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Afghanistan here, Afghanistan there, then Iraq over there, and again Afghanistan over here...
And the majority of the people form their own opinions, through the eyes of the media because they are physically unable to see things for themselves.
But I have a surprise for you. There is somebody who was physically there and who says,
"When a policy consists of applying a military solution to what is essentially a political problem, the result is the opposite.
We see death, destruction, and the suffering of innocent people."
In a recent visit to Afghanistan, Robert Greenwald, president of Brave New Foundation,
witnessed first hand the devastating effects on civilians due to the air strikes conducted by the United States
Gabriel Huerta reports for 'En Contexto'

This elderly woman with amputated feet surrounded by her 5 grandchildren,
describes how her husband and their parents were killed during the air strikes.
Now, it is she who has to feed and care for the orphans. In anguish she states that she would rather die.
I'm afraid that they will die, but what can I do?
One of my daughters is already dead. She died and they will die too.
Nearby, this man desperately looking for a way to survive attempts to sell one of his daughters.
I want to sell this child, but no one will buy her. What can I do? I don't have anything, I am poor.
I don't have food to put in her mouth. For God's sake, I am poor, otherwise I wouldn't sell her for a million.
These images are common in the refugee camps in Afghanistan.
They are the crudest expression of a war, difficult to understand, to explain, and above all to justify.
They provide us with insight into a reality that demonstrates the need to reconsider, to rethink this conflict.
"The current American policy is a disaster. Sending troops to try to solve a problem that is not military in nature,
but rather an economic, social, and political problem.
That's why we are asking the Obama administration as well as many intelligent people in this administration
to utilize brain power, and not military power.
Robert Greenwald, director of the documentary 'Rethink Afghanistan,'
states that this war, with its objective to liberate this country from the Taliban threat,
has become a real life hell for the Afghan population,
and the military solution is not the way out of this conflict.
It's not going to solve poverty, it's not going to solve education, and it's certainly not going to solve the Taliban problem
or the nationalist organizations who organize against foreign troops.
In his documentary, Greenwald considers that the biggest threat posed by the military occupation in Afghanistan is the eventual destabilization of Pakistan.
Its great nuclear capacities turn it into one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
He adds that the presence of foreign troops fighting in Afghanistan alone, is the most important factor that contributes in increasing nationalism in internal extremist forces,
and the resurgence of the Taliban whose current strength has not been adequately valued.
Other aspects which are closely analyzed in this documentary, are the high economic costs that the military occupation in Afghanistan,
the third poorest country in the world, and the implications for the American population.

The cost of this war is a tragedy of major proportions when our country is suffering, when people are losing their homes,
when unemployment rates are so high, when the Latino community specifically is being affected through their jobs and their homes.
We are paying $750,000 per year, for every soldier we have in Afghanistan.
'Rethink Afghanistan' represents a new concept in the production of documentaries, which has been labeled 'documentary in real time.'
This means that it is being released through various segments released in real time.
To turn this project into a reality, Greenwald immersed himself in the complex reality of Afghanistan.
For the documentary, there were dozens of politicians, military members and experts who were interviewed. Most notably, Robert Greenwald interviewed the Afghan people, the ones who live in the refugee camps, the rural areas and
the victims who suffer from the military occupation.
The Americans have not done anything good for us. When they arrived, all the atrocities started to occur.
When the Americans weren't here, everything was calm.
Robert Greenwald states that 'Rethink Afghanistan,' is more than a documentary. It is also a mission.
It is a mission and a campaign to change the hearts and minds of citizens and the US goverment, to commit to finding a dignified exit strategy from this embarrassing episode of our history.
What we hope will happen is that people will watch this documentary and share it with a friend, with members of their church, with their communities, and with their elected officials.
Now is the time to take action and to change the policy.

Gabriel Huerta, reporting for 'En Contexto'
Well, just in case anyone watching 'En Contexto' would like to watch this documentary,
you can see it online simply by logging on to,
'The truth always goes further than what we imagine,' American author Paul Auster used to say.
and if you watch this documentary, you will see that this American writer was correct.