Aatish - Feel The Fire (English Subtitles)

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Here...you will have to do this part of the work.
l swear...if l had a physique like yours...
...l would have bowled over all the girls in lndia.
ln such a big place, where could Kania...
...have hidden the fake currency printing dyes?
lf it were some female's handkerchief...
...you would have traced it within a minute.
Look at this!
Uncle will be very happy! Uncle is very fortunate!
When the rascal Kania doesn't find the dyes...
...his face will be worth a look.
ln fact, Kania's face will be worth a look...
...when he doesn't even find this godown!
Are you sprinkling rosewater in some marriage or petrol?
- Hurry up. l'm very hungry. - This petrol is very much like you.
ln appearance, it's as cold as water.
One can never know that it must have so much fire within.
Looking at you, who would know...
...that all the girls of Mumbai are stuffed up in your little heart!
Don't you speak like this!
As it is, where are the girls in Mumbai these days?
All of them have become Putlibai's!
What are you doing?
- How fast can you run? - l see...
You want to enter into a race with me?
Not with you...
...but with this fire!
- You want to race with death? - Life becomes joyful...
...when one runs holding the fingers of death.
What do you say?
Fire is very menacing.
As soon as it touches petrol, it shoots out like a bullet.
We are no less.
You are a flame. And l am fire!
What do you say?
- Let's do it. - Shall we?
Didn't l run fast?
That's fine. But you have the plates, don't you?
Yes, the plates are with me.
Kania is in for some complications.
Baba and Nawab have burnt down our godown.
That's destiny.
lf you say, l will blow apart both of them.
You are my younger brother.
l can sacrifice several such godowns in your name.
- l won't involve you in this fight. - Then would we sit quietly?
Enjoy yourselves.
l am there to look after the business. l am your elder brother.
Nawab and Baba are the backbone of Uncle.
Everybody knows.
Only l know what the weakness of Uncle is!
Do you know what Uncle's choice is?
He likes gold, Mona, and...
...Mona along with gold!
Please speak to Baba and Nawab about me.
Let me think it over.
l am your nephew. l am your blood.
By working as an ordinary driver in your business...
...not just me, even you are insulted.
Please speak to Baba and Nawab about me.
l am constantly worried that because of your foolishness...
...the two of them shouldn't have to face trouble.
What did l do to make such a thing happen?
So you have come?
These are my two arms, my two tigers...
Baba and Nawab!
What's the matter? Why are you so sullen?
Uncle, the work has not been done.
The work has not been done? You didn't get the plates?
- We didn't. - What say, Pakia...?
You said that your information is very accurate.
Yes, Uncle. The plates were in Kania's godown.
The thing is...
Kania got to know about our imminent arrival much before.
We were only 2. And they were 50. They surrounded us from all sides.
We forgot the plates and somehow saved our lives. What say, Baba?
lt doesn't matter if you didn't get the plates.
l can sacrifice thousands of plates in the names of tigers like you.
l will deal with Kania later.
How could you, Baba?
He's lying.
- Here are the plates. - How wonderful! Bravo!
- l knew. - What do you mean?
l know both of you since the past 15 years.
And in the 15 years, it has never happened that...
...you didn't execute an assignment successfully.
- Uncle...about me... - l remember...l remember.
This idiot says that you should involve him in business.
- What do you feel? - How can you say that, Uncle?
No matter how much you teach a donkey, it can never become a horse.
- Come on, now! - Phone for you, Baba.
Yes, mother. l am coming.
Why? What happened? ls everything fine?
Mother is feeling somewhat ill. Uncle, l am moving.
All right, then, Uncle.
What happened?
The car has broken down. Let's check what's wrong.
l don't understand what's wrong with it?
lt's become a problem.
The problem has been solved.
Excuse me...
Did you think that person to be the hotel's doorman who parks cars?
Then you give your car to strangers just like that?
There are some people...
...who don't look like strangers in the first meetings too.
Do you believe that he will return?
He will return. He will surely return.
A girl...and a car!
How wonderful, Lord!
l pray at the shrine. But He gives everything to him.
Mother, you are unwell. Still, you are sitting here?
May your enemies become unwell.
l have only one ailment. Of telling lies.
Mother, why did you send me false news?
Ask yourself. lt has been so many days since l last met you.
You know how my work is.
What kind of work is this? l will go and meet your boss.
And ask him why he makes my son work so much!
But he compensates with the money too!
To hell with such money. For name's sake, l have two sons.
But none of them is close to me. One son is at the police academy.
l wonder what kind of a training he is undergoing?
He doesn't telephone for weeks altogether.
What? He doesn't even telephone?
l will go straight to Pune and take him to task.
You don't have to do that! As if you are always close to me!
l might pass away, living all alone to myself.
And both of you would not even have time for the last rites.
Mother...you know that...
...l left home for the sake of our livelihood.
lf l hadn't left home, Avi wouldn't have got what was his due...
...and the new life.
l know. Avi has got his due. But what about your due?
You even gave him what was due to you.
l won't let him make merry all his life.
l am waiting for the day when he returns from the Academy...
...as a police officer, and start earning.
But when will you return home?
l am always scared that it might be too late.
l know that the path that l have chosen is wrong.
But when there is only one path left to be chosen...
...the right and the wrong doesn't have any meaning.
The path that l chose following Avi's hunger and your tears...
...that path took me to diverse destinations.
Mother, l was a kid then.
l didn't know how difficult it would be to return from this path.
Still, l didn't let my criminal activities affect Avi.
Come back, Baba.
You have compensated more than you had to.
Return home now. Take my oath.
Take my oath, or l will slap you.
Mother, shall l take your oath, your slaps, or food cooked by you?
Eat the food first. Come on.
- Mr. Kadar! - Who is it?
- Where are you? - l am here!
- Please come out. - Just a minute.
- Please let me see you, Government. - Here is the government.
- Where are you? - Here l am.
- What are you doing? - l am counting the change.
- Greetings. - Greetings.
- How are you? - l am fine.
- What brings you here? - l am feeling hungry today.
l know. When you feel hungry, you come to my door.
Otherwise, why would you come to me?
What would you like to eat? Shall l serve you the breast?
- No! - The heart...the ears..
- No! - The eyes, then?
No! l feel like eating the brain today.
The brain? The police has eaten away my brain.
Where from shall l serve you?
l am not talking of your brain. l am talking of a goat's brain!
Where does the goat have brain? Yes, l did find a goat with a brain.
When l was about to slaughter it, the goat pleaded not to slay him...
...since he was appearing for S.S.C. exams.
l advised the goat against it since he had to die some day.
He didn't pay heed. Today, he is making rounds at the college.
How ridiculous! What's the connection between a goat and the college?
The boys who attend college are like goats.
Sometimes they are at the mercy of a job...
...sometimes at the mercy of a girl.
All right, then. Treat me to an omlette, at least.
You will have to slog hard for that!
- Slog hard? - Yes. Do you want to see?
- Yes. - Come along.
- Look at the fun. - All right.
- Hey, Go Through! - Go Through?
The voice enters his ear from here, and goes out the other way.
He's deaf. He can't hear.
You want to eat mangoes?
Aam (Mangoes)? Shall l die? Go to sleep?
Shall l late (lie down)?
l see...late...
You mean...Aam late...Aam late...
Aha! You want to eat an Omlette!
Then say so! l will get it!
Come, be seated.
- This waiter... - Forget it. lt's a daily routine.
- Tell me, where's Baba? - He must be on his way.
l swear...if l don't see the two of you together...
...l feel as if life is incomplete.
Pay heed to what l say. No matter what happens in life...
...don't let their be any rift in your friendship.
- Promise? - Promise!
l promise too!
- Greetings. - Greetings.
What have you ordered for?
But why are you talking of eating? Didn't you go home?
Your mother must have fed you to your heart's content!
Couldn't you have brought some food for me too?
l don't eat the stale food of this place.
- l feed it to the customers. - What?
- Did you meet your brother? - No, l am on my way. Come along?
l have to visit the shrine today.
- Gosh! l had forgotten! - Did you see? He forgot, he says!
Some day, he will forget his friend for his brother's sake.
- Such things happen. - How can you say that?
What will you do if you are required to choose between...
- ...your friend and brother? - l will tell you what to do!
lf you talk like this l will break the heads of both of you.
- What will l break? - The head.
Now go to the shrine and pray.
- Shall l pray for something for you? - Go ahead.
- Shall l pray for a wife for you? - A wife?
All right. Even if the wife is 60 years old...
...she should have wealth amounting to one-fourth of 56 crore rupees!
56 crores? ls that all?
Move it now! Come on! You speak as if you are a King!
Do you know, Pooja? First you will have to meet my brother at home.
lf my brother approve of you, it will mean everything's okay!
What if your brother doesn't approve?
Then you look for another boy, and l will look for another girl.
You are so scared of your brother?
l am not scared. l adore him!
You don't realize what a big person my brother is!
- 6 feet 2 inches. - l am not talking of his height.
- His chest is 42 inches. Right? - You are right!
l have flicked this jacket from him. lt's great, isn't it?
That's why it's so loose-fitting on you.
- What did you say? Loose-fitting? - Yes!
Put your hands on the car. Spread your legs. Let me search you.
l am an inspector who gets angry very quickly.
Sometimes even l get scared of my anger.
What are you holding? A jacket? Let me search the jacket.
Perfume in the jacket?
Turn around!
l had come to see what you do at the Academy!
You are so busy that you didn't even go to meet Mother?
You didn't even telephone her? Mother is furious at you.
But what can l do? So much of drills, studies...
l have to study so much. Such big books!
Sometimes l read through the nights. The drills too are so backbreaking.
You don't realize how much of hard work is involved in this.
- Your timing is indeed ridiculous. - Why? What happened?
l am trying to create a good impression.
- lf my mother gets to know... - l don't understand.
Brother! She's Pooja...
...and he's my brother!
So she's your fat book, is it? l don't find her too fat!
What about your studies for the whole of nights?
You must be finding it hard, don't you?
- l will take you to Bombay. - No, no! Brother...
Unless l don't work hard, l won't get the fruits.
Fruits? l can see the fruits that you've got.
And about that back-breaking drill that you spoke of...
...what is that?
- That was about parades! - l see...
So you call it parade. And what do you do?
- Love! - Love?
That's only part-time, brother. Otherwise, she studies too!
l can read you too! Your height is 6 feet 2 inches.
Your chest is 42 inches. You like light-brown clothes.
You have an import-export business. And you don't know swimming...
Enough of it, Pooja. No, Pooja...don't!
Brother, whose car is this? lt cannot belong to you.
- lt belongs to a lovely friend. - A lovely friend? Or a girlfriend?
A lovely friend!
- You? - l didn't see you here before.
l have opened this shop recently.
- Your keys. - ls it just the keys...
...or along with the keys, the car too?
Along with the car, the driver too is there.
l have never seen a flower selling flowers.
Will you just see, or buy something too?
l will buy all your flowers. How much do they cost?
Around 4000.
Give me the address. Where do l send it?
- Your name? - Nisha.
l don't want flowers.
l am at fault. And the flowers are being punished?
The flowers are being punished. And you are sweating?
Here...wipe off your sweat!
- Sweat?! - Please take it.
lf l were in Baba's place, l would have picked up the girl...
- ..and parceled her right away! - l would say...
Let Baba just mention it once. l will pick up her entire family!
How would you know what love is?
One should go straight to the girl and ask her...
'Will you give me a kiss? Or shall l slit your throat?'
Rascals! Get out!
Come here!
What are you smiling for? You deaf person!
Get out!
Who? Then say so! Why beat around the bush?
Won't you go away, rascal?
He was eating my head! And why were you asking them?
- Are you nervous? - Yes.
This girl has shot into my heart like a bullet.
She sells flowers, yet fires bullets.
That's why it's said that one cannot trust the female species.
When l was hit with the bullet the first time...
- ...it hadn't been so painful. - But the pain is sweet, isn't it?
- But what next? - What do you mean?
Will this matter proceed further or not?
How will it proceed further? You know l cannot do a thing.
l too don't know anything. l haven't fallen in love often.
How are you, brother?
- Greetings. - Greetings.
What's the matter? Why is everybody so sullen?
Do you want us to dance around?
Hey! This is a ladies handkerchief!
A ladies handkerchief? ln brother's hand? lt is not possible.
- But it is! - lf it is, it must have fallen down.
- Return it to whoever it belongs. - lt didn't fall down.
lt has been forced into his hand.
- But why? - ldiot!
Why does a girl give her handkerchief to a man?
To wipe the nose clean.
l see! So you clean your nose with the handkerchiefs that l gave you?
Your love story has become old. Let this love story be born.
There's some telephone number on it.
- lt's the same girl's number. - ls it?
Think of something for your brother!
Let's make the phone call. There's absolutely no problem!
- Telephone the girl? - Yes.
- And what will we tell her? - You tell me what l had said?
How will l tell you? Ask her.
- What did l say? - You had asked what time it is.
- Yes, we will ask for the time. - You had better do as l say.
You telephone her and say...
- What had l said? - Ask him!
- What had l said? - You had asked for my comic book.
Yes! You may ask for the comic book.
Bravo! First ask the comic book, then screw-driver...
...then ask for lollipop. 50 years will go doing this.
The thick hair will thin out. And you will turn bald.
Don't depend on them. Think something yourself.
l will do something myself. Nobody has to tell me anything.
Give me one plate phone.
A plate full of phone? Do you want it fried?
- Give me a phone! - Then speak clearly!
Here! And speak with courage! Enough is enough!
Like a tiger!
l am Baba speaking.
l want to meet you tomorrow!
Where? At Kadarbhai's restaurant!
That's what style is!
That's how it is, isn't it? Come on, get up! Get out now!
- Your name is Nisha? - How did you know?
lt had been printed in the newspapers that...
...the girl who comes from this direction will be named Nisha.
Shall l show you a miracle?
- Miracle? - Yes. lt's right here.
Come...come on! The hotel belongs to me!
Be seated.
This is the miracle!
She is Nisha!
Say hello!
He is Baba! Say hello!
Looks like l am running a class of love!
Would she like to eat anything?
- Would you like to eat anything? - No!
You ask him if he would like to eat something?
- Would you like to eat anything? - No!
Would she like something to drink?
- Would you like to drink something? - No!
You ask him...would he like to drink something?
- Want to drink something? - No!
Come on, now! You don't drink or eat anything.
You are wasting my time. Get out of here!
Go and roam in the garden!
How strange!
He can break the teeth of 20 people all alone.
But he can't speak to a girl? What a fool!
Sir, what will happen of them?
What will happen of them?
What will happen? lf the love season is not in shape...
...they will go to their homes.
lf the love season is fine, they will sing a song.
- lt seems so strange. - What?
That l had built such a strong fort around my heart...
...that a flower-seller could break through it within no time.
- Why did you build the fort? - To protect myself from being hurt.
Those who run away from swords, are often cut up by flowers.
Today's girls go steady with kiddish people.
lf this trend continues, soon they might start dating infants too!
Sometimes you should go on a date with young people like us.
Then you would know what a man is!
The evening ended too soon.
Don't be so greedy. There will be another evening tomorrow too.
Tomorrow is too far away.
Only till here today! All right? Go home now.
That's it! Go home now!
There's something on your lips.
- Now? - Yes.
- ls it clear? - No.
Then wipe it yourself.
- ls it clear? - No, there's still more.
That's enough. Go now.
- His name... - Baba!
Hey! What are you doing?
Your shirt is wet. l will dry it.
- Hey! What are you doing? - Your clothes too are wet.
- What's this? - This...?
ln my childhood, l was trying to catch a kite for Avi.
l fell from the roof. l broke three of my ribs. See?
ls it? Even l had been hurt in my childhood.
l fell down from the bicycle. See?
- Look here...over here! - Where?
Yes...O God!
- And here...on the back! - There's a mark on my back too!
- Did you see? - Where?
Down there!
Over there...down there!
- l can't see it. - What are you up to?
- Look, Avi! l have got it! - Here l come, Pooja!
l am leaving, brother!
First tell me...who directed you to this place?
- Mr. Kadarbhai! - l see...
He's Avi, my younger brother.
- And she's Pooja, his education. - l read her a lot!
Didn't l tell you what a physique my brother has?
His arms are sexy! His legs are sexy!
His back too is sexy!
Shut up...shut up!
- What do you want? Money? - No, we have adequate money.
- Then? - Brother, actually the thing is...
A new club has been opened.
We thought of going there for dancing and partying.
Along with us, your life too will become interesting.
But your life is already interesting.
- lt's very interesting. - So we should be leaving.
Just a minute...Nisha, would you like to go?
Yes, of course. Let's go. l will change and come.
How wonderful!
So, then, brother...why don't you put on your clothes too?
Where are we going?
- What are you saying, Nawab? - Yes, it is true!
Pakia has accepted money from Kania for killing Avi.
That rascal has made this move to get the plate back from us.
Pakia knew that Avi is Baba's biggest weakness.
He proved to be a traitor!
Don't worry. Nothing will happen to Avi.
l won't let any harm come to Avi. Let's go, Nawab.
Don't leave the scoundrel!
No, no...
Forgive me, Baba!
Take this, Baba. Chop off the rascal!
Open the door, Nisha.
What is it?
l want to speak to you.
- l can hear you. - Open the door, Nisha.
What is it?
Don't touch me!
- Listen to me. - l don't want to hear anything.
l thought you would support me. But now l am scared of you.
l feel ashamed to even think how l could let you touch me.
Go away from here! l don't want to hear anything.
- Listen to me, at least. - Go away!
You are a killer! You are an animal!
Go away from here.
- Listen to what l have to say! - l don't want to hear anything.
- l don't want to hear anything. - Listen to what l have to say.
Go away from here!
Do you think that this world is like a flower-shop...
...it's like clothes, like cars?
Have you ever digested hunger? Ever gulped down your tears?
Tell me...answer me!
l have done it!
This world doesn't know what decency is.
Here, one has to fight for one's rights.
One has to snatch one's rights!
l don't know anything. l just know that you are a killer!
Yes, l am a killer. l am a demon.
ln your view, l am the most abominable being in the world.
But remember one thing...
When the decency of the city will fall short of...
...protecting your honor, on that day, you will remember this demon!
You play well. When did you learn?
ln my childhood.
But l never heard you playing it?
The day this pistol came into my life...
...this mouth organ went out of my life.
Ever since then, l found it again yesterday.
You had stopped playing it so many years ago.
Still, you didn't forget how to play it.
l too thought that l have forgotten everything.
But when this mouth organ came into my hands, l remembered everything.
And my breath had been waiting for this mouth organ.
The same iron is used to make a mouth organ and a gun.
Still, there's so much difference in the two.
For me, it will not be easy to hold the gun.
How can you say that? Baba has called you for some work.
And you say it will not be easy for you to hold the gun?
This will be my last assignment. l have thought about it.
ls it? But have you ever thought what else you can do?
- No. - l will give you an idea.
You play the mouth organ on the footpath...
...and l will beg for alms from the passers-by.
No acting. Come on, Uncle has summoned us.
Come on.
After you dealt a blow to Pakia...
...Kania has agreed to enter into a deal with me.
The fake-currency plates that you had flicked from his godown....
...he is prepared to buy it from us. But he has laid down a condition.
That the transaction should be executed not here, but elsewhere.
But, Uncle, Nawab is scheduled to visit the shrine today.
Ah, yes!
lt happened because of him! Wasn't it him who fixed today's meeting?
And you say that you want to enter the business!
Didn't you know that l visit the shrine this day?
- l didn't tell anything to Uncle. - Let it be.
Uncle, l will manage on my own.
l don't think it is advisable for you to go alone.
- At least take Sunny along. - What?
This idiot will go with Baba?
Well, Uncle? Did you find only this fool to replace me?
He mustn't even be knowing where the pistol's trigger is located?
Tell me...does one pull the trigger with the finger or the knee?
And he wants to accompany Baba! l will smash you, l say!
How wonderful!
l didn't know that you would have so much faith on my abilities.
Many thanks for your encouragement.
You have been hurt? Take Sunny along.
Go, Sunny. Take out the car.
Fool! You are going on business for the first time.
Seek Uncle's blessings, at least.
lt's all right. But stay close to Baba as if you were his shadow.
l am leaving, Uncle.
Take along my gun. lf Kania tries anything funny...
Kania is arriving in a helicopter. Something is wrong.
Stay alert!
- Nawab didn't come? - He's gone to visit the shrine.
That's his luck.
- Let's talk business. - Let me clarify something.
- What? - l had told you...
...not to involve my brother.
Still, you offered money for my brother's contract killing to Pakia?
You too bashed up my brother!
There's a lot of difference between your brother and mine.
My brother is not a part of our world, while your brother is.
- Did you get the plates? - Where's the money?
How strange! l have to buy my own plates!
Uncle too had a right over them.
The one who possesses has a right over it.
lt's in my possession now.
lt's a matter of luck!
You played foul?
No, Baba. The police is on all four sides.
We will deal with this rascal later. Come on. Let's go!
ls this your ploy?
lf it were my trick, why would l have accompanied you?
- To get myself in a soup? - All right.
Come on.
Come on, Baba!
- You had better run, Sunny. - l won't leave without you!
l am responsible about you. You had better run away from here.
l won't leave without you. Come on, Baba.
- Run! Run! - No!
- Run! - No!
But when will you return home?
l am always scared that it might be too late.
l had told you beforehand not to send along this rascal!
My friend must have been in a soup over there...
...and this fellow must have been wondering how to load a pistol.
l am not at fault! Baba himself told me to run away. Believe me!
Why do you address Uncle? Tell me!
Come on, tell me!
Baba asked you to run away, and you ran away?
lt was his decency that he let you run.
Do you eat grass or what? Why did you run away from there?
lt was your duty to stay with him.
Remember that a thousand Sunny's like you can be sacrificed for Baba!
lt's Kania's conspiracy. He ran away, but landed me in a soup.
Kania will have to pay heavily for this double-cross.
Don't you worry, Nawab!
l have sent my men to find out where Kania will be right now.
l know where Kania will be.
l suppose you are taking along somebody.
Whom should l take along now?
Without Baba, as it is, l have become half of my capacity.
But even in my limited capacity, l will wreak havoc on Kania.
l will wreak a lot of havoc on him.
You haven't slept since three days.
You should sleep. Everything will be fine.
l should go to sleep? l should go to sleep?
Wouldn't l dream of him?
My younger brother...?
l am scared of sleep.
He will come.
He will appear in my dreams.
Wouldn't he tell me that Nawab is still living?
He would ask me if l am an impotent person?
l am not impotent!
l want Nawab!
Why do you give alms? lt's you who will ask for alms now!
Gulam was my second eye.
You have deprived me of him.
l won't kill you.
l will punish you in such a way that you will die everyday...
...and remember Gulam's death.
l will do such a thing that you will be unable to do anything.
You will live. But you will pray for death everyday.
l will make you a cripple and make you sit along with these beggars.
You have killed my Gulam. l will chop off your legs!
This cannot be...never!
lt's only for our protection.
To ensure that Baba doesn't speak out to the police...
...we should have some guarantee with us.
And that guarantee is his mother.
l know Baba very well.
He will die but never open his mouth.
Besides bashing up people, nowadays, the police employs such techniques...
...that make even the toughest of criminals break down.
Moreover, we are not causing any harm to his mother.
We will only keep her with us as a form of guarantee.
The moment Baba is released from the jail...
...we will release his mother.
You are only my nephew, Sunny.
Baba is dearer to me than my own son.
l can never treat him in such a manner.
ln that case, it is better for you to die, you old man!
Shut up! l have been patient enough with you.
At the time of negotiating with Kania, l had informed the police...
...so that Baba gets out of my way for good.
And l knew...on Thursday, Nawab visits the shrine.
That's why l fixed the meeting for Thursday.
Later, ensuring the elimination of Kania's brother by Nawab...
...l weakened his strength too.
And then, Nawab too has been cleared off.
Today, there is nobody to face me.
From today, l am the King.
- Who are you praying for, Mother? - For you, and for Baba.
- What did you pray for Baba? - A long life and happiness.
So that he may commit more crimes?
What nonsense? Are you in your senses?
Look at this, mother.
Tell me now...will you ask for more blessings?
Yes, l will.
Baba is a thief, and l am a thief's brother, and you a thief's mother.
No! My Baba is not a thief.
And you are a mother. You are an ideal.
lf you defend crime like this, what will happen of this country?
l am not defending crime. l am only defending my son.
For a mother, her son is like her country.
You are concerned only about your country, aren't you?
Go and tell your country that it gives every mother the right...
...that instead of seeing her son dying of starvation...
...she should be able to throttle the son to death.
Ba... ba...
...is not in the wrong.
Baba, don't be under the impression that...
...the fire of pyre of mom's funeral has cooled down.
Till both of us are alive...
...the fire of this funeral will continue to burn between us.
Don't get worried. Our business is such...
...that sometimes we win, sometimes the police wins.
But in the past one month...
...our goods have been confiscated for three times continuously.
Such a thing has never happened before.
And it's the same police officer who has confiscating our goods.
Who's this new rascal in our world of us decent people?
He's a new boy who's hell-bent on being honest.
- What's his name? - lnspector Avinash.
Baba's younger brother, lnspector Avinash.
First the older one troubled me. Now the younger one is at it?
Hey! You are Avi! Baba's younger brother!
Then why quarrel? Come on, you may take your share.
Baba's brother is like my own brother!
l am lnspector Avinash. Not Baba's younger brother.
Baba is not my brother!
What's all this? What do you want to prove?
- l was only discharging my duty. - ls this what duty is?
You had nearly killed all of them. To their good fortune, they survived.
And the fake currency that you must have confiscated...
...you burnt them down. lf an enquiry had been ordered...
...you would have surely been suspended by now.
lt has been only a few days since you joined duty.
And such an attitude!
Were you executing your duty, or did you turn insane?
They tried to bribe me.
They tried to buy me off in the name of my brother.
l hate my brother.
lt's your brother again!
You were unleashing your anger for your brother on them?
You see your brother in every criminal.
You continue to fight with his shadow.
Come out of the darkness of that shadow...
...and learn to live in brightness.
Are you dreaming during the day again?
What can l do? l cannot see you in reality.
That's why l have to see you in the dreams.
How nice! You came late. l am upset. Yet you are displaying anger?
Come on...smile once at least.
Just once...
You have changed so much, Avi.
Earlier you used to chase me. Now you chase thieves and rogues.
- That's my duty. - Rather, you should say...
...that your duty is your worship now.
Let's go home, Pooja.
- How are you? - l am fine.
Why are you standing outside? Let's go inside.
You go inside. We have to talk.
- But Avi... - Go inside, Pooja. We have to talk.
You are still angry at me?
l have already undergone the punishment for my crime.
lt's easy to live a few years in the prison as a criminal.
But to live outside the prison as a criminal's brother...
...is like dying in bits and pieces.
You are fortunate that your punishment term has ended.
Not mine.
l thought l have come home.
Home? Where did you let it remain a home?
Along with mother, the home too is no more.
Those who have killed our mother...
...the entire city too cannot protect them from us.
You cannot threaten to kill anyone in a police officer's presence.
l can threaten someone in a brother's presence.
What brother? Just a blood relation doesn't make one a brother.
A brother is an ideal, not a criminal.
A brother is like Ram, not like Ravana.
lt feels nice to hear this from you.
You have really grown up.
But if one is faced with one's younger brother's thirsty lips...
...and a starving stomach, then one doesn't remember the Ramayana.
From today, the two of us cannot live under one roof.
l am leaving.
Take this.
You must have been yearning to eat my food since 3 years.
Tell me, what should l serve you?
Nothing. l ate at home before l came here.
You ate at home?
Your face clearly shows what you ate at home.
lnsulting words, a derogatory attitude...
This is what you ate, didn't you?
Where's Nawab, Kadarbhai?
The brother for whom you left your home...
...the same brother left you. Didn't he?
- l am asking where Nawab is! - Ask me later. Have tea first.
You know that without Nawab, l don't drink or eat anything.
Then why don't you tell me where Nawab is.
lf your ears have the strength, then you may listen...
...and if your eyes have the courage...
...go and see with your own eyes what Nawab's condition is.
All by yourself?
- How did all this happen? - You have returned Baba!
- So Kania did this to you? - Yes.
Kania trapped you into it.
l went to enquire about you. l didn't spare anybody.
l didn't find Kania. But l killed Kania's brother.
And then they chopped off my leg.
What happened of Uncle?
Sunny killed his Uncle and became the boss.
And do you know...the cars that we used to drive...
l have been cleaning the same cars since 3 years...
...hoping that you will return one day...
...and we will show those rascals...
...that Baba and Nawab are the real tigers of the world of crime!
- Nawab, come on. - Where?
To get your leg back from Kania.
- Tell me...what do you want? - Nawab's leg.
l made a mistake.
l made a great mistake by leaving you alive that day.
l had only chopped off your leg.
You have killed my brother.
l cannot avenge my brother's death even after killing both of you.
- Understand? - l made the mistake.
You got saved.
Otherwise to avenge your attempt to murder Avi...
...and to get my friend arrested by cheating...
...you and your brother cannot compensate for it...
...even with your lives.
You have sought Avi's revenge from Pakia.
The rest was a deal. lt was not a fraud.
The deal was only an excuse.
You wanted to get me and Nawab arrested, didn't you?
lt was your luck that both of you got saved.
This beggar only lost his leg.
And you returned from jail after undergoing punishment.
l can forgive my punishment.
But you will have to pay the price for my friend's leg, Kania.
Price? What price do you want for his leg?
5 lakhs? 10? 20? Done!
l will give you 40 lakhs right away. Give me his another leg too.
Bring this rascal's chopped leg to me!
- Bring his leg! - You...
You are pointing a gun at me in my place in my men's presence?
Do you think l am a fool?
Drop the gun now. Or else, l will blow the cripple's head too!
Come on, drop it! Drop it!
Drop it, scoundrel!
This is for sending me to prison.
Now run...
Open fire!
No, Nawab!
Let me go, Nawab!
Fire! Kill the rascal!
Look at me, Kania!
Open your eyes. Open your eyes!
Open your eyes and watch your death!
Open your eyes, Kania!
lt's a matter of luck!
Did anybody come inquiring for me?
- Nobody came some other time too? - Who could come asking for you?
l know whom you are referring to.
She didn't come...she didn't.
lt's you, Mr. Kadarbhai?
Why are you standing outside? Please come in.
- Be seated. - Thanks.
l came over to meet you since l hadn't seen you since many days.
Everybody remembers you at the eatery.
- How is the eatery doing? - lt's somehow going on...
...even though it lacks any soul or spirit.
l feel like shutting down the hotel business.
How is everybody else at the hotel?
Else who? You're asking about Baba?
- Why would l ask about Baba? - lf you aren't asking about Baba...
...then you should ask about him.
ln his life, Baba has done only one thing for himself...and that is love.
Otherwise, he has lived for others. For mother, friend, brother...
Whatever others asked him for, he gave it away.
He had only saved one gift for himself...and that is Nisha!
You have come to speak on behalf of a killer?
A killer? Baba?
lf Baba is a killer, then every mother in the world is a mother.
The mother who crushes to death a snake who wants to bite her child...
...is also a killer.
Avi means a lot to Baba.
Pakia wanted to kill Avi, and left with no choice, Baba kill him.
To save his mother's modesty, he killed for the first time in life.
To facilitate Avi's admission to the Police Academy...
...Baba accepted money for contract killing for the first time in life.
ln this manner, doing so many things in a gradual manner...
...he drifted very far in life.
He went so far that he couldn't even see anything for himself.
Life never allowed him a second chance.
You can give him the second chance.
Yes, you can.
He will return.
He will return to his world.
lf you love him, if you desire his well being...
...then don't ever forget him.
l know that you love him a lot.
Come on, dear.
Come on...come to Baba.
Come on...
l am looking for a person. Can you guide me to him?
- l am a stranger in this city. - Perhaps you know him.
Once he had disappeared with my car...
...and a day later, he came on his own and returned it to me.
That person seems familiar. But l cannot say for sure.
He bought all the flowers of my shop, and had wanted to present it to me.
l knew that person years ago. But l don't know about him now.
There's an injury mark on his body over there...
...which he had been inflicted with...
...while grabbing a kite for his younger brother.
Even after that, he had been injured several times.
He suffered injuries at the hands of several people.
Perhaps you won't be able to see those injuries.
You see...it's very important that l meet that person.
- Why? - Because...
...his eyes are so soft and tender...
...that one feels like putting them over oneself while in bed.
His arms are so long that they can come from anywhere and touch me.
One could spend a lifetime kissing his lips.
Because he had asked for only one thing for himself...and that is Nisha.
By any chance, is his name Baba?
- This is Kania's file. - Let me see.
Did you send for me, sir?
Be seated, Avinash.
You must be knowing about Kania's murder, don't you?
Yes, sir. One more underworld killing...mutual rivalry.
And do you know anything about a hitman named Nawab?
Yes, sir. He used to work for Uncle.
Then after killing Kania's brother, he is missing.
Nawab had gone to meet him on the day Kania was murdered.
And we have information that there was one more person with him.
Who's that?
Baba, your elder brother.
To avenge the crippling of Nawab, Baba killed Kania.
Are you fully convinced, sir?
l am fully convinced. After being released from jail...
...Baba and Nawab joined hands.
And perhaps they are working for Sunny too.
The entire police department knows that Baba is your elder brother.
Baba, if l somehow get 20-25 lakhs, l would leave this country for good.
- Where would you go? - Far away. Very far away.
- l want to speak to you. - Go ahead.
Not here. Outside.
- Tell me what it is? - What the hell do you want?
First you deprived me of my mother. What else do you want?
She was my mother too!
You were mourning her death? With your friends?
l will do whatever l want with my friends.
l won't seek permission from you for that.
Friends? So that swine Sunny is your friend?
- l know you are working for Sunny! - You know, is it?
There's no difference between you and Sunny.
Sunny is under the impression that l will work for him.
And you are convinced that l work for him.
There's no difference between you and Sunny.
You are comparing me to Sunny? With that scoundrel?
Don't you touch Baba
Don't interfere in my affairs. Or l will shoot you dead.
You may deal with me however you like. l will tolerate it.
But if you do anything to my friend, l will never tolerate it.
He could have killed you for how you spoke to him...
...if l were not his friend.
And in response to pointing a pistol on his head...
...l would have killed you if you were not my brother.
Leave this city, Baba...
...otherwise l will make life miserable for you and your friends.
lt's not my style to turn my back on the battlefield...
...whether the battle is with an enemy or my brother.
Come on, Nawab. Let's go.
l wished you. At least thank me.
l had been waiting since so long.
Let's cut the cake.
Look, l am not in the right frame of mind right now.
l don't like childish things like cutting birthday cakes.
l don't need anybody's sympathy.
For God's sake, leave me alone.
Do you know...when l was a kid, and when l used to get hurt...
...l used to go running to my brother.
And today, the same brother has hurt me.
So whom should l go to?
My mother too is no more. My life has become hell.
l am alone...all alone.
No, Avi...you are not alone.
l am there.
l am there, Avi.
Shall l say something?
Elders have said that a love affair comes to a standstill..
...one should get married.
l think you should get married quickly.
How can you say that, Kadarbhai?
How can you entangle me in a complicated thing like marriage?
Complication? Are the people who marry fools?
You are the only intelligent being?
And what about the problem that occurs after marriage?
- What's the problem after marriage? - About honeymoon.
What a problem it is! You should be awarded with five rupees.
l will shut down my hotel. You may celebrate your honeymoon right here.
- Shall l give you an idea? - Yes, go ahead.
There's a small hillock near Kalyan. There's a room there.
lt's a romantic place. l had myself buried three people there.
You won't find a better place for your honeymoon.
You won't find a better place for honeymoon than the Tihar jail.
l mean, not inside Tihar jail, but in the eating joint behind the jail.
- What an eating joint it is! - Shut up!
ls an eating joint a place to celebrate one's honeymoon!
There's a hotel in Goa. Hotel Honeydew. What a hotel it is!
Fools! They are going for their honeymoon, not to commit murders.
There's a lot of difference between moon and murder.
- Don't you know that? - Baba, a girl has come to meet you.
l have to speak to you.
l will go and give the instructions.
Tell me...is Avi fine?
- No, your brother is not fine. - Why? What happened to him?
Why don't you leave this city? Till you live here, Avi will..
...continue to burn. Would you be able to bear it?
Do you want me to spare my mother's killers?
Avi too can do take care of that. He's a cop. That's his duty.
We understand what are the duties of each one of us.
Does Avi not trust his brother?
Does Avi's brother value Avi's feelings?
lt's a fight between two brothers. We shouldn't be interfering.
- l love Avi. - And l live for Baba's sake.
l cannot bear to see you being insulted.
And l cannot see Avi burning like this.
l regret that l have to return from my elder brother-in-law empty-handed.
Go and tell Avi that to ensure his place of pride...
...today too his brother won't mind laying down his own life.
Excuse me...
- Sunny has sent for you. - Tell him that Baba is not there.
You had better speak to him directly.
Here...speak to him.
- Baba, come to me. - Why?
Nawab is with me now. Come for his sake.
Nawab? All right. l will come.
How do you find my small world?
Why did you call me?
Look, Baba...there's no personal enmity between us.
l admit that your friend used to address me as...
...rascal, scoundrel, swine, and what not?
You remember, don't you?
But, Baba, l am prepared to forget all about it...
...because l am a businessman.
And today l need both of you.
Why? What's the matter?
Baba, you are gold, and your friend is silver.
And both of you combined together are like a goldmine.
l have suffered heavy losses in my fake currency racket.
A lot of my goods have been returned too.
And do you know why l experienced all this?
Because Baba and Nawab were not with me.
l want you to work for me.
And l am prepared to pay you ten per cent for the assignments.
Uncle used to pay us a fifty per cent.
Then both of your legs were intact. And Baba too had not been to jail.
- 40 per cent. - 30 per cent.
35 per cent.
But 5 per cent of this 35 per cent will go to a police officer.
We should have our man in the police department too.
There's no need to involve the police in it.
No...if that officer is not involved...
...there will be no deal between us.
Who is that officer?
lf you utter my brother's name, l will kill you.
Merely by changing the dress and wearing a chain...
...a driver doesn't become a don, understand?
Let's go, Nawab.
Why didn't you agree to the deal? lt was not a bad bargain.
The rascal would have had to give us 50 sooner or later.
We would have been back to business.
There are no alternatives to Baba and Nawab.
l have already told you. l won't work for Sunny.
What's so wrong in it, Baba?
What we were doing for Uncle, we could have done for Sunny.
That rascal, scoundrel has become your boss today?
Who wants to fight for that scoundrel?
l was talking about us.
l don't know about you.
But l have already conveyed to you my decision.
What's this yours and mine?
All our decisions used to be taken together.
lt used to be taken together.
But it's only me who has had to pay the price.
My mother, my love...they have all been taken away from me.
l have only my brother left. l don't want to lose him.
And l...? l don't mean anything to you?
You are my life.
But you know that for my brother's sake, l can sacrifice my life too.
Yes, of course.
Where are you going, Nawab?
l don't mean anything in your life now.
l thought that whether others understand me or not...
...but you will surely understand me.
You had a brother, a mother, there was Nisha...
You had everyone.
But l had nobody in this world. But l never thought of myself as alone.
Because you were at my side. You were my world.
Why don't you understand? My brother is my world.
Brotherhood is accidental. lt's only a blood relation.
...which we don't choose. We have to accept it.
But we choose friends. Out of our own free will, our choice and liking.
We had chosen each other. And today...you chose your brother?
But remember...this lame friend will come in handy some day.
- Why did you call me? - To caution you.
Sunny will set a trap for you. You had better take care.
l know how to take care of myself.
Your life is in danger. Sunny is a very dangerous person.
l am not scared of any threat. Nor do l need any caution.
My life is mine.
This is not child's play.
l am not a child. Because today nobody is elder to me today.
But you are still my younger brother!
l have lost everything for your sake.
And if anything happens to you, l will on a killing spree.
Do you see this city? l will set it on fire.
Even if you arrest me thereafter, and hang me to death.
You may hang me to death then!
You will have to pay the price for this, Sunny!
Your brother insulted me in the presence of my men.
And you too have been troubling me a lot.
lt's you who will have to pay the price.
Tell Baba to treat this as a declaration of war.
What's happened to him?
All this has happened because of you.
Avi is suffering all this because of your sins.
He will not survive now.
Nothing will happen to him.
Nothing will happen to my brother.
Kaderbhai...l suppose nothing will happen to Avi.
God willing, nothing will happen to him.
Have faith in the Almighty. Nothing will happen to him.
Mr. Kaderbhai, the doctors say that Avi is out of danger.
- But he is still unconscious. - Didn't l tell you?
Kaderbhai...take care of Avi and Pooja.
- l will be back. - Where are you going?
To get back Avi's respect, dignity and status.
How is Avi?
He's fine now. But they have restrained us from entering.
These are the plates which l have brought from Sunny's den.
These will help to wipe off the blemishes on Avi's career...
...and he will be able to walk with his head held high again.
Take it.
And tell Avi that his brother loves him a lot.
Don't stop me today. This is my last fight.
l have repaid my debt as a brother.
But l still have to repay a friend's debt...
...that l have to repay.
l won't stop you.
But before you go, tell me... lf anything were to happen to you...
...what will happen of me? Where will l go?
l don't even remember the face of my parents.
l have only one relation. With you...
You are my life, Baba!
From today, you are a member of my family.
l don't know whether l will return or not.
But if l don't, Avi and Pooja will look after you.
Where is...?
- How is Avi? - He's fine now.
Let's go.
l had telephoned Sunny to come and take delivery of the plates.
He must be coming any time now.
Do you know...you are supposed to visit the shrine today?
- Yes, l know. - Then why didn't you go?
l had gone once. Leaving you alone.
What was the outcome?
- You don't believe in God? - l do.
- For me, my friend is my God. - Have you gone mad?
You are no less than Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva too had distributed nectar to the others...
...and had consumed all the poison himself.
Looks like you have been overwhelmed by Lord Shiva.
As it is, life hasn't been an unpleasant experience at all.
By finding a friend like you, l have got everything.
Sunny is approaching.
Where is Nawab?
What's the matter? Suddenly, you are remembering Nawab today?
The money.
- Where are the plates? - With the police.
Do you think that...
...l am such a fool that l will bring money in the briefcase?
l knew that the two of you will surely cheat me.
So l had kept a bomb in the briefcase in place of money.
Open it.
Open it.
As soon as the briefcase opens, you will become history.
What are you doing, Baba? You want to invite death?
Life becomes joyful...
...when one runs holding the fingers of death.
What do you say?
With God's grace and your brother's timely action...
...your life has been saved, Avi.
No, Mr. Kaderbhai...
Every of my injuries are a consequence of Baba's crimes.
No, you are mistaken. This is Sunny's revenge.
He wanted to take revenge from Baba by harming you.
Yes, Avi. Kaderbhai is right.
Baba risked his life to secure these plates for you.
Where is Baba?
He has gone to settle a score with Sunny, for your injuries.
lf it weren't for Baba, you wouldn't have been alive.
Whenever you needed him, Baba was always there for you.
But today Baba needs you today. He needs you.
Sunny had declared war, Kaderbhai.
My brother will not fight the battle alone.
- Come on, Baba. - No, Nawab.
You carry on. l will deal with him.
Forget this scoundrel! Come on. Sit quickly.
No, Nawab. l cannot accompany you.
This bag is yours, the money is yours, and the future is yours.
You proceed. l will meet you later. Go!
No, Baba. l won't leave without you.
Only one of us can leave. Either you or me.
- Go, Nawab! - No!
l am giving you my oath. Go!
This war was between me and you.
Why did you touch my brother?
You want an answer, do you? l will reply to you in leisure.
Right now, l am in a bit of a hurry.
And if you try to stop me, your brother will lose his life.
And l know very well how much you love this brother of yours.
Come on, let me go.
Ask your men to leave my brother.
You will take one step. And my brother will take one step.
And if there is any foul play, l will shoot you dead.
lnspector...l will kill you two brothers...
...just like l killed mercilessly, heartlessly, ruthlessly...
...your old mother!
Listen, Avi...
Look at your brother!
For whom is he fighting?
He is not fighting for himself. He is not fighting for me.
He is fighting for you.
He is fighting for you.
Watch out!
You have lost, Baba! You have lost.
l have won.
l am surrendering myself to the police.
On the strength of my wealth, my influence...
...l will be released.
But what will happen of you?
Over here!
Will you let our mother's killer escape just like that, brother?
Come on...take me.
No! The brother who gave me life...
- ...l cannot jail such a brother. - You will have to come, Avi.
You are a police officer, and l am a criminal.
This job is a binding on me. l don't want to become a police officer.
l don't want to ever hear such a thing coming from you.
To make you a good police officer, to give you a good tomorrow...
...three lives have been sacrificed.
Mother went away, Nawab went away, and now l am going away.
You cannot humiliate our sacrifices.
We will be liberated only when l am arrested.
Yes, Avi...take me along.