reversible handbag by Debbie Shore

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handbag by Debbie Shore
it's lines and they should finish up the inside russia has to do that really well
and if you hadn't been for us it's a pity different looks from the same bike
abacha is in our legs instructor contract michelle did so i got and come
back but if you want to make it smaller than this wonderful dog warden's
an baby can break it is a real is well this is another part of a computer
idea at the same technique after this time of quote
plastic rings on instead of the frontal system incorporated into the country and
the top
so how did the back
candidates actually is in talks teaching because it to be taken to the
comfortable does it pockets
on the inside of you get used to these techniques that make chatting idea is to
the coverage of chosen for the outside of my bank
and they're not going to coordinate a topic inside if i
opposed to rectangles each of the fire breaks
and my intention
nineteen inches across
by ten inches deep
all for this insights
and then i hope for all pieces which is going to talk lots of the project
and these are all could equal sciences the measure
thirteen inches across
by four inches deep
and finally achieved pieces of fabric that happened
to ten days to measure
four inches deep
and polio
about twenty one two twenty two inches in length
companies will grant you once belonged to handle this is going to be just like
to get at the shelter
issue so we really are
now the first thing i did hear
most secret interfacing on the back of the straps
sent us to sinn fein on days ago interfacing i_t_t_'s address making
and i put this on to the back of all four of those pieces that you're the top
just to get a bit more substance could say i want to keep in shape
not cinnamon plus the fact that some simple sins
management stated how does first is to get a sense of the way
and hypocrisy oppressed
medallion both sides into the center
and then i just told us in hall
instead of just on the edge just two top stage
quite birth defects
negotiating a straight stitch introduces a psychological two-stage
if you want to take
nichols pin this if you can't even see him
abductee partisans try contacting
circuit there's going to get them
so i'm using the insight parts of my foot
physical might say that the stitches on the same distance committed
uses an easy way to make you don't because it makes it nice and stacy
based on having a thorough richard
and don't have decided she internetional somewhat
method reason a call from i think it looks more balanced on their instinct
central stitching down near the site is decreased cancel
i think it's more professional
so the same distance away from the edge
and i discussed on this issue
and that's what's
because you've got to handles
because that's the way and won't annexes mixed up
i want to make the base of my parekh
with around them
settlements and all of my five-part them further
onto the ground signs
and then to make the
circle shape yet scheduled four pieces in one go ahead
if you stop it's not too thick monster serum
electrical siemconsub patchwork oxen
such a busy there's a move that it's made the rounds jate
and that's what my sister sanctions t plates
up to the two kunstler
and joyce encircle
and i think that's on the opposite sides
that's all for this
if it separately
if you thought that wanted since i'm still the same that's fine
let's take a shy one by one
and on the inside at the top attractions
focusing ho
net increase lines of my finger
and then i just wanted to mock
weather center is
so i can give us an awful pieces of those days i think it by measuring
against the previous one
just on the back side so you can see pick the pen mark
life-threatening fabrics
and then do the same way fuel
talk sections which again
do this in a local pieces
stifled in home
adjustment to the panel
and the reason for that
if there's a lot of these two pieces time line ups and chilling
separate from now
and i think it's a sense of pieces together
this is and how it's going to be sent this dispute is certain that decreases
then i'm going to crush
the and should not fabric
but today and it said a few pieces maint
do the same on the opposite side
xenophobic left at light way dancing about substance take shape
seventy percent in the sense that the edges on the edges
than it is going to pick up increases in
will plead sam
by hand
against church that ironically i think that came from that
dividing the arabs and stands for
you could send them to tropical both sides
i need to take the streets
john halting flaring absolute keeping up with box please
and straightened
in particular pinson
than do the same on the other side are going to have the please pointing
in the opposite direction so that it's an action
now i'm just kind of doing this
began by hiding
if you wanted to be
benzene magic words make sure that the same distance
that looks like it's me
things initiated by taking shape now
from its takeoff
the payments from the sensor and the edges
since it has not backed
tickets what section
unfolded proximity peace and face to face
and weakened it because this is not so much again to send it to start with
sam thank you so much the essential marks
i want to get together
and the edges around it to get them
and then the crease issue just fit perfectly in between
consults a month now
segment of science
mom sent in
and investigate the straight stitch the best quote for the extra
from the edge
flow best fit together
complex a small stage because
i want this to be
setback technically stitches friends just to make sure
stitches on didn't come in time
taxis and he decides
and that's what the first time last night was a conspiracy
depends of course will deplete sitting
and then you need to repeat this for the other side of the outside or at the back
and for the cpa sizzling
so doubtful cases like this now to do with the mining and see with the arabs
and a half
and anything against denials present what stitching across the topic
optimizing talks teaching it makes a project look more professional that you
just saying
uh... a back in a shot with a senator barbara fabric by
the normal initial crypto stitching
well nice to hear that he's see multiple east repeats in place now so that i
didn't see it
down not fun house
because that's what he's going to help to keep those imprints as well
i'll keep you posted before you
you get to the states
present oxygen and that's what he meant
and that is not really necessary to help the plates
circuit is considered square
can be in place
and so aren't just for them
astray staged absolution
all of the pieces dot dumped oxygen to make sure that the
this action is intolerant is facing downwards at all it seems facing dot
right direction
and because you can't see it as a mistake it's a little bit slower
i'm not quite small stitches
and planned as a policy lightly said i get up a pattern here
until the painter creates
because it'll
uh... ultimately the box
being assigned might
as the tide
to help like sharply
people aren't
good bc
does he have
high health problems on capitol hill
packing my bag
kids in school district
septet depends out
and that's nice and flats and needs
now time for the hassles on
uh... aborting graduates
three inches from either side
these could be a bit at any point that you want to really get onto the straps
for her towards the edge of the back and they do say that it's just so that they
this is at it
equal distance from either side so it looks at
for this is what our society
such a black and gold
and ends up in it
about three inch points
with the edge of the how-to books meeting over the edge of this talk dates
and make sure they come to life flashes you bring it around
twenty percent in the side so that's worth reached mark
discontents in place
and they show that they say
knots must his normal because that affect the way that they had to back
and we'll take a second case this is the widening its remarkable piece of the
house the bag
and he said the wrong thing
and put a face to face
making sure that you seems line up here
under these songs
i'm going to say this all the way across the top
but ultimately edge that is not
don't have to start school treatments
but wasn't it is too busy so i don't have any sample of the engines
and that is wonderful to be cheesy because first
village of it
asked constructs
i think that's it
this is what it looks like
and that's how much extensive notes that i was non-binding and that's the outside
of my bank
that's pretty pieces together
compress this at this point
but i think it because of it
once it happens
dispensed at pendleton
avoided them to the site
tibet undoing
amendment two said these together
but i'm going to start
from the sounds of points because i think this seems to match up
this on the banks to lend inside out
this is the date that he did say he said this is really important
says take these two things
and tends to get them
hands facing the same direction
did these two seems to match
supple cooking
this is why i was saying that the same stigma balance is really important
because if you don't have the same thing announced my support for the magic
twenty seems wide margin you back with a look
capitalist different bands
doesn't want to satisfy the money given seems like that
that this is the important thing
second marching band the scenes
at the top of the bank
and facing those in the same direction just like to get on the inside
should handles and out of the way
him into him
jumpsuit loosens the scenes
okay an eleven stranded at the time santa margarita
wasn't it
emergence kent state
not straight stitch
all around the back apart from the section about four inches wide
the talks and at the lining misaligned
christians together
baldwin c_-sections feed
straight across the bullshit
teaching nonstop
incidentals and it seems to me to meet
between genes must have to let me just take it so that we have a good weekend
becomes the contract
you can decide as much to do
coming into baxter's just a couple of times because the movies and strain on
the stitches
it right around
and then it just seems to have my frank
ran out of ten of himself
and that's what i was looking on the one thing i need to do before the senate
it's just sneak into the customer is
quite close to the stitches in a roundabout popovich part two specific
cuts in that
and help the fabric
to stop poker and when you tentatively around
that guess what
anything that you say that has a kind of minutes
but it's kind of them are outside
or a cut on the inside but when you think about six if you can send
something inside out his current
all of this kind of is that a bunch of somewhere on the inside
and he just political sits in the it overlaps and jim moret mostly pedantic
could have been shaken them
and that'll make it seems to be that uh... thousands addicted to drugs making
anything you need to have that perfect image wants to step back some seafirst
and again
on the right side of my right
to seize the chance of demonstrate science
but it does make a difference on the trip sounds
a member of the hole in the boss and at the lincoln
is another instrument
so everything is political
minutes of such as per shashank at the back
on the right side
uh... politically depressed at this point over the past this plot no if
you've got to remember how many people that inside our goal to tackle
say he keeps shape
at the same it up with a flat
perception the loan
that this is going to be reversible black
at this point only words take eight nm
chrissy i think it's
and then do another staged by hand to try to stop fighting open said that you
don't see it
it is not going to be reversible part about it just as the site
next time
the second thing publicity side scan
please answer machine
ans chris's you can see the actual team here
distanced raced across the bottom
if you know you don't want to be saying he wants to be president decreased by
hand just because i'm doing this
computer threats
sneaky simpson
lexington senior aides to push the wrong inside the tank
remember i think there are no one is important to have
persons are at the top aide to meet in company
this is what it's going to charlotte
so it is not reversible bank monthly see too much at the inside of the line
this is the important things
these things he had me too much
that seem that needs to match
the scene at the end of softball needs to match
to give you a professional image
but less than that i'm going to have no reports that now
but the last thing against a it's just a small top stitching all the way around
the direct this to abandons
because i want to add
if it did a four hundred stitches getting to the scene very loving talk
sitting at his office in the smoked optional
and then straight
my hand
almost finishing jacobs a free on than it used to this point sitting at such a
compartment of dissension
and we're going to start at the sight seeing him
cinema abt abstract
nation seems flat
amendments to the top stories just ought to be mention my opinions
making sure had with you cannot
tracks in the senate
and there's a lot of topics
and keeping pat tops in it's like these expressive friends
competing laptop seem talked to me
hanford kept depicted sybil
houston texas and signs
kate and trade
keeping these cuts
param if you don't accomplish unique ability to attack and staged by hand
all happened
and what's happening
throwing stones at the top stitching
misconduct twenty eight and once he is because he's kinda
a transparent section the fantasy conceivably scenes
and his stitches wrong
lining up
it's not going to make such threats
martin luther king
which made me cry too much anything you want writers
and again if you choose to
it might be reversible is completely contrasting fabrics
sleepy cat from anti-gay evening time
with the water