Gundarr - Beach Body Toddy (Ep #6)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 13.07.2011

[Toddy:] A little sun, a little surf,
and some sexy senioritas.
I don't even have to think about Gundarr!
That stupid meat-pile.
(Sniffs the air) Aaaah.
[Toddy:] That's right, ladies!
Toddy the Body is in full effect! Ooh!
Who wants to put some coconut oil on my
magic wand?
Heehee! They dry up terribly in this heat.
(Electronic music playing)
(Women scream)
(still screaming)
(Gundarr CHARGE)
[Gundarr:] Haha ha hah!
Heads up!
(Muffled scream)
[Gundarr:] Oh! Good catch, little fella!
Hey, Kevin! Go long!
Oh yeah!
Gundarr such a forgettyful-pants!
[Gundarr outtro]