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Master Xehanort's prediction was right, afterall.
Master Xehanort is here, too?
Could there be some new info?
My, my...I need to hurry up and find some place to settle down.
Excuse me, old man.
Did you drop this book?
Let's see?
Hm...This is not mine.
But, what an interesting book it is.
I feel it has the ability to awaken its inner heart.
The ability to awaken its inner heart?
Old man, could I see this book for a minute?
My name's Merlin, not old man. The Great Wizard Merlin.
It's not my book in the first place. I'll leave it here, so you can view it as you like.
Thank you, Merlin.
Terra! Aqua!
Ven! Now!
We did it!
Thanks to our great teamwork.
Oh, yeah! I got these tickets.
What for?
Year round passes to the opening of Disney Town.
It's supposed to be lots of fun!
They told me to come back with my parents.
Your parents?
But, Ven, I can't believe you've come all the way out here.
I'm fine!
I even beat this masked guy who was badmouthing Terra.
You met the masked boy?
you should go home with Aqua, afterall.
No way! I'm going with you guys.
No. We have important duties to fulfill,
and they're bound to bring danger along.
What are these "important duties", Terra?
Somehow, it doesn't sound like the same mission Master sent us on.
The fact that I'm fighting to destroy the darkness hasn't changed.
Since I first saw you in another world I thought maybe...
you've gotten a bit too close to the darkness.
What're you talkin about, Aqua? Terra would never--
Have you been spying on me?
Is that part of Master's orders?
No way...
I see.
Don't follow me!
Each of us must follow different paths.
Terra, you're wrong!
Master isn't doing this because he doubts you!
He's just worried about you--
Master Xehanort is the only one I can rely on now.
You're Terra, right?
The old dude just wouldn't shut up about you.
So, I came all this way just to give you the invite in person.
What're you talking about??
What a bad-mannered dude.
I mean that old dude, Xehanort.
I've got him captive.
If you're gonna lie, you'll need to do better than that.
There's no way Master Xehanort could get captured by a guy like you.
How 'bout you see with your own eyes whether I'm lying or not.
I've got the old dude tied up in the basement below the castle garden.
You better come before I get tired of waiting.
Master Xehanort!
This old guy's pretty stubborn.
'Cuz of him, I had to get my hands all dirty.
Why you! What's your motive?!
That. It's called the keyblade, right?
There've been lots of dudes running around with those key-like weapons lately.
The old dude here's one of 'em.
When I asked him about it, it just sounded so cool,
I couldn't help but want one, too.
A guy like you doesn't have the power to wield the keyblade!
According to the old dude, you've got the power to become a master, right?
Which means, if I kill you, the keyblade'll suit even me just fine.
It's kinda a messy way to get things done but...
there's no way out now!
Woah, there. You better not lay a finger on me or else the old dude'll suffer.
I've got some pretty big stuff up my sleeve, and it's called a handicap for you.
You're a pretty sad excuse for a keyblade bearer.
What are you doing, Terra? Fight!
But then you'll--
Don't worry about me!
If you're defeated like this,
just think of the shame you'll bring to your teacher, Eraqus, and all your fellow trainees!
Use the keyblade!
Guess my bluff's no good anymore.