Mega Man Legends 2 Abridged: 03 - The Serious Stranger of Snow Island

Uploaded by TauVertex on 21.12.2011

-OK, here's the plan.
I have some blueprints for a dropship
that should be able to get you to the island,
but I'm missing a few parts I need to build it,
so we'll need to stop somewhere for supplies.
Sound good, Rock?
[M] -WHY?!
-Rock, how long have you been in there?
-They took EVERYTHING from me!
*sob* ...the promises they made me... *sob*
I don't even know what I'm DOING with my life!
-Can you come out of the bathroom, please?
-What's the POINT?
*water running* Rockman DASH? More like Rockman...TRASH...
-Rock, are you trying to drown yourself again?
[M] -Why isn't it working?!
[♫ Theme ♫]
{Captioned by Chiz}
[Narr.] -Equipped with a questionable plan to
save the Sulphur-Bottom from certain doom,
our heroes have landed in the delightful little town of
Yosyonke, where nuclear fallout has altered the climate
making it like Christmas all year round!
[Priest] -Ehm, Christmas? No. We celebrate Twofacemas,
the day we honour the great two-faced goddess
who came down to give presents to all good children.
[N] -I, uh...I see.
-A wonderous day when the air is filled with the sound of church bells.
children singing,
and the screams of human sacrifice,
to appease the malevolant snow demons.
What, you think we were Catholic or something?
[M] -The sign says 'Junk Shop'.
-Yup, 'Junk Shop'.
-Why are you wearing shorts?
[Shopkeep] -Mornin', Joe. Sure is cold out there, ain't it?
[Joe] -Is that supposed to be funny?
[SK] -No, I was just...
[♫] -GOOD, 'cause I'm in no mood for funny.
I don't have time for candid meteorological conversation.
[♫] I know exactly how you feel about me.
You can drop the fay-cade.
-What? -You know, the fay-cade.
-You mean Kool-Aid? -No no, the fay-cade.
-I think you mean façade. -Façade? Are you sure?
I always thought it was fay-cade. -Positive.
-Okay. [♫] I know exactly how you feel about me.
So you can dr- -Just get to the point.
-I'm going to ask you one more time.
Will you help me get some or not? -No.
-Oh c'mon. -No. -Please. -This is the Junk Shop.
I don't carry that stuff, and even if I did,
I wouldn't sell it to you.
[♫] -That's a pity.
After all, we're just one step away
from passing from this mortal plane into infinity.
I should know. I've been there.
-Please leave.
-I'll just buy some Doritos, then
Thanks. -Uh, Junk Shop...?
-"Looks like I have some digging to do," he said,
leaving the decrepit old shop to seek his laundry detergent elsewhere.
*door slam* [R] -What a weird person.
[SK] -Hiya! Welcome to my shop!
Hey kid? Do ya like alligators?
[M]-Uh...ah... -What about fossils of alligators?
What about dirty magazines of alligators? -What kind of shop is this...?
-It's a Junk Shop. How can I help you?
-We need the stuff to build one of these.
And can you make it quick?
[Panicked screaming]
Like...5 minutes? -Are you...crazy?!
Are you stupid? Are you TRYING to kill us all?
Who do you think you are?! you have the parts? -No. *slam*
[R] -What a weird person. [M] -What do you suppose he was talking about?
Oh, this is...exactly... what we're...building...
["Mine! Don't Touch! -Joe"] Joe made this?
No wonder the guy freaked out. It looks dangerous.
-Yeah, kinda like a bomb.
You know Rock, I bet I could turn it into a bomb. -No.
-C'mon. -No -Please?
[Girl] -What are you doing in our house?
[M] -Uhhh, sorry, we thought no one was home.
-That's your excuse for coming in here?
-Why can't people just leave us alone?
First that creepy guy shows up and starts building that thing in our house,
now people think it's just fine to walk in at gawk at it?
[R] -We're actually looking for a creepy guy.
A creepy purple-haired guy.
[♫ ominous ♫] What? -Nothing.
-I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
Especially not the breaking and entering type.
[M] -I'm not a stranger... I'm your...uncle.
-I don't have an uncle.
-Great-uncle? -You look like you're 14.
-What would you tell us if we weren't strangers?
[R] -Do we have time for this? -Probably not.
[VonB] -What's the status of our escape pods?
[Guard] -They should be arriving on Tuesday, sir!
-Hey, a refractor--awww...
It has a shield around it.
[R] -You just had to try it, didn't you?
-It could've been decorative!
-Look, it's Jim! [J] -Joe.
-What happened to you?
-I challenged the beast to a fist-fight...
...and lost.
You, the hero...must avenge my death!
-I'm pretty sure you're not dead.
In fact it looks like you just sprained your ankle.
We really don't have time for any of this...
-I can't hold on much longer...!
I can feel my lifeforce draining out of me...
Avenge me... -Looks like he fainted.
-What do you think he meant by his lifeforce drain--eugh,
ugh, that's gross.
Hey, I'm suppose to beat you for honour or vengeance or something.
-Oh, yeah? Not very likely.
I'm so awesome, I have arms growing out of my nipples!
-I'm having SOME trouble taking you seriously, here.
-Hey, don't shoot my butt! -Yeah...
[Narr] -The preceding boss fight has been cut
to avoid any further embarrassment.
[J] -You...with the distinctive azure hue...
I need you to finish what I started...
Fly my..."dropship"... to Forbidden Island...
Fulfill this dying man's final wish... [M] -"Dropship"?
-"Dropship" -You mean the one that looks like a bomb?
-DROPSHIP. [R] -You know it's funny,
you remind me a lot of my dad. -Interesting!
I'm sure that's not a plot point at all.
I mean, we find you here, a short distance from where my dad disappeared,
and find the exact same ship-- -Oh look!
Señor Flora and his mariachi band have come to visit me!
[♫ cliché mariachi music ♫]
[R] -Come on, let's go to Forbidden Island.
-I never know what's going on anymore!
-..."works every time,"
the shadowy figure said with a sly smirk.
Who is this mysterious man?
What is his mysterious connection to Roll?
Why did he build the Dropship?
Why could he possibly need that much laundry detergent?
[Narr] -And why is this guy trying to do my job?
-I choose you! Magikarp! Use fay-cade!
-There are SO many problems with that.