Countdown to Royal Wedding

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 28.04.2011

Tonight NZ will witness the union
of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London.
Irena Smith spoke with a Maori in NZ
who has a connection to the Royal Family,
and she also spoke to a Maori woman in London
who is excited about the whole affair.
This is the last time we will see William before he gets married.
Lewis Moeau helps to welcome the Royal family when they visit NZ.
William is a very humble man. He's easy to talk to.
That maybe the big difference between him and his father Charles.
Lewis was also there to welcome William's parents to Gisborne.
That was a tremendous occasion at Te Poho o Rawiri.
I got close to Diana, what a beautiful lady.
The celebrations have begun in London.
The people are all overjoyed.
Regardless of where they come from throughout Europe and Africa
they all look like one people there.
Maori cultural group Ngati Ranana will be gathering for the occasion
at a house near Westminster Abbey where the wedding will take place.
We are going to go on the street to see the couple in their horse
carriage on their way to Buckingham Palace for their first kiss.
At home here, traditional English Hi Teas are being held
to celebrate the occasion.
Gary Lewis of Gisborne is the only Maori to attend the wedding.
His wife is part of the Royal family.
Gary is from Rongowhakaata.
He went on a surfing trip is Indonesia
and met this beautiful woman who happens to a Royal
now he is part of the family.
Indeed this is an occasion that will be celebrated around the world.
Irena Smith, Te Karere.