Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Expenses When Hiring Celebrities

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel, from the Celebrity Source. We're talking about hiring a celebrity, and
specifically in this segment, we're going to talk about how to pay attention to the
standard minimum expenses, that you're going to have to pay, for a celebrity. First of
all, you want to know that you're going to need to offer a limousine service. In other
words, the easier you make it for a celebrity to say yes, to your particular project or
request, the more likely they're going to say yes, and offering a car service is certainly
helpful. If travel is involved, a celebrity minimally, will travel first class with two
people. In other words, they won't travel alone, so be prepared to cover, two first
class, round trip, air. Also be prepared to cover, first class hotel, usually a suite.
A per diem amount, an amount per day, that will be there to give the celebrity to cover
meals, and extra expenses, and then also keep in mind, hair and makeup expenses, if you're
doing a heavy media day. In other words, if you want the celebrity to do a lot of media,
or be on a talk show, or do a video news release, or a satellite media tour, you're going to
have to cover the expenses, for that celebrity's hair and makeup. It's also important to know,
that you should not negotiate these kinds of deals, unless you do this on a regular
basis. A celebrity's fee is only going to be as high, as the last time that they were
paid, the maximum amount of rate, so if you go in and you don't understand what the going
rates are for celebrities, and you offer more than that celebrity is used to making. Guess
what you've done? You've just driven up the rate for that celebrity for the rest of us,
so don't try this at home kids, if you're not a professional. Trust a company like ours
or another professional, that understand the celebrity business. Don't try negotiating
these things on your own.