The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 10

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And Cayce has been not only amazingly prescient about what's
going on and his predictions have come true in a way,
but not in the cataclysmic nature that a lot
of people have expected.
David: True.
Sean David Morton: For example, he said that in 1998-2000 that
there would be a shifting of the poles period.
Or the beginning of a New Age, which is interesting,
because there was a polar shift.
Not many people know it, in 1998-2000 or so where the
poles actually shifted.
There are three magnetic North poles;
and the pole actually shifted from one to another to another.
David: If you are talking about the Chandler's Wobble, yeah.
Sean David Morton: Chandler's Wobble, exactly, did happen.
He talked about 1998 the library of Atlantis,
the beginning that it would be found.
And, of course, in 1996, there was an earthquake in Cairo that
cracked open the Sphinx temple complex.
And we think that the tomb of Osiris might be the foyer,
if you will.
So what might possibly be the Atlantean aspect.
So considering that a lot of Cayce's predictions have been
pulled down, so to speak; they have been softened by prayer and
human action and what have you and I'm not -- you don't have to
stick to that -- I'm just pointing out,
because of your unique connection to this.
The connection and what I am of interest, to me,
is we seem to have done so much work along the lines of the
Mayan Calendar, the harmonic convergence in 1987,
meditations that have been done in '92 and '94,
earthquakes that have been lessened in California.
I mean working with the Prophecy Research Institute when Gordon
Michael Scallion was talking about the whole west coast
falling into the ocean and whatever else and so many people
did meditations in California.
And, then, the call went out for people to start meditating and I
said "Don't tell me what's the same --
tell me what's different".
And people began to realize that the future was not as dire as
many of them thought.
So 2012, again, I wasn't sure if there was a lot of prophecies
but, if you could mix that with what your opinion is and what
goes on in the next four years or so -- because everything is
beginning to condense.
Everything is beginning to pull humanity back into the beginning
of that quantum leap.
So...take us there and take it away.
David: Well thank you Sean.
What I didn't want to have to dwell on
is the reincarnation thing.
If you are interested you can go to my website,
and read about that.
Because I don't really think this is about individual
personalities, as much as it's about yourself.
A lot of people have come up to any of us on this panel,
I'm sure, and would like to have us be the "Saviour Figure",
for the lack of a better term.
There's no messianic return.
It's a consciousness awakening that's happening in each person.
And so, if you want to get help from others on your spiritual
path, that's fine, but I would always encourage you to practice
discernment and recognize that, if a truth doesn't resonate with
you, you can throw it away and not look back, because,
as one of our panellists was saying,
this is a future that we create.
2012 appears to be an energy field,
which is largely dependent upon our focus in terms of how we
choose to go into it.
And one of the reasons why we know that is because of the
government time travel project that I just spoke about in my
workshop, which many of you were at,
called "Project Looking-Glass".
And it turns out that the person looking through the
Looking-Glass determines the future that you see by what they
expect they're going to see in the future.
So this is an actual government, Atlantean, reverse-engineered,
time-viewing technology, that has now confirmed factually,
and I've had multiple witness' testimonies -- that don't even
know each other -- independently tell me this: that we are
dealing with a situation where how you look at it DOES
DETERMINE the outcome.
So, if that works for you, then work with that, because,
honestly, I don't believe that we are dealing with a
cataclysmic reality.
The Edgar Cayce readings you spoke of, Sean,
were largely dictated by an entity, which,
at the end of the readings, would call itself "Halaliel".
And Halaliel was later identified by the people in
Cayce's circle as being a trickster entity and
"trickster" means negative.
So this entity is responsible for the prophecies of California
sinking into the ocean.
Do you think if I believed that, that
I would live in Los Angeles?
[Audience laughter]
I'm not like you though; I don't want to die until I'm ready.
I wouldn't get anything out of it I don't think.
But no, seriously, seriously I think that...
Sean David Morton: In David's defense,
a lot of us get that by the way.
Dude, you live in Hermosa Beach -- what are you talking about?
You predict the future and you live in Hermosa Beach...that's
where the wave's going to wipe everything out.
And I keep telling him: "Well California is going to be all
that's left and it's going to be the rest of the United States
that falls into the sea".
That's right, man.
[Audience laughter]
David: ...ha, ha ha.
Well, again, I want to remind everyone here that each soul --
everyone of you -- is precious beyond imagination and it's just
such an incredible honor for all of us on this panel to be able
to share this energy with you because,
as you tune into our frequency, there is a very real energetic
conduit that is formed and, if we are clear enough,
then our personality disappears and we become a lens for the
Creator that you are shining to us to shine back on to you --
hopefully with some transformation and some nice
filigrees on it.
So I wanted to share with you a perspective on 2012,
getting back to your earlier question, Sean.
And this deals with the idea of what exactly is going to happen
between now and 2012.
And this gives me a great segue into a great piece of
information, which is scientific in nature,
which I've wanted to share at this conference and this is the
great time to do it.
I was poking around in Russian physics.
I was looking through the web for various scientific studies
done by Russians on torsion fields,
which is the energy field of consciousness and they've done
some fantastic work.
I, quite by accident, stumbled across the Russian Institute of
Temperology, which means "the study of the nature of time".
And found a paper by a man by the name of Sergey Smelyakov.
[Audience laughter]
I know, I know go ahead and laugh, it's okay.
My coughs don't smell like anything, by the way;
just roses.
Dr. Smelyakov - or, maybe, we'll just call him "Sergey",
maybe that will be easier.
Sean David Morton: Or Smelly as his friends call him.
David: Or Sir Gay, we can call him Sir Gay.
Ha ha ha.
Sean David Morton: I think Smelly is better than Sir Gay.
I think, actually.
[More laughter]
David: Sorry, Danny, I don't want to tangent on you.
I apologize.
Okay the point is this: Smelyakov looked at the Mayan
Calendar, found out that -- does everybody know about the Golden
Mean, the Phi...1.618?
That's the harmonic cut, the sacred cut.
You can cut a guitar string and it'll be 1/1.618 is the ratio.
Well, anyway, that is the basis of all life and all growth.
If you take the Mayan Calendar cycle, 5200 years in length,
and you start chopping that up by the Phi Ratio,
so that it implodes into a singularity in 2012...which
means that you have an imploding spiral, okay?
You're cutting it by Phi, you cut it at 5200;
make that sacred cut and, then, cut that unit and, then,
cut that unit...those cuts will fall on certain years and,
what Smelyakov discovered is that, on those years, very,
very substantial changes happen on the planet,
including the fall of civilizations,
the rise of new methods of measuring time,
the rise of new civilizations, the rise of great spiritual
teachers such as Jesus and Gautama Buddha,
the major earth changes.
In fact the Russians did a 2000-year retrogressive study of
earthquakes and found that the biggest earthquakes happen on
these resonance points.
Well think about what I said.
It implodes into 2012.
So what does that mean?
Prior to actually hitting 2012, and the last year especially,
there's going to be one after the other after the other.
And every one of these wave fronts changes the planet,
changes consciousness.
One of the last ones we had was 1991 -- which was the fall of
the Soviet empire.
One of the more recent ones that we had was, like, right before,
like two days before the Bush administration invaded Iraq,
which I believe was the political fall from the public
will of power that they had.
So we're dealing now with the next wave that's coming in 2009;
as we head into 2010, 2011, they're going to start happening
every couple of months.
Then they're going to start happening every couple of weeks
and then they're going to start happening
in every couple of days.
By the time we get to 2012, we're going to be hitting new
ones every hour.
And towards the end, it's multiple times per second.
Okay, now my readings have told me, for what it's worth,
that some of us will be able to have ascended abilities,
I mean full-on ascended abilities prior to the actual
shift happening.
So that would be very cool because,
what we are expecting after 2012,
is a 100-times-more-harmonious utopian world where things like
time travel, levitation, instant telepathy, instant healing,
telekinesis are as common and as everyday as breathing.
[Audience cheers and claps]
And I look forward to that time.
Now I've been told that anyone of us in this room.
Anyone if you are willing to do your practice,
which basically involves the acceptance and
the forgiveness of the self.
And if you get that down, then you start looking
at everyone else.
If somebody else upsets you, the only reason why they would is
because they are hitting an issue that you have.
So if somebody does something and it no longer is your issue
then you won't be upset by them.
If you can find that peace and that equanimity within yourself,
then you will be the most compatible for this
change that is coming.
And as each of these new wave fronts hits,
these are sufficient enough, they used to take hundreds and
hundreds of years, they changed the whole nature of the world
and civilizations.
They are going to start happening every week;
and then every day.
So you can harness that potential in yourself and I see
a very very positive future coming.
So I thank you.
[Applause and cheers from the audience]
[Audience: Forgive Bush!]
David: Already done it!