The Amazing Spider-Man - Trailer Italiano

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Joel Edgerton will have the lead role in the new movie by Kathryn Bigelow,
still without a title but which talks about the SEAL Team Six and
the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
Also casting Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong and Edgar Ramirez.
The screenplay was written by Mark Boal.
The project was in creation already for a while,
but when the news about Bin Laden's death was announced last year,
the movie was pushed in pre-production with a change in the finale.
It will be out December 9th 2012.
Matt Damon will not be back for The Bourne Legacy,
so Universal Pictures is stressing that the new lead will not be Jason Bourne,
but a completely different character called Aaron Cross and
interpreted by Jeremy Renner.
Also casting Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton,
Joan Allen and Albert Finney.
The movie, that will be out August 3rd 2012,
is written and directed by Tony Gilroy.
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