Eric Saade on Bolibompa (Kids TV Show) - Part 2

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Hello and welcome to this question time with Eric Saade!
With me!
We can call it question time... It sounds pretty good, right?
Yes, absolutely!
Okay, here we have the first question, look at this, we even received a picture.
It's from four year old Nova from Habo, and this is what she looked like when she was cheering for you.
When you were on Eurovision. And she is wondering: what are you scared of?
What I am scared of? I don't like heights, so I am pretty bad at going on carousels
and stuff like that at amusement parks, like 'Fritt Fall', that doesn't work for me.
What about flying by plane?
I do that every other day so I'm used to it.
That is lucky otherwise it would be hard for you to come to all the different gigs, I guess...
Exactly, it would be very hard to be a singer without flying.
(laughs) Getting your own wings... no, that wouldn't work either.
No, it wouldn't work either.
Olle Widegren in Visby wonders: what do you do if you feel like you need to pee
while you are performing and dancing? I think that this is an interesting question!
Oh... then you just have to continue and hope for a little pause.
That has totally happened to me several times before.
Are you able to think about something else then
"Oh no I need to go to the toilet" then?
You don't think about that in the middle of a song,
but then you always get a pause like on a concert you change clothes,
and then you will have to ask the band to play a little longer
so you get back to the stage before the next song.
Right, collaboration is the key.
And look, here we have another photo. This is Anton, soon to be four years old,
who thinks your songs are good and writes:
when did you learn to ride a bike without training wheels?
(laughs) Let's see... I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I was probably five years old.
Something like that. But I have some memories from when I first started riding a bike with two wheels,
my dad used to let me go a little too fast. I was about four years old and he thought
"Now my son, you will ride a bike with two wheels"
and when I tried to explain that I couldn't do it, he just said "Of course you can" so I sat on the bike
and he let me go. I made it for 2 meters and then it went BAM,
and I was lying on the ground. So make sure that your dad at home
isn't in a hurry because everything takes time, just practice and take your time!
It's almost like your choreography!
Just practice. (laughs) But do you remember if you ended by getting hurt?
No, I probably didn't. I'm right here today, so...
Exactly. And we are very glad about that.
And hey, Cornelia, who is turning four years old soon, has got two questions.
First, are you for real? Because she doesn't seem very sure about that.
Yes, I'm for real.
It seems like you actually exist, Eric!
Lovely (laughs)
That was nice to hear... and she also wonders: what is your favorite dish?
My father is from Lebanon and according to me, Lebanese cuisine makes the best kitchen,
so I have to say all Lebanese dishes are my favorites.
Ohoh, I'm ready to agree with you on that one, Eric!
That's great!
Signe is asking if you have any pets?
No, now I don't because I recently moved to my own apartment,
but at my family home we have cats. Two of them.
How lovely. And she also wonders what color is your house? Do you know?
Like I said, my family lives in a villa down in Skåne, and it's a blue villa, actually...
you could say that. Well it's a type of blue...
That it's a little bit odd!
Like, blue-grey!
So yeah... I think it's nice!
Five year old Layal wonders if you have ever been to Lebanon?
Because her father is Lebanese too, just like yours.
Yes I have, I was... how old was I? I think I had nine years old then.
Do you remember anything?
I do, absolutely. I remember that it was really, really warm.
I got like, heatstrokes, so it wasn't that fun.
You have to drink a lot of water then to try to feel refreshed.
It's so much warmer there than it's in Sweden during Summer.
It really is!
And... yeah! Julia is wondering: what do you like to do when you aren't singing?
Then... like I said earlier on the show, I like to hang out with my loved ones,
family, because family is the most important thing you have.
Because when you work a lot you don't have much time to be with everyone,
so whenever I'm free I dedicate my time to be with everyone.
I think that's wise, that makes them very happy too. To be with you.
I hope so!
So they don't get to see you on TV only!
And here we have a question from Ajin, who wonders from which countries you and your parents are from?
As I was saying, my father is from Lebanon and my mother is from Sweden.
Emelie, nine years old from Olofstorp,
wonders if you have ever made a fool of yourself on stage, and how?
I always say that I do that all the time, because when you get the feeling on stage,
especially when it's your own concert that can take 75 minutes,
then you have a long time to make a fool out of yourself. So, when you get the feeling
you always do crazy stuff. It doesn't have to be anything special
it could be anything, like shouting something or just jumping in a strange way.
And then you realize "Oh what did I just done there? That probably didn't look good at all"
"I hope they won't remember it!"
Exactly, it happens all the time!
Now we are looking forward to the upcoming concert so we can see if you will make a fool of yourself a little.
Because it's funny, for all of us...
Yes, but I don't think people notice it in the most cases,
but me, my musicians and dancers do... but yeah, you have to know how to hide it. Just smile and sing.
(laughs) But hey, here is a question from Amelia who turns five years old soon,
she wonders: do you eat eggs for breakfast?
Yes, not always but very often.
It's good. How do you like your eggs then... boiled, fried, scrambled eggs?
I like fried, scrambled eggs. I think those taste really good!
Eric's scrambled eggs, it's good for breakfast!
Oh, this is something that many others are wondering about!
This is from Noa, five years old: how did you break the glass? On stage...
It isn't really me that breaks the glass, actually.
No, it's a stage show and it's nothing less than a trigger that is planted into the glass.
The trigger goes off at a certain point of the music, and it's a part of the show
and of the story of my performance for Popular.
So it's someone who is pressing a button? And there is something in the glass that breaks it?
It's like little bombs in the glass that breaks it!
Little bombs in the glass? It all sounds so advanced.
You could say that, yes. It also had cause a big impression on my performance,
and that was the most important thing for me. But it isn't something that you should try at home,
it was just something that described the story of my song perfectly!
Well it was the coolest thing ever, that I can say!
Thank you!
I would like to say that your performance was the coolest one in Eurovision,
and I think everyone at home agrees with me!
Max from Skövde wonders: what is your favorite color?
Wow... it depends of what it is, because it's different. For example, I like purple.
That's nice!
I think purple is extremely nice, so that it's one of my favorite colors.
Right, purple is good. Alexandra Saade, six years old, wonders:
how could you, or how could they, break the glass without hurting you?
What do you do to not hurt yourself?
It's like a tempered glass to avoid having sharp pieces of glass.
Of course, I have to close my eyes and protect myself at the right time of the song.
It's good that you know and the person who is pressing the button knows when to do it like:
here it goes!
Maybe that it's why you do like this with your arm, to protect yourself...
Yeah, I have to do that.
Then I would like to say thank you so much, Eric, for wanting to come to this question time!