Momentum - Sebastian Vettel Part 2 - Formula One - Episode 18

Uploaded by redbull on 24.08.2012

Heppenheim is a completely normal average German town.
And we've got a McDonald's here.
We write a load of songs about people from Heppenheim… Also about him.
These are the flags from his first points… the date of his first pole position, his first Grand Prix victory, and the racetrack.
Getting a tattoo on your leg… you won't be able to get it off once it's there. You really have to think about it carefully.
He graduated from High School along with my son, and they still meet up.
Sebastian Vettel was right here for High School
I think have the English textbook he used.
As a driving instructor, I was also able to learn something from him
He doesn't always have to win, he just has to cross the finish line.
I never imagined that I would be able to drive my Formula One car in my hometown… that is definitely quite something.
We are proud of Sebastian… Sebastian you're hot!
Of course being in front of my fans at home and family and friends freezes my motivation.
Yes we know him, he's my husband's cousin's grandson.
It's insane that we drove 150km to see him, I think he's nice… He's like the guy next door.
I don't want to show off like, "Here I come! Look at what I've done." It's more of an honor, talking in front of a bunch of people.
When you don't know them it's relatively easy, but when those people are your family, like your parents and friends, it makes you a bit nervous.
Hey Mr. Vettel, how are things? What about next week? Is your car working now?
Yeah this is the track, the car track where Sebastian learned to run, and where he won his first race.
He was interested in all aspects of what we did. He would come to see me early in the morning and say, "Listen, yesterday we had a problem with this or that,
what are we going to do if the track conditions aren't so good today?" Everything to do with racing, he thought about.
I was watching the race with Michael, and he really did impress us so much, and that's why we decided to help a young guy like him.
This is a picture of Sebastian and Michael at the track, after the award ceremony.
It was hard when Sebastian left, because we had grown together a lot, and he did identify with the team to a great extent.
Sebastian Vettel is his name, he is 10 years old, comes from Heppenheim, and has won everything there is to win on the Bambini level.
So that means you're going to be the next favorite in the world of Formula One, right? "Yeah"
Lots of drivers don't have pockets in their pants these days, but I need at least one pocket to put all my good luck charms in.
The first one I got was a little pig charm. I was coming back from a go kart race which had gone really badly. My father came out from a gas station,
with a good luck charm, a little pig, and said, "Here you are. Put this in your pocket, and next time, things will go better." And since then, it's been in my pocket.
Some people think it's very risky and dangerous to drive around in a car like this, but you get used to it. You learn how to handle it, and you develop a certain respect for it.
When it comes to driving, I think it's better not to be afraid. I think it becomes a block, because you start driving around with your hand break on all the time.
Personally, I'm afraid of mice, that's the only thing.
When I'm sitting in the car, I feel a type of emptiness. My mind is blank, and I know precisely what I have to do. I forget everything around me,
and that's actually the most beautiful part about it. When you have something like that, I don't think it matters whether it's driving a car,
or playing football or anything else. I think it's the most valuable thing you can come across.
I'm really quite content with myself, I am who I am. It suits some people, and others not, but I don't try to change myself for anybody.
I'm very happy, because I found something in my life which gives me so much satisfaction and happiness every time I think about it.
I don't think many people have something like that.