4th of July Special With Guest Chelsea Peretti

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RANDY SKLAR: Today, on our 75th annual 4th of July week
special, Chelsea Peretti joins us for our first
ever Behind the Tweet.
JASON SKLAR: It's The Tweekly News.
And it all starts right after this respectful flag salute.
RANDY SKLAR: It's over there.
Hey, welcome to The Tweekly News.
I'm Jason Sklar.
RANDY SKLAR: And I'm Randy Sklar.
JASON SKLAR: And together, we are @Sklarbrothers.
And we're here taking a break from returning our unused
illegal fireworks to the three-fingered man on the side
of the freeway off-ramp.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, Gregory might not
have a lot of fingers.
But he sure does have a lot of great stories
about losing fingers.
We asked our Twitter followers.
RANDY SKLAR: To send us their--
RANDY SKLAR: Best 4th of July tweets.
Here are some of our favorites.
@champsg tweeted-- "Well, there's the time I got knocked
through a glass coffee table.
See, I love this tweet because it's simple and scary, like
ordering bottle service with Drake or Chris Brown.
JASON SKLAR: How about this 4th of July from
Celebrate the United States of America, back-to-back world
war champs.
OK, I never thought we entered World War II to defend a
championship title.
I thought it had something to do with a little bombing raid
on Pearl Harbor.
But you know what, who cares?
Let's fire up a sparkler and drink half a party ball for
the two-peat, baby.
RANDY SKLAR: And that the most American thing of all, facts
that are kind of right, used as an excuse to party.
JASON SKLAR: All right, people, let's dim the lights
and put on a slow jam.
It's time to relearn.
RANDY SKLAR: Just like ex helps people relearn life
without cigarettes, with it's free quit plan, we relearned
why NPR is so cool and deserves our support, when
they tweet out their pledge drive.
JASON SKLAR: Reggie Watts, our good buddy tweeted this link
to his Tiny Desk Concert.
"My NPR Tiny Desk Concert is online.
The audio sounds so good."
REGGIE WATTS: (SINGING) Yo, sipping on my coffee.
Yeah, feeling good.
Come on, come on.
RANDY SKLAR: The audio did sound good.
The only thing that would make that video better was if they
panned to the left and we got to see Terry Gross making out
with Lakshmi Singh in her cubicle.
JASON SKLAR: Yeah, or Garrison Keillor fondling Michele
Norris's plastic fruits.
RANDY SKLAR: I don't even know what that means.
JASON SKLAR: Neither do I.
RANDY SKLAR: This we've taken tweets to
retweet to the next level.
One of our favorite comedians to follow on Twitter is
Chelsea Peretti.
And as sports fans, we love this gem from the NBA
Playoffs. "Did you know Harden's chin is 3,000 degrees
JASON SKLAR: I didn't realize Oklahoma City was on the
metric system.
RANDY SKLAR: Harden's beard is hotter than
John Travolta's beard.
TOGETHER: With a kiss.
RANDY SKLAR: Earlier this week, we had a chance to sit
down at an undisclosed location with Chelsea, to find
out a little bit more about her tweeting process, for a
segment we're going to start calling "behind the tweet."
JASON SKLAR: Welcome to the first ever "behind the tweet."
We want to thank Chelsea Peretti for joining us in an
undisclosed location.
RANDY SKLAR: Where does a dominating person like
yourself learn to tweet?
CHELSEA PERETTI: So what I do is kind of just learn on my
feet and see as I go.
Oh, what are people RT-ing?
What are people faving?
Um what's getting a lot of @ replies?
You know, there's all kinds of different
vibes that can happen.
Sometimes, there's a huge number of faves.
But no one's RT-ing.
You're like, OK, maybe this one is a little
embarrassing to RT.
I'm always calculating and doing analytics
and stuff like that.
RANDY SKLAR: You do have a huge analytic team working
behind you.
JASON SKLAR: How many people are on your tweet team?
CHELSEA PERETTI: About 140, just interestingly enough.
RANDY SKLAR: That is amazing.
CHELSEA PERETTI: Like the characters.
RANDY SKLAR: You employ 140 people on your--
JASON SKLAR: And they are all characters, aren't they?
CHELSEA PERETTI: The are characters, you devil.
JASON SKLAR: On June 19, you tweeted.
JASON SKLAR: "Hey, did someone on here fart?"
You know, it's funny that you bring that one up because I
regret that one.
JASON SKLAR: You regret that tweet.
What did you mean by that?
CHELSEA PERETTI: Um you know, I think that I was trying to
foster a sense of community.
And I do think that it's funny to treat everyone like we're
all like really close friends on Twitter.
CHELSEA PERETTI: But again, I kind of crossed a
line on that tweet.
And I wish I could take it back.
I wish there was a way to delete it.
JASON SKLAR: Well, no, no.
Right here, right now, do you want to apologize?
I take it back.
JASON SKLAR: No, there's your camera.
CHELSEA PERETTI: Oh, I take it back, Twitter.
JASON SKLAR: Now, is this the tweeting phone?
Do you do most of your tweeting from this?
Can I--
Can I take a look at it?
CHELSEA PERETTI: I can't have you touch it.
CHELSEA PERETTI: But I do tweet from this phone.

RANDY SKLAR: Well, this has been a really interesting--
are you done?

JASON SKLAR: That feels like more than 140
characters to me.
RANDY SKLAR: Well, she could have gone back and--
CHELSEA PERETTI: I'm sending an email now.
Got it.
RANDY SKLAR: Well, this has been a fantastic uh "behind
the tweet." Chelsea Peretti, thank you for joining us.
CHELSEA PERETTI: Thank you guys.
What a delight.
I mean--
CHELSEA PERETTI: Truly um a big fan, and thank you so much
for having me.
JASON SKLAR: Wow, that was a serious interview.
RANDY SKLAR: Yeah, we're getting a
CableACE for that one.
JASON SKLAR: Hey, thanks for neglecting your family and
watching The Tweekly News.
And don't forget to follow @thetweeklynews.
RANDY SKLAR: And of course, if you want more of The Tweekly
News, go to BecomeAnEX.org/Sklar for
exclusive content, outtakes.
JASON SKLAR: And some beautiful photos of Gregory's
finger nubs.
RANDY SKLAR: They really were artistically done.
Well, there was black and white.

I can't.
Just that noise.