Holiday Stuffing Recipe Tips : How to Make Cornbread for Holiday Stuffing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.02.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you
how to make a really great holiday caramelized sage and onion stuffing. Now one of the first
things I'm going to do is I'm going to take my pan here, whatever pan you choose to actually
cook the cornbread in, I'm just using a large muffin tins. I'm going to actually take this
and I'm going to put this in my four hundred and twenty five degree oven to heat this up.
Because otherwise we're not going to get enough sizzle when we put our cornbread in here and
it's just not going to be nearly as good a result. So, let's go ahead and take this.
My oven's already hot, four twenty five so, woopsie. Let's just toss this here in the
oven, and now let's actually move on to the actual act of making the cornbread. So I've
got the cornbread mix here, the six ounces of mix here in my bowl. And let's go ahead
and get started with that. The thing about cornbread mix is they've taken pretty much
all the work out of it. So all you have to do is take your mix, take your whisk, take
your, I always do the milk first. I always do the egg last and I'll show you why in a
second because the egg needs to be worked all the way through. If you drop the egg in
with all this dry product it's not enough, the ratio of wet to dry product isn't right,
and so you just have to work a lot harder to get that egg mixed up in there. And even
though this is cornbread mix, you know you could do something here to spice this up if
you wanted and I'm going to show you what I'm going to do, just make it a wee bit more
interesting. I'm going to go ahead and add my egg, drop that in there, wipe my hands
off with my towel. And see now you'll see you'll have a much easier time incorporating
that egg because you can follow that yolk, you can use the yellow of that yolk to track
the location of it as you go. That's something I like to do is, I like black pepper a whole
lot, so I'm just going to take some fresh black pepper and put it in my cornbread. Now
this is the point in which you can put if you like, you know, paprika is something good,
or if you like you know, extra salty or chili powder, or if you wanted to make jalapeƱo
cornbread for your dressing, this is the point at which you do that. So, I'm just going to
sit here and whip this up. It is looking good. And now what I'm going to do is I'm going
to go get my pan out of the oven and hopefully it's hot enough now so that we can go ahead
and get started and get our cornbread cooking.