13 Jerusalem Part 2 - Secrets in Plain Sight

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Before we leave Jerusalem I want to detour to a place you'd probably never expect me
to go: Winnipeg, Canada. It's the capitol of Manitoba, eh?
Architectural historian Frank Albo has discovered the Manitoba Legislative Building is not only
a reconstruction of Solomon's Temple but is loaded with secrets in plain sight.
The architect Frank Worthington Simon designed this 1920 building to be veiled in allegory
and illustrated with symbols only his freemasonic brothers would understand.
In fact every Premier who worked in this building from 1870 to 1967 was a freemason.
Two Egyptian sphinxes flank the entrance, just as they do in front of the House of the
Temple in Washington DC. The top of the dome features a 13 foot high
gilded statue of Mercury, the same golden boy we'll meet again in Paris.
After going up two flights of 13 steps one enters a cubic space measuring 66.6 feet on
edge. We'll uncover the unexpected meaning of 666 in the most surprising of places in
Paris. It's probably not what you think. According to Albo's research, two 13 foot
high bronze bisons identify this as a cleansing room in temple vernacular.
Going up another flight of 13 steps, one arrives in the rotunda.
There's a mural on the wall of the rotunda above the entrance to the Manitoba Legislative
Assembly that ostensibly depicts World War I. However a man wearing a white robe with
exposed chest being supported by his brother identifies him as an initiate in the first
Masonic degree ceremony. A faint depiction of Madonna and child is seen in the background.
Albo identifies this mural as the altar in what is secretly an initiation chamber.
Looking up in the rotunda you see the underside of the central dome the golden boy is perched
upon, and looking down a level through an oculus in the floor reveals a fascinating
space called The Pool of the Black Star. At the center of this so-called pool is an
8 pointed black star. Lamps encircling the room are each composed of 12 bulbs surrounding
a central 13th. You learned in DC that the octagram star is
a solar symbol. The 12-around-1 symbolism of the lamps suggests another type of son,
this one surrounded by 12 apostles. Just off the rotunda is the Lt. Governor's
reception suite which is the only space in the building off limits to the public. Albo
got special permission to measure the chamber and discovered it's a cube having an edge
length of 20 cubits. These are precisely the same dimensions as the holy of holies within
Solomon's temple, a place that was also obviously off limits to the public.
But if this represents the holy of holies within Solomon's temple, where is the Ark
of the Covenant? Albo discovered it's directly above this suite on the building exterior.
The War Chest as it's known is flanked by two warriors, which one can accurately identify
as Raiders of the Lost Ark. This building is clearly amazing, but why
is it here? Albo points out that Winnipeg is at the geographical center of North America.
The black star at the heart of the Legislative building was deliberately placed upon this
navel point. OK but what is the building really doing?
I think the Manitoba Legislative Building was designed as a magical talisman to harvest
or in some sense control the energies of North America.
Consider a much older example of this type of talismanic magic. Old Sarum which is the
center point of ley lines in England dates from the same era as Stonehenge, Avebury,
and Silbury Hill. This radiating topology reminds me of one
other magical artifact: the sun disk worshipped during the reign of King Tut's father, the
Pharaoh Ahkenaten. If you think believing in magic is childish,
consider Walt Disney's so called Magic Kingdom. Did you know Disneyland has a mysterious Club
33 which is not open to the general public? We know from studying DC how important the
number 33 is to Masons. Club 33 memberships cost $20,000 and it's the only place in Disneyland
where alcohol is served. There's clearly more going on in the Magic Kingdom than meets the
eye. I think the black star at the center of North
America holds a much deeper secret. Physicist Nassim Haramein, whom you'll hear more about
in Rome, believes that Moses took a compact power source out of the Great Pyramid and
placed it inside the Ark of the Covenant before he left Egypt.
Haramein showed how the Ark fits precisely within the misnamed "sarcophagus" inside the
King's chamber within the Great Pyramid. It was misnamed because no mummy has ever been
found in an Egyptian pyramid. By the way, the granite box's exterior volume
is exactly double its interior volume, a mathematical relationship echoed thousands of years later
in the Delian problem that plagued the Greeks. Considering the evidence, I think the Ark
was an Egyptian artifact before it became the most sacred object in Judaism.
In any case, Haramein believes the power source inside the Ark was a mini black hole.
During their exodus from Egypt, the Bible says the Israelites followed a pillar of cloud
by day and a pillar of fire by night. Haramein claims the mini black hole stored in the ark
would have produced just such a fiery vortex rising like a pillar.
Haramein's physics show that stars are really black holes under a mantle of trapped matter.
Sunspots are black because they literally are vortices in the mantle that expose the
black hole inside the Sun. The Pool of the Black Star reveals this great
cosmic secret to those who can decode the secrets in plain sight.
Perhaps there is nowhere else in the world with more layers of history and symbolism
than Jerusalem. I can think of no better example of this than
in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Its architecture is a patchwork made from so many untold layers.
Calvary chapel is built on the first foot or so of the rock upon which Jesus is said
to have been crucified. Excavation that took place in 1973 revealed a chapel some 15 feet
under this rock called the Tomb of Adam where the first human skull is said to be visible
in the rock-face. In fact the term Calvary comes from the Latin
Calvariae Locus which is Golgotha in Greek, or Place of the Skull in English.
Prior to the first Christian Emperor Constantine the Great re-purposing this site as the Church
of the Holy Sepulchre, it had been a temple of Venus. Before the Romans worshipped Venus
she was known in the Greek world as Aphrodite. And if we dig deeply enough we find yet another
layer on top of the Egyptian Isis. The notion of Christianity layering Egyptianism
is nothing new. Here is Albrecht Durer's renaissance depiction of the Man of Sorrows by the Column.
Note Christ's unmistakable Egyptian crook and flail posture. This is Durer's secret
depiction of Christ as Osiris, the resurrected god. Durer then shows Christ being flagellated
with said symbols in this later etching. Here is Osiris with his characteristic crook
and flail in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Osiris as Lord of the Dead presides over the
weighing of souls ceremony. Anubis measures the dead man's heart on the
scale against Maat's feather of truth. Her husband Thoth, scribe of the gods, records
the result. If the heart is lighter than the feather Horus will present the man's soul
to Osiris in the Duat but if not, it will be devoured by the deadly Ammut, the monster
who was part crocodile, lion, and hippopotamus. Maat is currently personified as Lady Justice
holding scales and sword. Lady Justice adorns courthouses around the world. Here she is
in the Old Supreme Court chamber in the US Capitol.
The Scales of Justice were also used in Christianity in the Last Judgement. Here are 15th century
depictions showing souls being weighed and judged. The beasts of hell certainly recall
the terror inspired by Ammut. Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead
lists what later became the Ten Commandments in Judeo-Christian theology.
Everything goes back to Egypt.