Christmas Clubcard Exchange

Uploaded by Tesco on 12.11.2012


The Christmas Clubcard Voucher Exchange is here.
But what does it mean for you this Christmas and how can you get more from your club card
vouchers? Lets find out. The Clubcard Voucher Exchange lets you increase
the value of your club card vouchers to spend in selected departments, online, at Tesco
Direct or in store. In the current Clubcard Exchange you can exchange
every five pounds in club card vouchers for ten pounds in exchange tokens to spend on toys and bikes,
clothing, domestic appliances and personal electrical, home and furniture, Finest wine
and Finest Champagne, flowers & plants, Christmas decorations, lights and trees, skincare, cosmetics
and fragrances, phones & accessories, books, frozen food and opticians.
Don't worry if you don't have an actual five pounds voucher, you can use smaller ones to make
up the five pounds. If you exchange a voucher that is more than
the amount you want to exchange, we'll credit the difference in points back to your account.
So how do you go about exchanging your vouchers? First decide where you would like to spend
your vouchers. Whether it's in store, online or at Tesco Direct.
Just so you know, if you want to spend your exchange tokens in store, you'll have to select
the department you want to spend them in when you exchange.
Details can be found on the club card website. Once you've chosen where you want to spend
them its time to turn them into tokens. You can do it at the Club Card desk in store or
online. To sign up for an online account go to
To get started go to

To exchange your vouchers select where you'd like to spend your vouchers, then click exchange.
Select how much in vouchers you want to exchange
and click add to basket. Next login and confirm your address by clicking
Enter the codes from the vouchers, one at a time, clicking 'Use Code' each time.
Lastly, review and confirm.
You have until the 5th-13th December to spend
your tokens.
Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas!