La guerrera vengadora 2, with English subtitles

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The Female Avenger 2 (Avenging Warrior Woman 2)
Tell him we're ready.
Time for our slice of the pie.
Keep quiet, everyone!
Down on the floor!
Damn! They're here early. -Take them out.
Hurry! Move! Who pulled the alarm?
This dog!
Kill him!
No, please!
Ana Rosa! Your breakfast is ready.
I'm coming!
"Hurry. You'll be late."
Good thing we're having breakfast, I'm starving.
I made some tasty eggs.
Eggs a la mexicana? -"And now, today's news..."
Let's go! Move it!
Everyone in position!
You're surrounded!
We can't escape. They're going to kill us!
Shut up! And shut that bitch up!
Move it!
It's useless to resist!
Give up now!
Get up, motherfucker! -No, no!
Give up? Fuck you! Get us a helicopter, now!
If not, every 20 minutes someone dies.
Here's the first!
70-46 calling Central.
Send a helicopter to the Miramontes shopping center now...
...or the assailants will kill a hostage every 20 minutes!
They've already killed the first one.
See, I have one son who's not very well, not at all.
The boy gets skinnier by the day.
I think he's got AIDS. -Ah! Don't even say that.
I'm serious! He gets these scary looking women...
...I think they've all got some sickness, you know?
"An X43 in the Miramontes district."
Yes. Go ahead.
"An X43."
We're on our way. Step on it. Hurry.
On it!
"...they're barricaded in the bank, causing panic in the area."
"Many bank customers have been taken hostage."
"The police have made no progress. The robbers will kill a hostage..."
"...every 20 minutes until an escape helicopter is provided."
"So far, Capt. Olazabal has been unable to meet the demand."
No, don't do it. Not again. -I have to.
"Come here. Come here!"
Shut up! Stand there!
Olazabal! One more on your conscience!
See? I keep my word, you fuck!
If there's no helicopter in 20 minutes, I'll waste another.
Central, Central! Send a helicopter!
Where's the damn helicopter? -They won't listen to me.
Listen, you idiot!
If that helicopter's not here in 5 minutes...
...I swear I'll come over there now and kill you! Understood?!
Have one of your men keep that dog in his sights.
Lince, I don't want to lose any of my men.
We have a lot of hostages here.
No shooting.
Everyone against the window!
They want to execute us!
Let's not rush anything.
No need to kill innocent people.
On my honor, the helicopter will be here in 5 minutes.
Since when does a cop have honor, Lince?
I'll believe half, and give you two and a half minutes.
Where's the damn helicopter?!
You, darling. Come here.
I have to pick up my two children at school.
"I don't give a shit!"
Give me two more minutes, like I asked.
Please don't kill me!
Ma'am, we don't want to kill you.
But they won't hold up their end of the bargain!
Okay, Lince. One minute, and I kill this bitch!
Please, no!
No, why do you want to kill me?
Okay, captain.
Come in, Lince.
Senator Montes.
Nice to meet you, lieutenant.
The senator is worried about what took place yesterday morning.
You're referring to the robbery at the bank?
No, to the Avenging Warrior Woman running loose out there...
...imposing her own law.
The captain and I hope you can help us to arrest her.
Senator, we should give her an award, not arrest her.
Are you insinuating that she isn't a criminal?
I'm not insinuating, I'm certain.
Didn't I tell you? That woman's Martin Lince's heroine.
Delgado, shut up!
By the way in which you defend her... seems that you know her.
If so, do your duty and arrest her.
I don't know her, senator.
You don't know who I am, lieutenant.
I'm chairman of the Justice Commission...
...appointed by executive order.
"The Commission's determined the Avenger's acting illegally."
"She must be stopped, even though she fights criminals."
She can't continue murdering people, like at the bank.
Listen, idiot!
Those men murdered hostages in cold blood...
...and some of our men, too!
If it wasn't for her, who knows how many more would be dead.
Lince, you have your orders!
Yes, sir.
I'll begin investigating how the ringleader and his helper...
...mysteriously escaped from the hospital.
Let's go. Excuse us, senator.
...this formula is important because... shows how variations in temperature change...
...the volume of the gas, etc.
Does everyone understand?
Yes, teacher.
Well, see you tomorrow, children.
See you tomorrow!
What's wrong, Sonia?
Nothing, teacher.
Something's up with you. Tell me.
We're friends.
Her father threw her out of the house.
He threw you out?
Yes! -But, why?
Because I'm pregnant and my boyfriend won't marry me.
Her father hit her, and doesn't want to see her any more.
Poor girl.
Don't worry, it'll be okay.
For now, you can stay with me, okay?
And I'll take care of things, okay? -Thank you.
Come along.
Lince did not fall into the trap.
Delgado just told me.
He defended the Avenger as expected.
But now we know his girlfriend and the Avenger...
...are one and the same.
We need to put Delgado in charge.
I have a plan to get rid of Lince and Olazabal.
And your boyfriend...
...we'll get your boyfriend where it hurts most.
We're going to kidnap his daughter.
Good, Nene!
You're brilliant, Nene.
Now, no one can stop us.
And you, Raquel...
...make sure Senator Montes isn't there.
Yes, my love.
And you...
...finish off that bitch!
But first, make sure she suffers!
I'll do anything for you. -She left me paralyzed!
Make her suffer!
Kill her!
Delgado's located the Avenger.
"They know it's Ana Rosa."
"Remember, she's an outlaw. You know what to do."
Thanks, Olazabal.
I understand.
Ana Rosa?
I need to see you.
Hi, darling. I'm just getting in the bathtub.
I'm sorry, but it's urgent.
Right now?
Yes, right now.
Bring "Refund" with you.
"And make sure no one sees you when you leave."
"We'll meet in the park by your house."
Okay, I'm on my way.
What a stupid boyfriend you have.
You're so sweet and beautiful.
Don't worry. If your father doesn't take you back...
...we'll adopt you.
Refund! -Right, Ana Rosa?
Of course.
Don't worry, we'll take care of you.
We need to go out.
We'll leave through the back so no one can see us.
The water's warm.
Take a bath, relax. -Okay.
But don't talk to anyone until we get back.
Olazabal just informed me they know who you are.
We have to leave immediately.
But we can't go.
I have a student at the house, and can't leave her alone.
She needs to get out of there, now!
Give me some change. -Here.
Strange. She doesn't answer.
Let's go, darling.
No! Why?
Hurry! Call an ambulance!
Oh, God!
Nothing's going to happen to you.
They've gone to call for an ambulance.
Oh, my God, help me. Help me!
Nothing's going happen.
You're not going to die!
Lince, hurry!
Get the doctor, hurry!
Please don't die!
"Lince, help me!"
Calm down, my love.
She was pregnant!
See why I can't stop?
I swear they're going to pay!
They're really going to pay! Bastards! Killers!
Calm down.
Listen to me, please.
Look -- stop crying.
The killer made a mistake. Now we have a clue.
"But you have to help me."
"In order to avenge her, you must help me."
"Crying won't get us anywhere."
"You'll need to pretend, and laugh. Understand?"
Hey! Careful with my girl.
Shut up, you!
Be careful with the microphone, darling.
How do I look?
Be careful, okay? I'll be watching you!
Don't worry, darling.
Good luck, girl.
Can you hear me, love?
I love you.
Good evening. What would you like to drink?
A Silk Stocking. -Coming right up.
Do you see her?
She's beautiful.
Look at her!
She's what we've been looking for.
She's the type Carlo likes, yes.
Send a bottle of champaign to her table.
Yes, ma'am. With pleasure.
We'll go down and meet her in a minute.
Thank you.
Cheers, darling. I'm drinking a Silk Stocking.
Don't be getting drunk, honey.
How can say that?
The atmosphere is awesome here.
Can I go dancing?
You'd ruin everything.
You don't know me very well...
When I get angry, I turn into Superman.
Maybe Mighty Mouse!
Good evening, miss. -Good evening.
Compliments of the house. -Thank you.
You boys can leave now.
May we sit down? -Of course.
I saw you dance.
You're truly sensational.
Thank you.
Listen, babe...
we have some work where you a can earn lots of money.
That depends. What do I have to do?
We'll expect you tomorrow.
This is the address.
It's going to be an unforgettable party, okay?
Good morning, boss. I've brought your milk.
I'll collect on the weekend. See you then.
Here I come, my dear.
Hello, hello.
Here's your milk.
The milkman is here!
Hey, dear don't waste the water.
I'm cleaning! -But how will we dilute the milk?
You won't get your cut. -Oh, you!
Sweetie, watch your brother a moment.
Come over here. -No, because...
Come here! What's the problem?
No, my boss will see me! -No one will see you.
We'll watch the children from here.
Come here! -Just for a minute.
A minute, and backwards!
Wait, wait!
Baby, you've got me to the boiling point!
What a nice... -Pig!
Ah, poor man! Forgive me.
They're taking the girl!
They're taking the girl!
Be really careful with what you're going to do.
It's a delicate situation.
Don't worry. I can take care of myself.
"5A to all units."
Yes, go ahead. Lince speaking.
"A 79 at Vireyes Road." -A kidnapping.
On Vireyes Road? -"10-9."
Okay, we're on our way.
My little daughter! -Calm down, don't worry.
Calm down? But some men took my daughter!
How many were there?
Two men took her in a red van.
They went that way. -She's only 5 years old!
My husband's out of town.
Commander, you must help! They've taken my daughter!
Okay, ma'am. Calm down!
My husband's out of the country.
I don't know what to do. I'm very scared.
Calm down. -I think they kidnapped her.
I'll get your daughter back, I promise.
How'd they get the child?
It seems they used a remote-controlled toy car.
The only clues are these cigarette butts.
Take these to the lab, and contact me with the results.
What do you think of this, dear?
Margo sent me.
You have a call, ma'am.
The same brand Sonia's killer smoked.
"There's a beautiful lady here for you, ma'am."
I'll be right there.
"Very well, ma'am."
This way, miss. -Thank you.
You may go, Miguel.
Welcome, my dear.
You look great, doll. - Thank you.
What do you think? This is Carlo's mansion.
He's very rich, you're going to have a good time.
I hope so!
You'll meet some very prominent people.
Understand, you'll have to be very discreet.
You'll find that Carlo is a very sensitive man.
He's paralyzed, but he isn't impotent.
If you're smart, all your wishes will come true.
And, tell me one thing...
What's the secret of your beauty?
See Carlo? Just as I promised.
What do you think? -Beautiful. Beautiful!
What do you think? Is she not worthy of the candidate?
What a morsel! A beutiful flower.
Your success, Carlo, is the key to your good luck.
Not the other way around.
Sit down, please. -Thank you.
Have we met somewhere else?
Well, if you frequent the places I do...
Congratulations, miss.
You've succeeded in pleasing my friends.
Princess of Aztlan. -Thank you, you're very kind.
May I go freshen up? -Of course. Over there.
Excuse me.
Man, she's hot! -That's our race, man!
Excuse me, miss. Where are you going?
I'm looking for the restrooms.
This area's off limits. The restrooms are next to the pool.
Thank you. -You're welcome.
I'm going to go buy some cigarettes.
I'll be right back. -Don't be gone long.
Yes, who's calling?
Who? Munoz?
The cop, man!
Oh, yes. What do you want?
What's the problem?
No one gets in here without identification.
She's a very pretty girl dressed in white.
Are you sure?
"In white?"
The Avenger Woman's on the premises!
Boss, the Avenging Warrior Woman is here!
"She's dressed in white, boss!"
There she goes!
Follow her! Finish her off!
It's her! Let's go!
Get ready! When they're closer.
We almost got killed... ...because of this idiot!
She's going towards the alley.
We'll trap her there.
"Understand?" -Yes, sir.
How's it possible that you let her get away?
Useless fools!
Get me in touch with Raquel, idiot!
The Warrior Woman has kidnapped the Senator's daughter.
Delgado is going to take care of Lince.
Impossible! It's awful!
What's going on?
Bad news, my love. -What?
The Avenging Warrior Woman has kidnapped your daughter.
Get him in there.
Why so many grenades?
I take what's necessary, Refund.
You never know when they'll come in handy.
Oh my, Ana Rosa, when will this ever end?
We'll do some repelling with this.
We'll do what? No, not me, girl!
I'm not repelling anywhere. -Pack everything up.
What's that?
I'm preparing some explosive arrows.
Wow! They'll never know what hit 'em.
Those killers deserve this -- and more.
Who'd believe that the people who robbed the bank...
...are the also the ones who abducted the girl.
Let's go. Lince should be waiting for us.
Let me just check the sight.
"Pay attention, Refund."
"This little light is called a laser beam."
"The arrow will hit where the red light is."
What was that?
Check the roof.
Alejandro, see what happened on the roof.
Don't be afraid, Refund.
You'll get there quickly. Unhook yourself, and hide.
Here you go!
Win it if you can.
Well, I'll double it!
Where's my mama?
I want my mama!
We need to climb up through there.
Don't cry, baby. Calm down.
Look, the men in there are angry because you're crying.
Help me up, Refund.
"Come on, hurry up. -'The donkey's dead!'"
"You pass this turn."
"I'll pass... on your cheating."
"That's what you say! -Okay, okay!"
"Did you see that?"
One second, boss.
He says to cut off her hand.
"Give me the phone."
Yes, sir.
"As you wish."
Magnificent idea.
It will be the end of Olazabal.
Let's see which...
...of us... going to cut off the girl's hand.
Let's play for the highest tile. -Good, Caripasa, good.
"Okay, mix 'em up."
"No, it's your turn."
No, man, do it!
White Two.
Double Six!
"Alright! You're the lucky one!"
My, what a big ax you have!
Come on!
What do you have there?
Some candy, darling.
Are you going to give it to me?
Do you want it?
Close your eyes, love, and hold out your hand.
Let's get out of here. Now.
Help me, girl!
We'll go this way.
We'll have to cross it.
Wait for me here.
"Come here, darling. Don't be afraid."
"I'll grab you. Come on!"
I won't let you go, Vicki!
Hold on tight!
Don't let go of me!
[speaking French, then...]
Can you bring the sauce, now? Damn, when will you learn French?
Spaghetti! Spaghetti!
It's a fucking rat!
Come on, I'll help you.
Lince, here in jail? What did he do?
He's the Warrior Woman's accomplice. -No shit?
They say she kidnapped the Senator's daughter.
Lince's gun.
It's safe here.
And now, to lock the door.
I think it's a little square one.
The one I always lose.
I think I've got it here.
No, Lince. You'll never be done with her now, bro.
Your parents think that I took you.
That's why I can't take you home.
Why not, if you're the good one?
Oh darling, we need to straighten everything out.
And you'll help me, okay? -Yes.
This estate belonged to my grandparents.
No one will find us here. -Good.
Come along.
When I go in, close the door, okay?
"Ana Rosa, can you hear me?"
"Ana Rosa, answer please."
"This is Refund."
"Ana Rosa, if you hear me, answer please."
"This is Refund."
I hear you. Go ahead.
You had me worried, girl.
You must be at your grandfather's.
"Yes, Refund." -There's the signal, sir.
"We're doing fine. -Good."
"But be careful. There are lots of bats...
"...and don't get lost in the maze. You know it's very dangerous."
Don't say anything else, Refund.
Look, listen carefully.
Tell Lince I have all the proof we need.
"I know who the gangleader is..."
"...and someone from the police is involved."
The Prismas Basalticos.
And the girl is happy, and very well.
Send all units there immediately.
She's at the Prismas Basalticos.
We have to finish her off. Understand, Carlo?
What have you got here?
My buddy's Last Supper.
He's to be sacrificed?
Open it.
What? -Open it!
What do you mean, open it?
If they did this to him, what might they do to you?
The little square one...
Give me a hand, Rigo.
I'm up for the challenge. I'm Rambo!
Okay, okay. Just help.
Lince, what are you going to eat?
Roast dwarf pig. "-Your mama's dumb!"
Plum! It's basted in plum.
It smells good.
Want a bite?
Really? -Yes.
It wouldn't be rude? -No!
Lince, we have to get to Ana Rosa right away!
Where? -At her grandparents' estate.
I've got everything ready in the heap. Let's go!
Look how pretty! You're all clean again.
Now please don't stray too far from here.
There's a maze over there, and you could get lost in it.
How come you don't get lost?
Because my grandpa took me here many times...
...when I was little, like you.
So don't go far.
Don't worry, I'll just stay with you.
Aww, how sweet.
Stay here a minute. I'll be right back.
There she is!
Hurry, dear, we've got to go.
Where are we going? -I'll tell you later.
You, over there! The rest, block the exits!
We'll leave the bike here and hide in the maze.
Come along, dear.
May I use your ribbon? -Yes.
What for? -You'll see soon.
Come and hold this.
Okay, stand back now.
This is a maze. We can't go in.
"I just heard a loud explosion. Over."
Go in with the flame throwers.
How could you do such a thing?
I have a son who's very sick.
I had to get money any way I could.
I never thought it would lead to this.
"Please forgive me. Please!"
I'm a bad friend. How could I do this to you?
"Refund, can you hear me?"
This is Lince, dear.
Darling, they're coming in with flame throwers.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
"There are so many of them." -Try to hold on...
...we're almost there.
Very well.
You know that... ...I love you.
Me too, darling.
"Boss, we've lost contact!"
Hide here, and don't leave until I come for you.
Okay, don't be gone long.
What's that light?
Be careful! Duck!
Quick! To the maze.
Go on, I'll cover you. Hurry.
Real brave, aren't you? -Move it, fatso!
Is your stomach growling? -No, I think it's a restless ghost.
Restless ghost, butter and toast?
And now you're going to dance? -No! I'm really scared.
Come on!
What do you see?
I think it's your mother's little ghost, like a big rat!
Ana Rosa!
"She's too much for us!"
Block all the exits and use the gas.
"But we have men in there!" -That was an order!
Don't let her escape! -Very well, boss.
Everyone! Go block the exits.
Come out, or die like drowned rats!
What's going on?
Lince, they're using poison gas, and the Avenger's still in there.
Follow me. Hurry!
Don't make a sound.
This is the last arrow. We have to use it wisely.
Come on, dear.
Come on, let's go.
"She's escaping on the bike."
Intercept her with your bikes.
"Go to the other side of the canyon. Surround her."
"Don't let her escape!" -Let's go!
It's the last one we had!
Those bastards are trying to surround us..
...and they're pushing us toward the cliff!
There's no other way.
Hold on tight, we're going to jump.
She made it!
Damn her! I never thought she'd make the jump.
Come on!
"There she goes!"
"Shoot her!"
There they go!
They're following her! Hurry, they're shooting at her.
What? Let's finish first with Lince.
Let's go!
Hold on!
We made it!
Your parents are here. Run and see them.
Vicki, my daughter! I'm so happy you're safe!
"Good job, Lince."
You're too kind, captain.
Thank you, Warrior Woman Thank you very much.
You're right, she deserves an award. -Congratulations.
What's happening, Leutenant?
Boys, this is the Avenging Warrior Woman.
Arrest her!
You know what, Captain?
The one who should be arrested is this traitor!
Take him away, boys.
Forgive me, Warrior Woman.
Do your duty and continue the fight for justice.
We don't know her identity, right Lince?
We do not, sir.
Rosie, when can I come over again?
"Soon, darling, very soon."
Soon, right? -Of course.
Very soon.
Thank you, very much!