Mr.Prisoner - Реалити из панамской тюрьмы.

Uploaded by MrPrisonerTV on 21.08.2012

- Is it okay?
If you want to take a photo of something you tell me…
oh, so you’re watching me via your cell phone?
-I’m making a video clip of our Skype conversation on my iPhone
- Bro, you just give me your e-mail
and I will send you enough clips to drive you crazy!
-You know my e-mail, you’ve been sending mails to me.
- Ah yes… okay…
and here you can see my friends from Lithuania… you see?
- Hello bros!
- Yes… And if you look down, you can see the cells…
here… you see?
live on the roof of a cell… can you see?
Right there... it’s the roof, we’re living on the roof…
and here are bottles with water.
We don’t have water here, you know?
So we have to fill them with river water once a day… so yeah… everyone has bottles…
and for you to get the whole picture we have one CR for 450 people… not even one comfort room but…
hold on… I need to switch you…so we only have one comfort room,
meaning one toilet sink for 450 people!
Also we have one shower for 450 people…
meaning one toilet sink for 450 people!
- You better tell me how you managed to get internet connection?
- I will explain.
The paradox here is that actually you can do whatever you want.
You want weed – go to that cell,
you want powder – go to this cell…
there are cells where you can shoot up, cells where you can buy weapons
– for example a gun or a knife or a bludgeon…so the business is pretty segregated here
so you can buy a phone and if you have a phone, you can call people.
Me, they keep me in an international compartment of the prison,
there are people from 52 countries here.
The number of prisoners all in all is eight thousand, of which two thousand are international ones.
Approximately six thousand out of eight are innocent.
You know, the thing here is that you can go to jail for anything!
I will explain… imagine you enter the country with some cash in hand, say five thousand bucks.
Whatever your purpose for the money is they may think that you brought this money to buy drugs…
your opinion is of no interest to them…
after you’ve been kept in jail for approximately one year,
you can try proving it’s your personal money for having fun.
Don’t get me wrong, they don’t really check every tourist…
But they check tourists who, for example, come from Guatemala to Panama.
There’s nothing in Panama and nothing in Guatemala except for drug trafficking channel.
- So why do they offer people buyreal estate in Panama?
Why on earth would anyone go there if the whole situation is a mess?
- That’s a major problem, people don’t know about it.
It’s all trickery.
If you see the picture of the city, it looks really beautiful.
Once you go inside – no more…
it’s full of crap, smells like it… awful service, awful people…
I used to live here for one year before I got to jail…
roads are flooded with sewage… Panama is not ready to receive visitors.
Though Hilton is now building a hotel for 1600 rooms here…
And they’re not assholes, are they?
Rich people… Donald Trump is a smart guy, right?
But it’s a fake country, country for money laundering.
Imagine, the population here is about three million people and the number of banks is two million…
because just about everyone is laundering money here.
One gram of powder – a really good one – costs about twelve bucks;
second rate can be found for eight bucks.
And you can buy it at any news stand…