them fearlessly.
Even one soldier of our army will be more..
..than enough for ten soldiers of enemy's army.
You are right Dattaji.
It's the tradition of our ancestors to..
..sacrifice our blood for this earth and sign..
..our foreheads with the blood of enemies.
The history of India is witness to the fact that a real Maratha..
..leaves the battleground either dead or after killing the enemy.
We have never shown our back to enemies, Dattaji. Never.
The tradition will remain alive and will go still further.
And each Maratha will be a sequence of that chain.
Remember that every person with weapons..
..and atop horses should be armed and ready.
And every walking soldier also should be armed and cautious.
As you command, Dattaji.
Now you people should take some rest.
We have to do something very early in the morning.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Good morning, Dattaji.
I have to talk to you on some very important matter.
Oh, yes. Tell me.
At this moment, all of us are in a great danger.
So I want to fulfil One of my duties,
Please give me permission.
What kind of duty?
Hail Lord Shiva!
Please accept this; and always keep it near your body.
The armour of lord Shiva. But this is yours.
This is the blessing of mother for protection of life.
I am gifting this blessing to you, Dattaji.
You are not someone alien.
We all are sons of Ramoji.
And you are the eldest among all.
Your life is very precious for all of us.
We all are one.
All four of us are brothers.
And it's my sacred duty to protect my younger brothers.
Keep this with you.
I want all my brothers alive.
And I want them to be the living armour of their brother.
No, Dattaji. You are the eldest in the family after father.
You are the general of army.
This flag will blow Till you are alive.
And the pride and grace of Maratha..
..kingdom will live with this flag.
Accept for the cause of this pride Dattaji, if not for yourself.
So, that we can live with pride.
I'll pray Goddess Mother Bhawani that.. brothers remain alive for my protection.
And each one ofyou takes my places one by one, if I am not alive.
An army loses when general of the army is not there.
Just give me your turban.
Mother Bhawani will protect you.
Look! This king of elephants is also singing.
This king Jawahar of elephants..
..has always kept the Scindia flag atop.
Come, let us accept his greetings.
Father used to love him very much.
Then he became mine. - Yes.
He loves me very much.
He loves me like you only.
I have grown up since childhood playing with him.
Oh, yes. King Jawahar of elephants loves all the sons of Ramoji.
May the king always be victorious.
Oh! It's the festival of 'Makar Sankrant' today!
Take this and taste It, elephant king.
They have come, Dattaba.
Blow the trumpet.
Immediately blow the trumpet.
Not a single soldier should remain alive.
Trap and kill everyone.
Fire at him.
Dattaji Scindia.
You are the one who had taken an oath to behead me.
It's you.
Get up. Now lift your hand and cut my head. Come on cut it.
This head and hand will always remain up.
This is not your head which went..
..down in front of an Afghan dacoit.
You have not bowed your head but..
..disgraced this earth on which you are standing.
This earth is under my feet.
And this country will be under my feet.
You.. this Rohilla will become the king of this country.
Ifyou live twelve years together with..
..someone, you'll become somewhat like him.
And the company always affects your nature.
What have you become after living in India for twenty two years?
A slave, a disloyal person.
You've still not changed after suffering from so much?
You want to fight more?
Najeeb, I'll surely fight, if I remain alive.
Dear Khuttum, behead him.
Your head never bowed down Dattaba.
Even after being beheaded, its up with pride.
In exchange of one head of yours, I'll behead each..
..members of Najeeb's family and hang them on walls.
And I'll religiously follow and keep..
..the oath which I had taken with you.
Shah baba we have got all this from..
..the battle with Marathas at Burari Jetty.
And I present this to you.
Oh what is this? It looks very less.
How much you skimmed from this Najeeb Khan?
I swear by your head Shah Baba. I've not take anything.
I have brought everything here for you.
But don't worry. There is something else also.
What else is there?
This famous elephant of Scindia.. King Jawahar is also for you.
Good. This elephant is very nice. I like that.
Send this elephant to Kunjpura.
Okay, Shah Baba. Your command is our duty.
And now the most precious gift will be presented to you.
What is this?
The head of Dattaji Scindia.
Very good! Very good!
His other brothers are also my enemies, Shah Baba.
And one day I'll also bring their..
..heads and put them at your feet.
I promise you. Especially of Mahadji Scindia's.
When northern India was under the terror ofAbdali..
..the army of Marathas was fighting under the leadership..
..of Sadashivrao Bhau with Nizam of Hyderabad Nawab..
..Salabat Jung's army at the peak of Udgeer in south.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Who is doing this accurate bombing, Yashwantrao?
The general of Nizam's canon house, Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
Keep the canons ready.
Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
Stop the fighting. Stop it.
Bring the flag of peace.
Beat the drums and blow the trumpets.
The pride of army of Marathas, the honour of..
..the country, the chief general Shri Sadashivrao Bhau is coming.
I salute to you.
Please have a seat.
This is my younger brother; Mir Nizam Ali..
..the minister of kingdom of Hyderabad.
This is our senior chief or army. - My regards.
Yashwantrao Pawar.
Chief of army. - Salutations.
Antaji Mankeshwar.
Vithal Shivdeo.
And this is the son of begum Mastani of Bundelkhand of..
..our deceased Peshwa Bajirao; Shamsher Bahadur.
God bless you.
God bless you too.
I am glad that you have accepted our conditions of peace.
You'll handover the forts of Daulatabad and Aseergadh to us.
And pay fifteen lakh rupees per year as compensation.
Now sign on this pact of peace.
A canon bomb?!
You have presented this riddle before me.
This is the memoir of this battle..
..which I'll take with me to Pune.
This is the bomb fired from one ofyour canons.
And I was saved by a whisker from it.
Actually this is the miracle of general of..
..our canon house, Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
My assumption was right.
I would like to have the honour of introduction with..
..such a famous and efficient commander.
Where is he?
Present Ibrahim Khan Gaardi here.
This is Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
The efficient and famous student of French general D'Mousi.
He is a Pathan by caste and an Indian by nationality.
Only if I had put one more condition in the pact.
What is left after so many conditions?
Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
If only your other soldier had also fought with..
..such vigour and sincerity, the result of..
..this battle would have been different.
The Maratha foot and horse soldiers have..
..made whole of India accept their superiority.
But our canon house is still a bit weak.
And is dependant like an efficient..
..commander like Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
Respected Nawab, this is my hearty wish and request to you..
..that Ibrahim Khan Gaardi should be given the..
..permission to take care of our canon house.
His Highness Sadashivrao doesn't seem.. be familiar with the character of a Pathan.
A Pathan doesn't know how to trade.
And once his loyalty is written here..
..he lives with that and dies with that.
You can imprison me ifyou wish.
But I can not free myself from the prison of the..
..loyalty in which I have imprisoned myself.
I respect and value your character very much.
And also your efficiency and profession.
I didn't see you as a Pathan or a Muslim.
But only as an efficient commander of canon house.
That's why I have invited you to join Maratha army.
Shall I say something if You don't mind.
I don't accept it.
The principles of Pathan are more valuable than his life.
Ibrahim khan Gaardi will never accept my offer.
I request you to try that.
How can I separate such a good commander of mine?
Thanks for the compliments.
Nawab sir, I give you my word and also assure you.
That ifyou give permission to Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.. head our canon house, the relations between..
..Hyderabad and Pune will always be good.
I can not refuse you. I can give..
..him permission, but can not force him.
You have every right to issue a command to me.
And like always I'll fulfil it.
Ibrahim Khan Gaardi, I will not issue a command..
..but I can surely give you an advice.
You fulfil the wish of Shri Sadashivrao.
I have two conditions, Shri Sadashivrao.
I accept them without hearing.
No, please listen to them first.
The first condition is that Marathas will never attack Hyderabad.
I accept it. That's something manly.
Second condition is, if Maratha's ever attack..
..Hyderabad, I'll not head Maratha's canon house.
I accept that too.
Give me your hand.
From today onwards, I am yours.
And I am yours.
Respected and valorous, magnanimous and full ofwisdom..
..well-wisher of his public, Shri Raj Rajeshwar Rao..
..Shrimant Sarkar, Shri Balajirao Peshwa, is appearing.. the court along with Shri Vishwasrao and Shri Madhavrao.
Sadashivrao, I am proud ofyour success.
A precious gift from Nizam of Hyderabad..
..before his highness Shrimant Sarkar.
The famous, unmatched and efficient commander of.. house of Hyderabad; Ibrahim Khan Gaardi.
Welcome! I am glad to meet you.
I had heard very nice things about you.
I welcome you on behalf of our entire state.
Marathas and Pathans' relations go a long way back.
You must know that Ismail Baig Khan was the chief of..
..Pathan infantry of Shri Chattrapati Shivaji's army.
I know it, Shrimant. I know it.
I'll try to become the next sequence of the chain of that tradition.
Without any doubt.
I appoint Ibrahim Khan Gaardi..
..the commander of Maratha's canon house.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Thanks a lot to everyone.
Shrimant, it has been a great respect for me to have met you.
I am very lucky to have got this chance to serve you.
It's fortunate for Maratha Army, whose.. house will now be under your leadership.
I assure Shrimant of my best services.
I'll take over the charge ofyour.. house from tomorrow only.
Now its not ours, but your canon house.
There should be welcome formalities..
..for our guest and new commander.
Please make arrangements to celebrate this occasion of happiness.
This court should always remain decorated and alive like this.
I have also come here well dressed.
I have come well dressed and with full make up at my best.
I am a beautiful girl with fair complexion.
I am a beautiful girl with fair complexion.
With juicy lips and intoxicating eyes.
With juicy lips and intoxicating..
..eyes dancing and singing forever..
..dancing merrily.
You're a beautiful girl with fair complexion.
With juicy lips and intoxicating eyes.
With juicy lips and intoxicating..
..eyes dancing and singing forever..
..singing and dancing merrily.
Oh this beautiful and aromatic atmosphere.
This atmosphere is filling my heart with such happiness.
Oh this beautiful and aromatic atmosphere.
These bangles are beautifying my arms.
And these earrings are beautifying my ears.
These bangles are beautifying my arms.
How should I bend myself; I have become a bit crazy.
How should I bend myself?? I have become a bit crazy.
Oh, I have become a bit crazy.
I am dancing in merriment with full vigour..
..with my eyes dancing and going wild.
I dance with joy.
You're a beautiful girl with fair complexion.
With juicy lips and intoxicating eyes.
With juicy lips and intoxicating..
..eyes dancing and singing forever..
..singing and dancing merrily.
Oh dear bow your head and take cover ofyour sari.
Oh dear bow your head and take a veil.
Oh dear, someone will cast eye on you.
Oh dear listen to us.
I'm getting drenched.. the water falling from the pitcher.
The water is falling from the pitcher.
Lightning in my body is burning it.
Lightning in my body is burning it.
This lightning is burning my body.
This nine yards sari and tight blouse on my body.
I am dancing in merriment with full vigour..
..with my eyes dancing and going wild.
You're a beautiful girl with fair complexion.
With juicy lips and intoxicating eyes.
With juicy lips and intoxicating..
..eyes dancing and singing forever..
..singing and dancing merrily.
I am faced with a great moment of sadness.
We have lost a lot more at the battlefield of Burari..
..near Delhi than what we had won at Udgeer.
General Dattaji Scindia died a death of..
..valorous person while fighting Najib-ud-daula.
But thanks to God that Mahadji..
..Jankuji and Tukuji are still alive..
..and safe in the Kotputli fort of Rajasthan.
Immediately call the meeting of ministers.
What's everyone's opinion?
Yes, Shrimant. Everyone gives one opinion.
Blood for blood.
Dattaji's death should be revenged.
That murderer and dacoit Abdali and..
..that killer Najeeb should be beheaded.
Shrimant, the army should be instructed to proceed.
Why are you silent?
The updating of canon house is in process Shrimant.
It'll will take some time to make it efficient and complete.
We are in short of time. Anything can..
..go wrong there if we become late here.
After our first battle with Abdali, its very necessary for our.. to reach there for our last battle with him Shrimant.
Mogul emperor Shah Aalam, and minister..
..Imadul Muluk are asking for help as per our pact.
Whose help?!
That minister who has killed his own king!?
Or those two princes who are thinking of..
..themselves as the king, sitting there in Delhi?!
Its waste of our strength, wealth and time to help anyone.
Shrimant, we have a pact with moguls.
We are getting taxes and Other levies from six..
..southern provinces of mogul empire in return for help.
We can keep them under our control by helping them.
This was the strategy offormer..
..Peshwa Bajirao and king Chattrapati Sahu.
We should change our strategies with the time.
But the time is not in our hands.
Our army has been defeated in north.
The entire north India will be in Abdali's..
..hands if reaches Awadh and Delhi.
Then he can march towards us.
Raghuba, the meaning of listening to your..
..advice and not to help the moguls will be..
..that we won't be anywhere in northern India.
And the money we get from the taxes of these..
..provinces and by helping them would be lost.
Our treasure will become empty..
..ifyou have already taken the decision of..
..not listening to my advice.
Why did we send you to Delhi from Punjab?
To get the fame and wealth. Did you bring it?
On the contrary you brought Maratha..
..states under the debt.
You are my younger brother.
But its not between us only. It's the matter of Maratha states.
Look at Bhau. He attacked south and won such a big territory.
1.5 million rupees yearly income, and..
..the forts ofAseergadh and Daulatabad.
I have done a lot more than that for Maratha kingdom.
But you are not mentioning anything about that.
And I know why all this is being said to me.
Now you tell us your decision.
My decision is to avenge the killing of Dattaji Scindia.
To save the country from the destruction ofAbdali.
For that we will send our army to Delhi.
And now I'll put that responsibility on Sadashivrao Bhau..
..he is our cousin brother.
You are Shrimant, and you have the right.
Sadashivrao, you'll be the leader of this army.
I assure you Shrimant, your command is my religion.
Mahadji Scindia and Malhar Rao Holkar will get the message..
..that you and Vishwasrao are reaching there with the army.
And they will meet you there.
Is there any news from our friend..
..Pandit Keshavrao Shivdeo in Awadh?
I had sent him with a message for chief Shuja-ud-Daula there.
No news, Shrimant.
Send him another message.
Tell him to meet Shuja-ud-Daula and take..
..assurance for co-operation with us.
Tell him to meet his mother begum Sadrunissa..
..if he does not agree for the co-operation.
She is very patriotic and has been grateful to us.
The message will be sent immediately Shrimant.
The instructions should be immediately followed.
The court is adjourned.
Long live this great tradition of Marathas and Peshwas.
And long live the rule of these brave..
..and magnanimous kings in this state.
We respectfully salute them and are grateful to them.
We respectfully salute them and are grateful to them.
We respectfully salute them and are grateful to them.
Long live this great Maratha tradition.
Oh, yes! Ooh, yes.
Long live this great tradition of Marathas and Peshwas.
And the living example of that is Sadashivrao Bhau..
..who has fought like the great Sikander.
And our respectful salute to him.
And our respectful salute to him.
And our respectful salute to him.
Sadashivrao Bhau is great son of great Chimaji Appa..
..the general of Peshwas.
The general of Peshwas.
He is incarnation of sun God, this Sadashivrao Bhau.
Sadashivrao Bhau is great son of great Chimaji Appa.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
He is incarnation of sun God, this Sadashivrao Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Enemies heart races when he goes for the war.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
He lights the court with his fame.
He lights the court with his light and the fame..
..of his valour has spread everywhere.
He is lion-hearted, valorous king and a great Maratha.
He is a great Maratha man.
He is a great Maratha man.
He is a great Maratha man.
Are you listening?
As if he has won this whole world by winning the war of Udgeer?!
Listen to it with full attention.
What do you want to say?
This man is like a volcano, with chest of steel and strong muscles.
He erupts like a volcano in the battlefield.
He erupts like a volcano in the battlefield.
As if he has got the melted steel in his mind.
As if he has got the melted steel in his mind.
He has the fire of patriotism in his mind.
He has the fire of patriotism in his mind.
He has taken the name of Lord Shiva at the battlefield.
He has taken the name, oh man.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Bhau has won all the wars he has fought.
Bhau has won them all, man.
This is the efficient war strategy of the general.
This is the efficient war strategy, oh man.
He has got the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Millions of people are praising of general's victory.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Oh Sadashiv Bhau.
Sadashiv Bhau attacked and defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad.
Sadashiv Bhau attacked and defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad.
Oh such is our loving Sadashiv Bhau.
Everyone loves him, man.
This general of Peshwas is..
..the pupil of everyone's eye.
How should I sing your praises?
How should I sing your praises?
He has saved our grace by risking his own life.
And that's our Sadashiv Bhau.
Who has fought like the great Sikander.
And we should salute a man like that.
And we should salute a man like that.
And we should salute a man like that.
He is called the great Sikander, Sadashivrao.
Everyone from north to south knows that who..
..had defeated and thrown out Abdali's son Taimoor.
And who had blown the flag of Marathas on Lahore.
Then why haven't you been made general this time?
Haven't you ever crossed Chambal valley?
Haven't you ever seen river Ganga?
I have not been made because..
..I have to keep an eye on Nizam.
So you have to keep an eye on Nizam!
Then why have we done pact with the Nizam?
Let anyone go anywhere. No one can take my place.
And why there are no such songs for you.
The whole Marathwada sings songs for me.
'There is the red flag of Marathas at Attock.'
I have blown that flag on Attock.
And I have given this saying to Marathas.
But your elder brother didn't give you your right share.
The whole of Pune will be saying..
..that a brother did not believe his own brother.
Keep your mouth shut if you don't know politics.
Politics; and I don't know about it?!
The whole politics gets birth by our nose rings.
Abhimanyu had learnt politics in his mother's womb.
And king Shivaji had learnt politics in his mother's lap.
Durgavati and Chand Bibi knew politics better than men.
What do you want to say?
I will say only when you listen to me.
Always remember one thing.
This elder brother never lets younger brother grow and develop.
May chief Holkar Rao always be victorious.
Najeeb Khan Rohella wants to meet you.
Let him come.
As you command, my king.
Najeeb Khan is coming to meet me secretly.
No one should know that he had come to meet me.
He is coming. You people can go.
This nephew Najeeb salutes and..
..greets his uncle Holkar Rao Maharaja.
Not my nephew, I do regard you as my son like Khanderao.
How have you come here?
Uncle, this son ofyours wants to..
..stay close to you, not away from you.
You are close to me, not away from me.
There is no Maratha or Pathan who doesn't know and..
..who is not amazed that your place is in my heart.
Then you come with us.
With you.. that means with that merciless dacoit of Kabul?!
He'll go back very soon, uncle.
And the territory he has acquired will leave for us.
What has he left?
He has looted men, animals, wealth and women, everything.
He has destroyed everything.
His stomach is full now.
The fire of revenge has died.
You promise to meet him; and he'll go back immediately.
His soldiers want to return to Kabul.
He doesn't want to stay here in summer.
He wants the assurance that Marathas don't attack him.
Only that.
Marathas, and attack!?
The news is that Peshwas are sending their army from Pune.
We have finished the army of Dattaji Scindia.
That army will not be able to fight ifyou do not help them.
Najeeb khan, I am a very cool tempered person.
So, people can say anything they like.
Being a Maratha, should I backstab a Maratha?
He is a Maratha.
But uncle this will not weaken Marathas but strengthen them.
Punjab and Delhi will be ours after Abdali goes back.
I know what you are saying.
I could have even thought over that thing.
But you did very badly by inviting Abdali fifth time.
And did worse by killing Dattaji.
My sword came out, but not for Marathas, uncle.
Ramoji Scindia's sons had become my enemies.
What could I have done?
Uncle you know that even if these hands are..
..cut, they would never lift a sword on you.
And I know that you'll never lift your sword on me.
And you might know this uncle?
That Scindias don't regard you as their own.
I know that.
We Holkars want to keep our control on northern India.
But I'll not do anything which leaves a stigma..
..on the reputation of Maratha caste.
I'll fight Abdali along with Peshwas army with full loyalty.
And you'll fight on his side.
And if the need arises, even there I'll remember..
..that you regard me as your father.
And you also will remember that I regard you as my son.
I'll remember it, uncle. I'll remember it.
But ifyou fight with us..
Like your pawns can win.. Even we can lose and win.
And we can win and you can lose.
I understand this, so should you, Najeeb.
But these relations will be intact.
Hey, Najeeb Khan.
Najeeb Khan Rohelli salutes before emperor ofAfghanistan.
Hey what are you doing this man?
You are a Pathan and my friend.
Instead of standing with a firm chest and high head, why..
..are you bowing down and shaking your hands like this.
You have also become like these..
..eunuchs and impotents of these mogul court.
I am sorry, Emperor. You sent for me?
I have called you and I am telling you this.
I don't want your hospitality now.
I don't want to stay here now.
I had to take revenge from Marathas, I have taken.
I have taken whatever I needed.
My soldiers have also taken whatever they wanted.
We'll not stay here in this summer.
But ifyou go away like that..
..Marathas have become my enemy.
I don't know that.
Either you kill them or make a pact of peace with them.
That's your problem.
The expenditure after army is one lakh rupees per day.
I'll not bear that expenditure and go back.
Allah is great.
Allah is great.
The master of all the people, of great stature, the ruler and..
..king ofAwadh, Subedaar Jalaludeen Hyder, Nawab..
..Shuja-ud-Daula is appearing before all of us.
Have your seats.
We have called today's special meeting because..
..the politics of this country has take a new turn.
Abdali is destroying this country for the fifth time.
He has taken over Punjab.
Our neighbour Najeeb Khan Rohella has helped him in that.
And it is also being expected from us that we also.. a foreigner who has attacked our country.
Here is a messenger of Peshwas, Pandit Keshavrao.
He has brought the message of Peshwa Balaji Bajirao.
That he also needs our help very badly.
This message has brought us at a historical juncture.
What should we do?
I need your priceless advice.
The King ofAwadh is the owner..
..of a big financial and military power.
You are the one who can stop that dangerous Abdali.
Who has trampled and looted India.
King Baini Prasad is right.
We should not help that Abdali, but the..
..powers that are fighting against him.
The first responsibility of the king ofAwadh is..
..the security and well being of public ofAwadh.
Till now our public is safe.
But ifwe don't help him, then that Najeeb khan who is..
..certainly not our friend, can bring Abdali's army here.
Pandit Keshavrao, the safety ofAwadh..
..and its public should be the first priority for us.
Actually I was..
You want to say something?
Oh, yes. The first responsibility of His Highness is Awadh only.
But we have to see that today Abdali is away and Awadh is safe.
But will it remain like that even tomorrow.
Because Najeeb Khan has invited Abdali.
And the day he takes over Delhi..
..Awadh will be cut away from the rest of the north India.
Then who'll stop Najeeb from looking.. Awadh with bad intentions?
Shrimant Peshwa has sent this..
..message maybe with this thought..
..that Your Highness shall help the army which..
..has started from Pune to stop Abdali.
We should not help either Abdali or you.
And remain neutral.
I'll give the news of this decision..
..of His Highness to King Peshwa.
I'll try that Shrimant takes your decision of..
..not helping Abdali as the help of Maratha state.
Pandit Kashirao is appearing here.
Salutations, madam.
Salutations! Have a seat.
I got the message of Shrimant Peshwa.
He has so much faith on me.
He gives such importance to my son..
..and his strength in the safety of his country.
I feel very glad and proud for this.
I regard Abdali as enemy of this.., an animal and enemy of humanity..
..who is selling our daughters and our..
..grace for few pennies in the market of Kabul.
I'll try my best so as the name ofyour son.. not associated with Abdali.
Shrimant Peshwa will be very glad with this assurance of madam.
We want that if the king is not with us..
..then he shouldn't help Abdali or Najeeb.
And he sticks to this decision.
Tell Peshwa Maharaja. That day will be..
..very inauspicious for us and our country too.
When my son walks on the same ground to.. Abdali, where the blood of our sons..
..daughters and daughters - in-law is still fresh.
My son will always be with me and you. Tell this to Shrimant.
Thanks! Thanks a lot.
I want to meet the star of my eyes Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula.
Your command will be executed.
The light of everyone's eyes, the master of everyone's.., of highest stature, ruler ofAwadh, His Highness..
..great Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula is appearing before us.
I salute you, respected mother.
I bless you with long life, safety and fame.
The star ofyour luck always keeps shining.
Thank you!
Respected mother, I came here.. soon as I heard ofyour command.
Tell me, how can I be of any service to you?
I have not called you here so that I can take your services.
Its time that you heartily..
..and sincerely serve your country.
I have dedicated and spent my whole life for that.
You didn't take my hint?
Oh no.
Please explain to me.
I have heard that you have still not decided about whom..'ll help in the struggle between Marathas and Afghanis.
Respected mother, from the political point..
..ofview this is a complicated matter.
Ifwe help Marathas and they win..
..then Imadul Muluk will remain the prime minister.
And this does not have anything good in it for us.
And ifwe help Abdali and he wins..
..then Najeeb will be made the prime minister.
And this also does not have anything good in it for us.
My dear, there are various instances in life where you've.. sacrifice your own benefit for..
..the sake ofjustice and humanity.
And this is that same time in your life.
There is an eclipse on the sun of mogul sultanate.
This is the very tricky time in the history of India.
That foreigner dacoit Abdali has arrived..
..fifth time for the destruction of our country.
And its your duty at this time to take out all your resources..
..and try your best to save your country and its grace.
I request you to give me some time to think about it.
Where is the time, my dear son?
The army of Marathas have started from Pune.
We'll have to praise them for their character.
They are risking their lives to fulfil..
..the promise given to moguls.
The flag of their patriotism will always be atop in the history.
And remember that history can never be altered.
History will never forgive you ifyou.. not show your love for your country.
Either take the blame of being Abdali's slave on your name.
Or write your name in the golden words forever.
Don't be neutral. Help Marathas.
I have said whatever I had to say.
Now it's your own decision.
King Holkar may always be victorious.
Shri Mahadji Scindia has sent a message for Your Highness.
And he has sent me for your guidance.
And how are Jankuji and Tukuji?
Where are they settled?
2 miles away, at Kotputli, Your Highness.
They are safe there.
How many soldiers are there?
When we left Burari valley, we were very few.
But when we reached Marwar, many of soldiersjoined us.
Now let me lead you, Your Highness.
The permission is granted.
Let us go.
Lie down! Lie down, Jankoba.
Uncle Holkar is coming.
He'll be here very soon.
And he is coming now?
Jankoba, forget old things and look forward.
Shrimant has sent a big army from Pune.
Think that the bad days are over.
Our uncle never thought of us as his own.
He is openly calling that Najeeb as his son..
..who has killed our brother and his nephew.
He is on the side ofAbdali.
That murder had happened before my eyes.
I have not forgotten that.
He also has his own political strategy like our own.
Maybe we also didn't give him due respect.
But now its our duty as young ones.. give him his due respect..
..when he is coming to join and help us.
May the king always be victorious.
His Highness, King Holkar Rao has arrived.
You lie down. I'll go and bring him.
May uncle Holkar Maharaja be always victorious!
This is the game of destiny and luck.
Uncle, I have seen Dattoba's head being blown up.
Take hold ofyourself.
Uncle, your relations with Dattoba were not good.
You also forget the old things.
We all respect you very much.
There was nothing wrong in our relations.
Yeah, he used to think of me as a very cautious person.
And I used to think of him as an hyper active person.
He used to be very anxious and in a hurry for everything.
Uncle, you are now our elder.
Take care of us even before we take some wrong step.
And show us the right path.
You all are very brave.
You are not nephews but my sons.
Everything will be all right now.
The army from Pune has also started.
May the king always be victorious!
Chief Bhaan Singh of King Surajmal..
..Jaat of Bharatpur wants to meet King Holkar.
It seems that there is something important.
I'll be back soon.
Let's see, till what time uncle Holkar regards us as his own sons?
He is a very efficient and famous general.
Everyone knows him in friendly and enemy armies.
Abdali had sent one of his ambassadors to him.
We don't know how much we can trust on our uncle.
He also regards as his own son.
Who is our enemy?
Abdali keeps attacking India again..
..and again only because of Najeeb's support.
And he..
Keep quiet! He is coming.
Please have a seat.
This is chief Bhaan Singh.
He has come here on behalf of King Surajmal.
Bhaan Singh, there is no secret of..
..Holkar which is not known to Scindia family.
You can tell them what you have told me.
They will be glad after hearing that.
King Surajmal want to meet King Holkar..
..and general Mahadji Scindia.
He'll definitely come on whatever.. and time you people fix.
This is very good news.
It means that he is ready to help us against Najeeb.
Well! Only king Surajmal can himself tell that to you.
I have an assumption.
Because Abdali has destroyed many..
..Jaat territories in his previous attacks.
And King Surajmal will help us because of that reason.
And we have also collected taxes..
..and protection money from Rajputs.
So, the Rajputs will not help us.
It'll be very good for us if Rajputs even remain neutral.
So, what should I tell king Surajmal?
He can come anytime, as soon as possible.
We'll give him full honour.
May the king always be victorious!
Salutations! - Salutations!
This way.
We are ready to help you.
But, Bhaan Singh has few questions.
Go ahead!
Please do forgive me, Your Highness.
We have heard that you regard Najeeb Khan as your son?
And he regards you as his father?
But we regard him as our enemy.
He is a very diplomatic person.
He uses his sweet tongue where a sword is not effective.
He befriends the enemy and fulfils his purpose.
Whatever you have heard is right.
King Surajmal, I give you my promise.
His personal relation will not come.. between my friendship with you.
I have not done any pact with him by keeping you in dark.
And I will not do that in future.
We regard it as our right to rule Delhi.
King Surajmal, it's the strategy of..
..King Peshwa to keep moguls under control.
Not to take the possession of Delhi.
I will like..
Shri Surajmal, you don't take final decisions..
..when the enemy is standing above your head.
What we need and what we wish. Leave these things on time.
Once we throw Abdali out of this country and become friends.
There will be no dearth of place in this country for us.
I have seen Dattoba's killing with my own eyes.
We could not even perform his last rites.
Ifwe get the blood of Najeeb Khan, Kutub Khan..
..or Abdali, our souls and his soul will get peace.
Ifyou have got the trust on us, then let's go and take an oath.
Let us go.
Hail Lord Shiva!
I'll put the holy water. You take the pledge.
Hail Lord Shiva!
With God as my witness, I take an oath..
..that never alone, without King Surajmal, will I do any deal..
..with Roilla Saradr Najeeb Khan and Ahmed Shah Abdali.
Come, Surajmal.
Take an oath.
I take an oath..
..that with the help of mine and Peshwa's army..
..I'll destroy Najeeb Khan and Abdali.
But I'll always have my right over Delhi.
Everybody's moral is broken.
Everybody is irritated.
To hell with this scorching heat.
Life has become hell.
Just a hell.
Because of the heat, green grass has turned to white.
How will the soldiers fight?
Shah Baba will punish the soldiers. Rebel is definite.
It's useless complaining Shah Baba.
Soldiers want to return home.
They say we don't want to live in this hot atmosphere.
We'll return to our family at Kabul.
He said no. We'll continue fighting and loot more.
I told him. But nobody is ready to listen to.
Try speaking to Shah Baba.
And there's no other alternative.
Let's go to Shah Baba's palace. Let's dare talk to him.
Yes! - Yes, let's go.
Let's go.
Blow the fans, blow the fans.
Oh, this is also tasteless.
God bless you, Shah baba.
God bless you too!
How is this country, totally useless.
There is so much heat here.
You are saying this, right the emperor ofAfghanistan?
Your army is here since eight months.
But we are feeling like its eight years since we are here.
Its for the first time that we've stayed.. so long, its strange.
And our whole army is longing to go..
..back to our country and meet their families.
Every soldier is asking, when we'll go, when we'll go.
Oh, I know that they also want to go to Kabul like me.
Tell them that we'll go soon.
But emperor they are not listening to us.
They are telling us to ask you for the date of their departure.
They are asking for the date from me, from me!?
I brought them here and gave them gold..
..horses, slaves and women.
These pigs are asking that from me?!
Emperor, they are very loyal soldiers ofyours.
You have blessed them with so..
..many things and made them wealthy.
They want to enjoy all these things.
And, shah, Ramzaan is also very near.
They want to meet their wives and children on Ramzaan.
I also want to go to my country before Ramzaan.
But I have told Najeeb Khan that..
..I'll make him the prime minister of Delhi.
My Lord, Najeeb Khan's aim is to keep the army here only.
And the expenditure after the army is not.. easy, its one lakh rupees per day.
Tell him to give the expenses of the army.
I told you, not this way.
He'll come and tell me to stop the army from going.
And then we'll stay here.
His highness, Najeeb Khan has arrived.
He wants to meet His Highness.
He has come on the wrong time.
I want to go for a bath.
My whole body is burning in this heat.
Send him there.
Oh, dear brother! Welcome! Glad to see you.
God bless you!
God bless you too.
You have come at such a hot time.
I am inside this pool.
There is so much of heat outside.
I will go to Kabul.
My army is becoming restless.
Your Highness, you can not do that.
Troubles are coming one after one.
Which trouble you are talking about?
A big Maratha army is coming to Delhi from Pune.
Stop it.
I can not stop it, Your Highness.
And Holkar also hasjoined the war.
He is going to fight from their side.
And that Jaat King Surajmal?
He also hasjoined them.
Join hands with..
He can not do anything.
Then what can I do?
You stay here, Your Highness.
You have given me word.
I have also given my word to my army.
That we'll go to Kabul before summer..
..and celebrate Ramzaan there.
They will surround me from all sides..
..and kill me for helping you, My Lord.
This kingdom of Rohella will be finished, Your Highness.
I brought my army from Kabul with the lure ofwealth from loot.
Now stop them with the lure of salary.
I will stay here because I have given my word.
My treasure is totally Empty, My Lord.
And I can not pay the one lakh rupees..
..per day salary ofyour army.
What if I make someone else pay..
..that amount of one lakh rupees per day?
One lakh rupees like that, but from whom?!
From anyone.
He'll give us money and army also.
But you'll have to support me.
I'll support you, but for what?
A big and healthy chicken is still there in this country.
I'll trap and bring him here.
You bring him and I'll cut him.
God bless you!
God bless you too.
You invited Ahmed shah Abdali..
..and defeated Marathas with his help.
You took a word from him that he'll appoint.. the prime minister of mogul sultanate.
But Nawab Sahib, instead of being on the..
..throne I am on the hanging board today.
Hanging board?
Yes, hanging board.
Abdali is going back to Kabul.
And Maratha army is coming to Delhi from Pune.
And Surajmal Jaat has joined Scindias and Holkar.
Now these people will kill me.
Nawab Sahib, please save me.
This is Abdali's responsibility.
He has sent me to you for that only.
You just meet him once.
I'll not fight Marathas for you or for Abdali.
Shah doesn't need your help for war, but for peace.
My help, for peace?!
Whoever has you with him will win,.
..and Marathas know this very well.
So they will agree for the peace.
But why not without that?
Dattaji Scindia was beheaded at my stance.
Marathas will not agree for peace without my head.
Shah Abdali will present pact of..
..peace to Marathas once you meet him.
Delhi will get the King of Marathas choice.
And you'll be the minister of Delhi.
And after Shah leaves, the entire Punjab will be under..
..your control and not mine.
Maratha will be convinced and Shah will return.
And you'll get what you want.
And my life will be saved.
What if I say no?
Shah Abdali knows that your mother can meet Marathas.
And what will you do if Shah Abdali wins this war?
Nawab Sahib, you only cut my head..
..or save me.
Can I trust you?
You can swear me by anyone, I'll take the oath.
But I'll not deceive you.
Welcome, sir. Welcome!
You have blessed this place and our grace by coming here.
We are grateful to you!
This is your greatness, Shri Holkar.
Mahadji, believe me that I felt very..
..sad with the news of Dattaji's killing.
Shrimant Peshwa has sent his condolences through me.
Thank you.
Who can stop anything from happening, Bhau?
But this wound will always be fresh on my heart.
Welcome, sir.
Have a seat.
How was the journey from Pune to Delhi?
Such a long journey was completed very fast.
Yesterday was the day of sun eclipse.
The eclipse had taken place until we reached Chambal.
We took the bath in Chambal river and then crossed it.
Very auspicious and as per scriptures.
Bhau, when we have to leave for Delhi.
We want to wait for some time, Shri Holkar.
Let the army take some rest.
And let us arrange for the provisions.
And we are also not familiar with this area.
But Mahadji knows about it.
I am ready to do whatever I can.
Take out the road maps of this area..
..from the warehouse and give them to Bhau.
And decide jointly that what else you people need.
Do you need some cannons?
Our army has a very large cannon house, Shri Holkar.
Commander Ibrahim will tell you if he needs anything.
Its very good that a Pathan is the commander of Peshwa cannon house.
Oh, yes. Ibrahim Khan Gaardi..
..who was the commander of Nizam's cannon house.
He has come with our cannon house.
The water has gone into cannons while crossing..
..the Chambal valley, he is having them cleaned.
He has learned from French general D'Mousi that.. should not leave his work to someone else.
Welcome! Have a seat!
Sorry for being late.
What's your opinion about Peshwa's cannon house?
It needs little changes to become the best cannon house of India.
And it'll become the pride for Shrimant Peshwa.
And I'm the protector of that pride.
Well said!
Bhau, you'll win this battle of Delhi.
Now I'm confident.
Sorry to interfere, Your Highness.
Cannon house will help clearing the obstacles to reach to the enemy camp.
That's where itsjob will be over.
After that Bhau Sahib's army will go on..
..and blow the flag ofvictory.
Commander Ibrahim, Pathans don't talk like that.
It is seen, Your Highness, that victory rarely comes to the..
..people who fight wars on the name of caste and religion.
The victory comes to people who..
..are efficient and sincere with their work.
Oh! Glad to see you all.
What is all this happening?
Nawab Sahib, this is the salute of honour to you.
They are showing their happiness to you.
Nawab Sahib, shall I inform Shah about your arrival?
Oh yes, sure.
Emperor ofAfghanistan, eminent..
..guest of India, God bless you!
God bless you too!
Well done, well done.
My naughty brother is trying to stitch patches to the sky.
And has brought a bull instead of a goat for the sacrifice.
I'll not make you a prime minister but the king of this world.
You will rule here after I leave this country.
Thanks, Your Highness.
Now we have to tell Nawab Sahib that,.
I'll tell lies for you.
I will show him green pastures.
I'll make him tell about his treasure..
..without even touching him.
But not now, tell him to take rest.
Tomorrow bring him to the palace.
You have brought these gifts for me..
..and come here on my invitation.
You are from the same religion.. I am, and I regard you as my brother.
Now come and embrace me like a brother.
Najeeb Khan is also my dear brother.
I'll leave.
I will make you the Prime Minister of this country.
Once I leave, all the territories..
..will be controlled by both ofyou.
Yes, I agree, not once but hundred times.
You are like a mountain and I am like dirt.
I couldn't even think that,.
Don't think, by God you will be the ruler of this country.
This is the hand ofwealth, power and friendship.
Have you broken your relationship with Marathas?
Yes, broken.
Spread this news everywhere.
That Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula is with us, now with Marathas.
Listen! Listen! Everyone listen to this.
The ruler ofAwadh, Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula..
..has decided not to help Marathas in the war.
And now he has entered into a pact with Abdali and..
..Najeeb Khan.
What has this happened?
Now who will stop Abdali?
Its our own country man helping him in our destruction.
You are right.
Your own mouse in your house can burn..
..your house by using the wick ofyour own lantern.
Why didn't you tell me that my son is going to meet..
..that dacoit and merciless killer Abdali at..
..the stance of that shameless bastard Rohella?
Whoever has gone to meet him, has come back in such..
..a state of inhumanity that neither he nor anyone else in..
..his family has been able to lift his head due to the disgrace.
I would have stopped him.
He has disgraced everyone with himself.
I only need your order.
I only need your order.
I am ready here.
I am ready here, even ifyou want my life.
I am ready here, even ifyou want my life.
What is the life which does not have love in it?
What is the life which does not have love in it?
Ifyou have a heart then you need the feeling of love in it.
Ifyou have a heart then you need the feeling of love in it.
I am ready here, even ifyou want my life.
How should I lift this veil from my face in this party?
How should I lift this veil from my face in this party?
Because this diamond is precious and needs a caretaker.
Because this diamond is precious and needs a caretaker.
Because this diamond is precious and needs a caretaker.
I am ready here, even ifyou want my life.
You are the one for whom my heart was longing.
You are the one for whom my heart was longing.
This heart needs a guest like you only.
This heart needs a guest like you only.
This heart needs a guest like you only.
I am ready here, even ifyou want my life.
Very nice! Very nice!
Sir! Sir?
You idiot, can't you see that I am busy?
Please forgive me for this, My Lord.
Your mother is coming here.
My regards to respected mother.
You could have called me?
Why did you take this trouble?
This party ofwine and music!
So this is the condition of my dear son?
I had come to see that at whose feet..
..the fortune of my country is going to beg?
And who is going to trample it under his feet?
Honourable mother, I'll be made the Prime Minister.
This is the promise ofAbdali, not Najeeb.
The promise of dacoits is only with their lootings.
Those who always become jealous by looking.. others' house have fire in their hearts, not light.
Abdali and Najeeb will never be yours.
Marathas are not also ours?
They didn't help the father?
But they are helping the mogul sultanate..
..and you are the King of that sultanate.
They are protecting the country in which they are living.
You couldn't face Abdali.
But Raghunathrao made him leave this country.
And Najeeb again called him.
But for what?
To make Prime Minister.
But whom? To you?!
You are still a kid.
And I had to come here to save you.
To save you from the friendship of devils.
Even before these beasts get to you, come back with me.
I'll not go back, I'll go still further.
And when I come back, this sky will be under.. feet.
May God fulfils all your wishes.
But I am telling you what I can see.
You'll come back empty handed even..
..without being able to greet your ancestors.
And you'll feel thorns in your throat when..'ll listen to the prayers of this Moharam.
And you'll see many faces of your own countrymen in your dreams.
We have reached so near to Delhi..
..but still there is no trace ofAfghani caravans.
It seems that Abdali has taken his army and gone further.
And he has left his two thousand soldiers here.
But where are the Delhi's Afghans?
Haven't they also run away?
Mahadji, you're familiar with this place, what's your opinion?
Abdali will not fight with us like that Bhau.
He is a very smart man.
He must have gone further with his main army.
And must have left one of his platoons behind.
You are right.
Abdali always destroys and finishes people who run away.
His soldiers know that and are always ready for the prey.
We should let our selected soldiers proceed further.
And tell them to fire occasionally.
And as soon as Afghanis start firing, you start the bombing.
Are all the preparations complete?
Oh yes, we have placed the cannons as per the map.
And we have also kept ammunition near the cannons.
Shall we start firing?
Not now.
Our soldiers have gone to seek their whereabouts.
Only when Afghanis start firing on them.
But bombing will not be done blindly.
Afghanis will try to calculate our distance and strength.
They will calculate that how much ammunition they have.. fill in the cannons and only then they'll attack us.
Fire now!
Congratulations, Bhau.
Congratulations for the victory, Bhau.
Congratulations, Bhau. Congratulations!
Sardar Daulatyar Khan?
Yes, sir.
Where is emperor Alamgir Saani..
..and Prime Minister Imadul Muluk?
Your Highness, the emperor, Prime Minister and..
..the whole royal family has gone to Bharatpur.
Bharatpur? Why Bharatpur?
For their safety, Your Highness.
We have come here from Pune for their.. and they have gone to Bharatpur!?
Shrimant, when kings become cowards.
Generals are trapped in politics.
Conspiracy becomes the character.
And when valour turns into cowardliness, then this happens.
Commander Ibrahim is right.
Whom did we appoint on this throne of kingdom?
How is this Prime Minister?
And how is this mogul sultanate?
Gentlemen, this sultanate has crumbled and scattered.
That's why we had to come for its protection.
Daulatyar Khan? - His Highenss!
And where are the armies?
They have run away, Your Highness.
No one had the courage to stay after..
..hearing about Abdali's arrival here.
So these are the people we have come to protect?
Vishwasrao, we'll have to protect them.
Until there is a powerful ruler at Delhi, the foreigners..
..will keep coming from the open doors of Punjab.
And they will keep taking control of Delhi.
But we are based at Pune.
Until our army arrives for help,..
..the dacoits will rob Delhi and go back.
To stop that we'll have to strengthen the rulers of Delhi.
Shrimant, until the rulers are powerful..
..the army doesn't become strong.
A soldier fights only when he knows that the..
..king sitting there on the throne is ready to fight.
And our misfortune is that both Shuja-ud-Daula..
..ofAwadh and Najeeb Khan are mogul rulers.
And both of them have the power.
But one of them turned out to be a traitor.
And other didn't come for our help.
That's why Delhi is weak.
But we are not weak.
We have made Abdali run away.
And once again made the mogul flag blow on the red fort.
We've made the mogul flag flow, but where are moguls?
What have they done?
Nothing has remained here.
The silver was affixed on these ceilings.
The whole ceiling of this hall of court was of silver.
There were jewels everywhere.
First Nadir Shah robbed it.
And then Abdali.
This is the stand of marble where royal throne was placed.
Nadir Shah robbed and took this also.
Respected sir, is this the place where royal throne was placed?
Royal throne, what are you talking about sir and about whom?
What wasn't there at the place you are standing?
You are crying about the royal throne?!
I am crying for everything which was here.
This marble which has become yellow like bare..
..bones, sometimes used to illuminate with jewels.
With diamonds and pearls, with silk..
..curtains embroidered with gold and silver.
Those masterpieces of art, on which kings..
..princes and princesses used to sit.
Sun, moon and stars used to salute them.
Everything has been destroyed, sir.
Everything has been destroyed.
Who are you?
And what do you do here?
I used to help emperors in their Namaaz (prayer) at one time.
But now when I lift my hands, I myself can understand..
..whether they are for prayers or for mourning.
Bhaan Singh, we have been just told that king Surajmal.. angry with us due to one of our mistakes.
When our soldiers went to rob the.., your soldier stopped them.
Is it your order that Delhi should not be robbed?
Yes, we only told our soldiers to not to rob Delhi.
But when our soldiers win some place, then they loot it.
They loot it because they don't get salaries.
And that loot is their only prize.
Bhau, Bhaan Singh is right.
The armies which don't get salary come to fight only for this.
And provisions for them are also arranged by robbing the areas.
But when we pass the areas whose kings are..
..our friends, we don't go on looting these areas.
Then the expenditure of army is borne by the..
..person for whose help the army has gone.
Maharaja Holkar is right.
Either mogul emperors bear the expenditure of our army..
..or we should be allowed to rob the red fort.
Bhaan Singh, mogul kings have taken away everything..
..which was here while running away from here.
There is nothing in the red fort..
..either for you or for our army.
And Shrimant, the army should not be allowed to loot.
Otherwise it doesn't remain under control.
You are wrong, it remains under control.
It definitely remains under control.
See Abdali's army, it always wins, it wins because it loots.
But it doesn't loot or rob its own country.
And we people are not robbers and dacoits.
We have not come to win over Delhi or rob it.
We have come to save those unfortunate who..
..have been robbed five times by foreigners.
Abdali is still not defeated.
He has gone to that side of Jamuna river with his army.
We have to defeat him.
And we have to make our army understand for that.
That we don't have to rob Delhi but Abdali after..
..defeating him who has robbed our country for five times.
And now the question of army's expenditure,
Daulatyar Khan?
Yes, sir.
Emperor had handed over..
..the red fort to you while going to Bharatpur.
There must be some part of his treasure left in this fort.
Where is that?
I swear on, Your Highness, that I don't know anything about it.
But then there must be gold and jewels left back.. Abdali's army when it came here for looting.
They have left nothing, Your Highness.
Abdali keeps the loot at Kunjpura to send it to Afghanistan.
Where is Kunjpura?
Sir, its about two hundred miles away from here.
We'll attack Kunjpura.
Tell the soldiers that They will get the.. fourth of whatever we get from there.
I want to meet King Surajmal to make him believe for that.
Shrimant is welcome.
I'll inform the king immediately about it.
You idiot, worthless!
I had instructed you people to protect Delhi.
What have you done this?
Marathas, a very big army of Marathas.
Marathas have taken the possession of Delhi.
How, how did they get the possession?
We couldn't face them.
We were only two thousand. - Two thousand?
How much army we brought from Kabul?
And how did they get the possession?
Surajmal joined them, and they also had a very big cannon house.
Cannon house, how large a cannon house they had?
Very large.
How much army out of the two thousand soldiers came back?
About four hundred.
You idiot, only four hundred came back?
Did you bring the weapons?
No, we threw them In Jamuna river.
You threw the weapons in Jamuna river!?
And saved your life and came here?!
You useless fellow!
Behead this worthless!
You think that.
Yes! Yes, Your Highness.
This is the time to take over Delhi.
We didn't get anything even from the red fort.
Sadashivrao has brought elephants,.
..horses, servants and women from Pune.
They are going to attack Kunjpura, you take over Delhi.
You take over Delhi.
May the king always be victorious!
Your Highness, the supreme general of King Peshwa Shri Sadashivrao Bhau..
..has arrived along with his chiefs.
Bring them inside with due respect and protocol.
Yes, Your Highness.
Today you'll talk to him, Your Highness.
You've already told them that you have the right of claim on Delhi.
The supreme commander of King Peshwa, Sadashivrao Bhau.. appearing along with his chiefs.
Congratulations! Every body is welcome, come along.
Please, be seated.
Bhau, I am very glad that we got victory in the war.
What are we going to do now?
The credit of the victory goes to you only.
Whatever we do, you are going to be with us.
Abdali's treasure and all the stock of the..
..provisions are stored at Kunjpura fort.
And we want to attack that fort.
And what about Delhi?
Delhi belongs to moguls.
We don't accept it, Bhau.
We will have the control over Delhi.
We will not take the possession of Delhi.
We'll hand over Delhi to moguls.
Delhi belongs to Jaats Bhau, and they will only take it.
But before Delhi we have to decide about Abdali.
He is not defeated yet.
He is sitting over our head. We have to defeat him.
We will defeat him, but Delhi belongs to Jaats.
We can not take this political decision.
We have taken that decision.
And we have already told that.. king Holkar and all ofyour brothers.
Surajmal, you have taken the oath.
That time also we didn't include Delhi in it.
And now also we will not include it.
We'll attack Delhi, and you?
We'll be with you in the attack, but..
..Bhaan Singh will remain at Delhi.
No, my father King Peshwa will decide about Delhi.
Your father King Peshwa is in Pune, and we are in Delhi.
We'll remain there, you can go to Kunjpura.
Do I have the permission to say something?
I am the commander of Peshwa army.
And I am also fighting on your behalf in this war.
Ifwe divide ourselves, Abdali's strength will be doubled.
You have the right to decide about Delhi.
But Abdali has the right to decide about all of us.
Ifwe don't give this right to him,..
..he'll snatch this right from us.
I am not saying this as a politician but as a soldier..
..who can see how Abdali has made Shuja-ud-Daula..
..join him, who is the enemy of Najeeb Khan.
Because he knows that one can fight a war alone.
But win it only when his friends are with him.
And they are with him till the end.
We'll be with you but only after taking Delhi, otherwise never.
You are not eating your food properly, what's the problem?
Uncle, King Surajmal Jaat went..
..out of hand due to my angry retort.
He would have done whatever he..
..had to do, even if you hadn't retorted.
Ifyou want to win the war then you have to win him back.
Keep stalling him.
Never fight with a man.
Don't say either yes, or no.
Ibrahim Khan tried to persuade him so nicely.
He could have accepted it if he wanted to.
I knew it.
But we had to reach Delhi.
And we couldn't have reached there without Surajmal's help.
But now its not the problem of Surajmal.
It's the problem of our army.
Neither we have paid them salary, nor do we have the provisions.
We also have women with us who..
..are asking for the money from men.
There is so much to purchase from the markets of Delhi.
I had said no to that.
It was a big mistake to bring so many women with us.
We don't even have food for horses and elephants.
They are feeding on high farms and roaming loose.
We can't even attack Kunjpura until..
..we arrange for the provisions and money.
Bhau, has Mahadji brought any news about Kunjpura?
He got the news that Abdali's messenger has been caught.
Who was going to Kunjpura.
He has gone for his questioning.
Sadashivrao Bhau, my salute to you.
Salutations! Salutations!
Bhau there's a very important thing.
Our soldiers have caught One ofAbdali's..
..soldiers who was going to Kunjpura.
We have got a letter from him.
Take this.
This is in Persian, Ibrahim Khan, read this and tell us.
Shah Abdali's command for the caretaker of Kunjpura fort.
There is a flood in Jamuna river..
..and we are stuck on the other side of it.
Maratha army has taken advantage..
..of this and taken control of Delhi.
Our whole ammunition and provisions are at Kunjpura fort.
The fort should be protected till the last man.
A platoon of army has started from Sarhind for your help.
We can also send one platoon for your.. ifyou can make us cross Jamuna river.
Try to gather more and more boats and..
..send these to us across Jamuna river.
Now we have to take possession of..
..the treasure and provisions deposited at Kunjpura.
Bhau, now anyhow we'll have to take control of that fort.
So that Abdali's strength and provisions are cut off.
But this is not an easy task.
Because Kunjpura is the centre of his wealth and supply.
He must have done a good arrangement for its safety.
That's right.
Ibrahim Khan, what is your advice?
I have full faith in my cannon house.
I'll use it in such a way that Kunjpura..
..will not be able to save itselffrom us.
We should attack Kunjpura as soon as possible.
Bhau, preparations for attack on Kunjpura should be done.
We'll arrange for the provisions and money.
Even if it's less not more.
We should not attack now.
We have sent for money and provision from Pune.
We should wait for that.
It will take a lot of time, you don't know Jamuna river.
The Jamuna river is flooded like never before.
And it has kept Abdali that side.
Abdali will be here once the river ebbs down.
And the army from Sarhind will be on our heads.
Any other advice?
We need more provisions this time.
Because Kunjpura will not be reached in one day.
And we need only soldiers who will fight.
Women, servants, and cattle should remain here.
And it would be better ifwe send them back.
I have heard you in the past and today also I heard you.
I have also seen you commanding.
Now I have come to understood that where we..
..make mistakes and lose the wars which could be won.
I have seen French camps and their efficiency.
I have seen them winning more wars with minimum soldiers.
I have learnt some things from them.
That an army is not a crowd.
Wars are not won with more soldiers but..
..the proper use of men, provisions and weapons.
Commander should obey the orders after going to war.
But before going to the war he should tell..
..sincerely what we are going to face in the battle.
Marathas are playing in front of our eyes.
How long we'll have to see them like this.
I want to go across.
How will I cross the river?
We have sent so many men at so many places.
But its very difficult to cross this flooded river.
So I'll have to wait here.
So that more army from Pune arrives here.
Tell me that when this river water is going to ebb down?
I have never seen a flood like this, Shah.
This can take even a month.
Till when my army will be with me?
Since how many days we are here?
Its seven days, Shah.
You have promised to give one lakh rupees per day.
Its seven lakhs now, when are you going to pay?
Whenever His Highness says.
Give me now.
I'll bring, permit me, Your Highness.
Permit you for what?
Your Highness, wait inside the camp, I'll just bring it.
Come soon, I'll wait for you.
Barkhudar Khan?
The honourable chief of Rohella, general of mogul.., His Highness Najib-ud-daula is appearing.
God bless you.
God bless you too.
Tell me why have you taken this trouble?
Ahmed shah Abdali has called for Nawab.
Shah Abdali has called me, but why?
Nawab Sahib, I don't know why?
He gave me the command and I came to you with it.
There may be some urgent work.
Let us go.
Whenever this Rohella comes, my head becomes very hot.
This is Rahu, he takes sun and..
..moon in his mouth and there is total eclipse.
God bless you. - God bless you too.
Sit down.
Tell me, Shah, why have you called me?
Why will you not give, tell me Barkhudar Khan?
You agreed that you will be made the Prime Minister.
You'll become the supreme ruler.
That you'll help us.
Shah Baba came here for that.
You'll have to pay the expenses of the army.
Najeeb Khan didn't tell all this to me.
He just told me that Shah Baba has called.
Why should I have called you?
Made you Prime Minister, and bear the expenses of army?
What did you think of me?
I am your guest and you'll give me the hospitality.
You'll pay me one lakh rupees per day.
You'll not go.
But one ofyour men will go and bring 2 million rupees.
This is my order.
But, Shah?
I don't want to hear anything.
Do what I tell you.
Sir, these are the gold coins worth 2 million rupees.
Take these, Fida Ali.
I am giving these away as alms in the name of my dear son.
This is the gift from the people ofAwadh.
Respected begum, believe me that..
..Nawab Sahib is worried and in problem.
Pray for him and give some consoling message for him.
About the message?!
Tell him that Najeeb has taken out his..
..own saliva of greed and put it in his mouth.
And now don't let the taste of blood..
..ofAbdali's mouth come to your own mouth.
Tell him to help Marathas openly..
..or secretly if he gets the chance.
And foreigners don't make Prime Minister to local people.
They make them prime traitors Or prime slaves.
Kunjpura fort is placed very precariously.
It has Jamuna river on east side and a valley on its south.
On one side is a open ground and other side its door.
And its on a little distance from here, Bhau.
Our soldiers will go to get the information.
We have to very secretly know about the security of the fort.
And where all our enemies are placed.
And from which side the fort can be attacked.
Our soldiers will be disguised as shepherds and cowherds.
They will try to go as near as possible.. the fort while feeding the cattle.
They can be searched, so no one will have any weapons.
Daulatyar Khan's men will be with them.
They know the local language.
So no one will doubt that they are Marathas.
And Bhau tell us that who will be with which army.
You'll have cannon house soldiers with you.
They will fix the place where cannons can be placed.
And they will judge the distance of the fort from there.
They will have trained dogs and pigeons with them.
The time they take in going and..
..coming back, tells us the distance.
Is Abdali going to attack?
Oh no, Jamuna river is at its peak.
And we can judge by seeing its..
..surface that its not going to ebb down soon.
Abdali does not have boats.
And he can not cross the river in this condition.
We can attack Kunjpura without any worry.
You are right, there is no chance of any attack.
Then why this bombing?
Abdali doesn't want to remain in dark.
He wants to know whether our cannons are here.
Or they have been sent at some other camp.
I would like to do bombing in reply.
But we have to send the cannons for Kunjpura.
We'll surely send the cannons Bhau.
We'll keep very minimum cannons..
..which will daily keep on bombing here.
So as Abdali believes that our cannons are.. only and we have not sent them anywhere.
Are you ready? Fire!
Yes, here is their reply.
They are here only, and they want to fight from here only.
No, Shah Baba, they won't fight from here.
They will cross the river from here only.
But how will they cross it?
We can not cross, how will they cross it?
This is their country.
And they must know that from where to cross the river.
Its okay, Shah, we'll have to remain cautious.
They may not attack us while we are careless.
No, there is no need to worry much.
The flood has come suddenly.
The boats of both the sides have drowned.
Neither they can come here nor can we go there.
How come their bomb has reached our camp?
They must have brought the big cannons.
No, Shah, this is not the big cannons..
..but Ibrahim Khan Gaardi's efficiency.
Ibrahim Khan Gaardi!
Come, we were waiting for you only.
Bhau, I am sure that my trick has been successful.
Now Abdali will think that our cannons are here only.
This is a very good thing, Bhau.
Now listen to a newjoke.
And what is that?
Vishwasrao has been appointed on the throne of Delhi.
Yes, this rumour is not only circling Kunjpura..
..but also in the surrounding areas.
So we are not going to get the grains and cattle food easily.
But who has passed on this rumour..
..that Marathas have captured Delhi?
Surajmal has gone separate from.., he also can spread this rumour.
Najeeb Khan's spies also can spread this rumour.
Bhau, we'll have to immediately do something, otherwise..
Tomorrow, we have to kill two preys with one arrow.
That'll make both Surajmal and Najeeb's trick unsuccessful.
We'll announce that in the absence of mogul emperor..
..Alamgir Saani, his son has been appointed as the king.
And Shuja-ud-Daula as his Prime Minister.
But Shuja-ud-Daula..
This is politics Vishwasrao.
Give your hand to the one who is with you.
And don't let the one live with..
..someone else if he's not with you.
Absolutely correct.
Before attacking Kunjpura we'll..
..take the local people in our confidence.
And divide those who are helping Abdali.
One more announcement should be done.
That we are leaving Delhi.
Is this politics or some military strategy?
Whatever, because when we will leave to attack..
..Kunjpura, people will think that we are leaving Delhi.
But actually we'll be reaching Delhi.
Vithal Shivdeo?
Yes, Your Highness.
We are close to Kunjpura fort.
We'll place the army at night only.
And as the light increases in the dawn,.
..the cannons will fire three coloured bombs.
This will be the sign of the attack, till then we'll camp here.
Fire the cannons.
Fire the cannons.
Fire the cannons.
Attack! - Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Kutub Khan!